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I'm getting a lot of flack for holding to a couple of my policies / practices, and am interested in

Guest TomBuStone

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Guest TomBuStone

Hey guys.


I've been escorting for the past 2-1/2 years now in the SF Bay area and I advertise via my modest webpage and a couple of ads in the Bay Area Reporter.


Firstly, I have been noticing increasing pressure to provide explicit X and face pics to potential clients via e-mail as a precondition to hiring. I undertsand that there are a lot of pic traders out there, but I like to think that the pics I DO provide are sufficient to capture the interest of any potential client. I also don't relish the idea of revealing my face and blowing my anonymity completely to hell (I havent done any films..yet). I'm NOT an ugly guy but SF is in reality a small town and I have several clients that hire me exclusively because I can be seen in public with them without causing a scandal. I also indicate that if any client doesnt like what they see, all they need is say so in the first 5 minutes and they are not obligated. I would think that this removes any risk involved for the client.


Second, I have a policy of not proceeding with making any arrangements or discussing business details before getting a verifiable phone call-back number. Apparently I get the impression that a number of escorts and clients are hooking up with no more than a few email or IM messages exchanged, discussing all their business details on the web. I have never been comfortable with the security (or lack thereof) of discussing these matters on the net, and hearing a client's voice on the phone tells me an awful lot about them (for example, that they arent really a 13 year old girl). While enforcement doesnt seem to be a pressing matter in my area, I feel that this could change without notice. I have always felt that hard-wired standard phones and digital PCS mobile phones are far more secure communication mediums (Having been an electronics hobbyist since I was young I am keenly aware that ordinary police band scanners available at any Radio Shack can pick up the great majority of home cordless phone and analog cel phone conversations).


So.. Am I nuts for holding to these strict policies? I'd like to know what you think...

Thanks! (and thank you HooBoy for creating this forum for us..) Tom BuStone

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Guest NYCMuscBoy



I say "amen" to your policies. I think they are sound. Many potential clients assume that all escorts are like Aaron Lawrence -- willing and able to make a complete career of escorting (and God bless him for that! I envy that freedom on many levels.) But I myself have a job and career on the "outside", so I feel I must take some precautions against exposing myself completely, right up front. After some discussion, I'm willing to open myself up -- no sly jokes, please -- but in a week online, literally hundreds of people ask for pics upfront without even saying "hello" (and then get upset if I don't send a face pic).


Interesting topic.

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Guest allansmith63

As a client, I'm perfectly happy with seeing only non-explicit photos of an escort that I would consider hiring. Face shots - I like to see a man's face, because the face tells so much about a person - even in a photo. Having said that, I understand the need for anonymity on the part of some of the guys.


It's sort of like getting a present - the anticipation of eventually seeing what is inside the package is often what makes getting the package worthwhile. I like to be tantalized and teased - explicit pictures remove the mystery.


Having said all this, an escort I see did send me some great (blush) pictures, but only after we had been corresponding via e-mail for a few weeks and I had booked the first appointment (and was eagerly anticipating it!)


I think it's pretty much up to the escort as to how much he's willing to reveal to potential clients.





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Tom and Jason,


You both bring out some interesting points which should be discussed openly and frankly.


From the clients point of view...


There are those occasions when we too have to risk something going on what could be - for all intents and purposes - a "blind date".


We are approaching an escort often from a partial grainy body shot on some web site. How often too one sees the comment "Not at all like his picture..." and it is not meant as a compliment, as the photo is 10 or more years old.


Then too, one can be jaded by these faceless shots: ever notice, for instance, how many of the pics of escorts in "MaximumEscorts" in NYC are so identical (in lighting and pose)? One wonders if this is more just the work of a talented airbrush!


The "blind date" aspect alone would not be so bad if the cost of the date were not so high both monetarily and to one's own self-image (knowing a good number of clients are closeted, shy, and frightened of taking the step of seeing an escort).


But trying to see this from the escort's side...


Escorts take as high, if not higher, risks meeting clients: we are more faceless than they are, and I dare say the majority of us are not 25 year old buffed out gleaming muscle fantasies. I, for instance, never get upset or angry if an escort asks ME for a pic... I tell him the truth ("No pic, as I do not have a scanner!" - this is one computer illiterate!!!). If that stops the conversation, I do not get angry or upset. This is his right too.


Similarly, I do not think I'd be offended if I invited an escort for a date, and when he met me, I was not up to HIS expectations. Heck imagine how hard it is for these guys to be so professional and do it without appearing to act! Many clients will recall how we feel as the hour approaches: dry mouth, nervousness, a half-dozen looks in a mirror, tucking in the tummy, more mouthwash etc... But have you ever thought what is racing through the mind of the escort as he approaches that anonymous hotel room, or residence? Or how he must feel getting past a nosey Concierge or hotel security guards as he heads to your room? Would many of us be so non-chalant about that?


I have met many escorts who are truly nice guys in the best sense of the word: they see beyond face and body, and can relate to a person's character; these are gifted men. Many offer the client an "out" saying, "If on arrival I am not what you wanted, tell me in the first 5 minutes, and we part without any need to pay." How many of us would be so magnanimous if the shoe was on the other foot, if the escort really could not meet our expectations after seeing us? Do we just accept that, or do we haunt the guy, bombard him with telephone calls and crank e-mails... or lousy reviews on HOOBOY?


So, this is not at all an easy issue, but a little common courtesy may help. I firmly believe that every escort has the RIGHT to his privacy and private life.


Yeah, full face shots would be terrific, but if the escort says that he does not wish to reveal his face... it's then the client's call. If you want to take the risk, fine. If not, no one is forcing you, and you can just move on to one who does give the face shot. But badgering a guy for nude pics etc... is a bit out of bounds once the first "No" is stated.

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Guest MattAdams

I follow the stats on a number of websites and escorts. Things have changed in the last few years.


1. Having x pics behind an AVS is probably the best screening tool for potential clients. However, face and full body pics are becoming more important online.

2. It used to be that 8 out of ten clients would arrange almost everything online. Now for every one e-mail to an escort their are probably 9 calls and if the phone is not answered then they go on to the next escort (just like advertising in the Frontiers).


With the big increase in escorts it has gotten to be very competitive and many of the same rules of print advertising are beginning to apply.


Whereas a few years ago it was the leading edge escorts that were advertising online. There are now a lot of amateurs and worse. First class escorts have always had to differentiate themselves from the competition, and this is becoming much more important now that there are thousands of escorts online going after the same clientele.


Matt Adams

Author, Hustlers, Escorts and Porn Stars

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Guest alanm (Guest)

This is an interesting topic. As somone who wants to hire the best escort possible (looks and personality), I do not consider

anyone without a face shot. An exception would be a very reliable escort agency or a referal from a friend.


I do understand your desire to keep your face hidden from family

and friends as well as clients' friends. In this case, we are both loser because I wouldn't contact you and you seem like a great escort.


As everyone knows, Matt Adams' book is the bible. I really look forward to the third edition.

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Guest WetDream

Tom: I think that the answer is -- don't do anything that makes you uncomfortable. There are enough queasy feelings in this situation without putting your self, or at least your face, out for all to see. I've seen your ad (what a whopper!) in the BAR for quite some time now. Personally, I usually respond to the ones with no photo. I like to call the potential escort, hear his voice and -- hopefully -- get a call back within a reasonable time period. I try to be frank in telling him what I look like physically, what I like to do in the sack and find out what his limits/interests are. I have a good shit detector and can usual tell from the conversation and tone of his voice if this is someone I want to see. If we both agree to go ahead, I make an appointment. It's just like Christmas when they appear at your door. If you poke at those packages too much, you lessen the surprise. On only one occasion have I given the guy cabfare to go home right at the door. Once they are in the apartment, I like to chat for a bit for both of us to get comfortable with each other. Until we head for the sack, I feel either party can call it quits.

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An interesting thread (how refreshing)..


Lots of good comments, I'll add my two cents.


From an escorts point of view, I can totally understand not wanting one's face all over the internet so that he'd be recognized in public as an escort (not that I think being an escort is a bad thing). I understand and appreciate the security issues, I think those are important.


From a potential clients viewpoint, I personally have a very strong preference to see a face shot, much more so than an x shot. I agree with earlier responses that say that a face, eyes, smile, etc., tell a lot about the person.


When I hire an escort, I generally like to talk to them on the phone first, to get to know them a bit, to make sure we are both comfortable. We are both taking chances with security. Knowing an address or a phone number or something like that is a little bit of security that makes the event seem more legit.


That having been said, I think you should continue to do what works best for you!! If a potential client won't see you because you have no face shot or refuses to give you a phone number (and I can understand lots of reasons why clients wouldn't give out phone numbers to a stranger, especially if they were married), then you should look elsewhere for a new client.


If you find that you are not seeing the number of clients that you want to, perhaps you should reconsider one of your restrictions. But until then, go on doing just what you're comfortable with, just like the clients will do what they are comfy with.


Good luck :)

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Guest Tampa Yankee

Flack for my Policies / Practices -- Client's View




This clients view:


<I have been noticing increasing pressure to provide explicit X and face pics to potential clients via e-mail as a precondition to hiring.>


While a face pic is much appreciated, it is not necessary – I understand the need for discretion. A body pic is nice and clothed is fine… shirtless is very nice… x is completely unnecessary (but never goes unnoticed) -- my tastes are somewhat broader than just for ‘organ meats’. Don't do anything with which you are uncomfortable.


<Second, I have a policy of not proceeding with making any arrangements or discussing business details before getting a verifiable phone call-back number.>


I almost never make phone contact unless there is no alternative and I am very strongly motivated to see someone. I will follow up rarely with a phone only after arrangements have pretty much been made and there is a reason – such as my perception that the escort’s comfort level is affected, or timeliness, etc. (As a rule I don't contact escorts that I don't already know something about. ) I have passed up several possibilities because of phone-only initial contact. The reason is that most numbers are for pagers and voicemail and I don’t like to receive calls at home or work from someone I do not know. (I am one of the three remaining people in the western world without cell service.)


…again one client’s view.

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TomBuStone wrote


> I also indicate that if any client doesnt like what

> they see, all they need is say so in the first

> 5 minutes and they are not obligated. I would think

> that this removes any risk involved for the client.


I like your policy. (Not all escorts are so gracious

when they find out they aren't a client's type.)


But it doesn't remove all risk for the client. It takes

time and effort to arrange a session with another escort.

If I'm hiring someone when I'm traveling, I often have

a tight schedule, so I prefer to set up appointments in



About requiring a callback number: that in itself

doesn't bother me. But some escorts who advertise

on the web will say no more in email than "call me",

which is not as inviting as getting a real response

to an inquiry.

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I actually prefer not to see too much of the escort ahead of time, since I think part of the excitement is the anticipation of discovery when the actual meeting takes place, so I don't even care if the picture is clothed, or even if there is none, since pictures can be faked or out of date anyway. That's fine when I am travelling; however, when I'm hiring close to home, I have a different consideration: I want to see a face shot to be sure I don't accidently hire someone I know socially!


I definitely prefer to speak to someone on the phone before making any commitment, since I think I can tell a lot about someone from his voice and the way he handles himself verbally; I have often decided not to go through with something because of the vibrations I get in a phone conversation with a potential escort, and I imagine that a perceptive escort probably feels the same way about clients.

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Guest Nice Guy

Knowing Allan as I do, I have agree with him about the face shots. That is sometimes more important than that overall body shot. But I understand the Escorts position.

And we have to respect that.

AND BY THE WAY< Allan, I never got those "shots" from HIM!!!!

Geez, Mister, you must really rate.

But, eat your heart out, I got to see a lot more of him in person, hehehehe, Drop me an Email, been awhile.


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As I have said many times before, I began hiring escorts when I was in my 20's.


Back then, I used agencies exlusively and almost all of them - no matter what city I was in - would have the escort call me and we would chat to see if we were compatible, before the we would agree on a date.


Most of the time it worked out because I really do believe that sexual pleasure begins in the brain.



Email: [email protected]

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Guest albinorat


>Most of the time it worked

>out because I really do

>believe that sexual pleasure begins

>in the brain.


Hoo-boy is the Socrates of Escorting! I agree totally. I began hiring in my teens (I was homely and horney and it was cheaper back then!). I think it's important to have a "vibe" with the person; I've met too many *Narcissuses* I couldn't wait to get rid of and who finally weren't worth the small fortune they wanted, and I've met the *regular guy* who was really hot and a great time.


That said, I guess we all want what we think we want until we get it and realize we were wrong. There's no way around the risk of a bad experience on both sides (at least in my experience and opinion) and not much really provides insurance.


Everything brings with it the possible bad scenario. Usually I want to talk to an escort on the phone before an appointment. I think I can tell a lot from somebody's voice and manner. That means I give my home number. But I have had to run the gamut of harassing calls now and again because you just never know who or what you're dealing with (warning: NEVER give a number to an escort on AOL).


I understand Tom's concerns with his face shot and I sympathize. I usually tell escorts who ask me for one that I'd break their PC if I sent them one. Problem is I agree with some of the posters above. A face can be the sexiest thing about someone. I have had the occasional escort who had 12 ever hard inches and was the flying Wallendas of sex all in one and had a body that The Deity might envy -- who had a face like a dog. Yes, you can always put a bag over it, or do it in the dark. But we have a maniacal recycling code in this building and I like doing it in the light (I wonder why all the escorts squeeze their eyes shut with me -- ecstasy?). So that was not as great an experience for me as it might have been with others -- and then there are the excorts with adorable faces and this naughty twinkle in their eyes and the most wonderful smiles -- so maybe it's five inches at its hardest and they scrape it a little -- I was in heaven afterwards.


Now what point was I trying to make? I know! You can't win. Tom should be comfortable as should anyone who escorts and needs to balance discretion with this side line (and I believe it is a side line for most escorts). I think it is more than fair to say if there's something you don't like in the first five minutes, no charge.


However I am amazed at how much advertising there is out there and Tom may have to realize he's probably missing out on some good clients.


As a footnote to this I just had an interchange of emails with a popular escort here. He decided not to meet and I understood one of his reasons absolutely (he didn't feel something I was into would be comfortable for him though he had never tried it). What surprised me was his saying that he didn't want to risk a bad review here because there had been so many nasty ones (none of him), and he had a role or a persona here he didn't want to have contradicted should he have enjoyed my scene in spite of himself.


I didn't answer those concerns, since his comfort was the most important thing to me. But I was surprised at a hint of paranoia about this site. For one thing, I don't review everyone I see (my accountant comes here too, I tell him I've been going to the dentist a lot, I don't want him to know how much I'm spending). For another, I always ask an escort (AFTERWARDS) if they know of this site and would mind a review (some have said yes, then no and I respect that). Finally I would never use this site to be vindictive. Sometimes it just doesn't work out. I'd only bomb somebody if they ripped me off in a way that we'd all agree was wrong (he says he's 21, into everything, the closest thing to Johnny Depp in his early prime since Johnny Depp, sounds fantastic on the phone, writes hot e-mail and two sixty year women with shotguns show up and take everything that isn't nailed down, for example).


So where was I...?







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As always you have a way of putting it just right. Missed seeing you putting up messages here in the last few days (or has it been weeks?).


As one who lives in Europe and who sees escorts in various capitals while traveling around, the nice telephone conversation is not often an option until the day itself (e.g. once you've checked into the hotel and phone your "date" to tell him what the goons in the lobby look like, and how to sneak past them to your room). I have been lucky in that the voices on the other end, when I do eventually call, are never bad. If I ever do get some high school prom queen answering - the date is definately OFF.


I agree that the face is very important; on the other hand, if the guy is too handsome, half way through the fun, as I look into that Adonis-David-Narcissus look-alike I wonder... "What's he doing in bed with me???"


Back some years ago I was stuck in a nice hotel in NY on a snowy night with nothing to do. Checked a gay rag for an agency and told them what I was looking for (actually 2 guys... it was a COLD night). This was all, obviously, "sight-unseen". The first was this prancing giggly scrawny whiney thing with a 28" waist, sunken chest, and with make-up on face. Hell I asked for a MAN! I got a Michael (Can I be Diana Ross??' Please????) Jackson clone! Thank God #2 was a nice, handsome college type, studying law and dancing in the ballet. Miss Priss would not remove her underwear throughout the session (and they needed some laundering!); eventually after 40 minutes I asked him/her to leave (paying of course) and spent some quality time with the other guy just talking and cuddling and having a nice time. Yes, A... there are no guarantees.


Exchanging e-mails is one way of delving into one's character, although we all know the amount of hyperbole used in this medium. I try to be descriptive to a fault, and hope they reciprocate.


In the end, again, it is the client who has more choice here, and he should just shop around until he finds what he needs, and not make an escort feel compromised or cheap when the escort has his own limits.

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Wow! Great thread! I think that it is great for escorts for put their face shots out for the clients to see! I personally prefer to see the face than an X rated pic. However, I also understand most escort's unwillingness to let their face picture out to the public. If I were in my early twenties and an escort, I would not let my face picture be part of the internet. I think their could be dire consequences for the future. I guess I am a hypocrite because I normally will not hire an escort until I have seen the face picture or at least something close to it.

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Guest DaddyWayne

Personally, I prefer some sort of face photo of an escort -- even if it's somewhat blurry or obscured. Insofar as nude photos are concerned, I like to keep a little mystery there. If

I like the facial look of the escort (and I'm not looking for an "Adonis" look -- just a pleasant looking guy with character and charm), and if I like the statistics he provides in text, then I'll hire him. I never ask for photo trades and think it's probably not all that fair to the escort. I respect what he does and I don't want to make him uncomfortable worrying what I might do with his photo :-)


Pretty much the only time I hire escorts is when I travel. I enjoy shopping on the Internet for one ahead of time -- going through the photos for one that catches my eye. Shopping was never so much fun! If an escort has an ad but no photo whatsoever, I'm not as likely to pay much attention to the ad and not as likely to hire him.


I prefer exchanging e-mails ahead of time, making the appointment, and then calling him when I get in town and to the hotel.


I certainly understand the reluctance of some escorts to put their face all over the Internet. However, since about the only time I hire one is when I'm on the road, I like to have at least some idea of what he looks like before I make an appointment. Maybe one way is not to post your facial photo so clearly on the Internet, but then e-mail one to a potential client. It certainly reduces the chances your face will be recognized on the street by family, friends, business associates, etc.


But, think about it from the client's perspective -- you make an appointment with an escort; then there's the anticipation, getting nervous and excited about meeting him. By the time he gets to your door, you're horny as hell and ready to go. If he's not what you imagined (or wanted), it's a big let down. So, what do you do? Send him home leaving you still horny? And, if you're in a hotel room just for the one night, there's not much chance you can find another escort on such short notice, contact him, make another appointment, etc. Or, you could try to go with it just because you're so horny. By the end, you're probably sorry you did. Either way, the client loses in this case.


Escorts: give me some sort of visual of what you look like -- nevermind the nude or genital pics -- just let me know who YOU are. It makes the shopping so much more enjoyable :-)

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Guest allansmith63

<AND BY THE WAY< Allan, I never got those "shots" from HIM!!!!

Geez, Mister, you must really rate.>


...what can I say :-) ...


<But, eat your heart out, I got to see a lot more of him in person>


...I'm trying to catch up as quickly as I can...


<drop me an Email, been awhile>


...been there, done that...


Regards, NG & everyone else.



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LAST EDITED ON Dec-15-00 AT 11:56PM (EST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Dec-15-00 AT 11:54 PM (EST)


Your policies are neither unusual or out of line. I see nothing wrong with wanting to protect yourself or your privacy. Like it or not, being a "full service" escort means that you operate on the edge. You never know where your pictures are going to wind up (the internet has its advantages and it disadvantages) or what their going to be used for. (Call me a cynic but a demand for a picture -- especially a XXX one that includes a shot of your face -- could be used to blackmail you.) I also think that your policy of requiring a verifiable phone number is a sound one. You never know if a potential client is who he says he is. There's always a risk that your dealing with someone who's conducting a sting operation. If your policies result in the loss of a few clients, then so what. You may lose your fee, but the peace of mind will be priceless.


I'm in my early forties and I saw my first escort less than six weeks ago. I used an escort service and they required a verifiable phone number in order to finalize the deal. I agonized over my decision to see an escort. I agonized even more over their request. I very reluctantly gave them the number, knowing full well that they could (and probably would) use the internet to do a reverse lookup and thus optain my full name and address. I come to the conclusion that they needed to make sure that I wasn't a cop. I had no such assurance and I almost bolted from the incall when the escort told me that he had read my e-mails, but that he needed to hear "in your own words" what I wanted us to do. (It was awkward -- make that terrifying -- when it happened, but in retrospect was very necessary.) I wound up having a very good, first time experience.


Sadly, the escort no longer works for the agency so I have to start all over again. I have an appointment to do an incall with an independent escort. (His reviews led me to contact him.) We exchanged a couple of e-mails and than finalized the details by phone. I had to leave several VERY general voice mails before I finally managed to hook up with him. (I would be very much surprised if he didn't check me out before we spoke. Like you, he has to protect himself as best he can.) When we finally did speak, I identified myself by first name. He responded with a pet name that instantly told me that he knew who I was and what I wanted. That was a very nice touch and made things much easier and I'm 99% sure that I was speaking to who I was supposed to be speaking to. We just had to discuss a time, location, and the rate for his time.


I hope that in my lifetime (I assume that you're younger than me), that all of this cloak and dagger stuff won't be necessary and that escorts and their clients can freely discuss their relationships without fear. Until that happens, we all need to protect oursleves as best we can. Like a said before, you policies may cost you a few clients -- but you really don't need them. The peace of mind is priceless.


Take care.

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As a client, I think your policies are smart, sensible and very fair. Some may ask for more, but the kind of people who won't accept your limitations are the kind you don't want as clients. (And many would never be clients, just pass around your pix.)

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Guest Joey Ciccone

RE:am interested in feedback from other escorts and clients.


As anyone who's seen the very first 'splash' page of my less than modest website will confirm, I'm not reluctant to give potential clients a full glimpse of what to expect. At least as far as my appearance and what I'm into are concerned. In my case, caution over my anonymity has obviously been thrown to the wind, and this approach to promotion has served me well. Far better than the 'mystery boy' angle would. Most of my clients are businessmen, and as such, are too wary of fraud to ever make a commitment sight unseen. There are enough risks involved as it is, why add to the apprehension by refusing to show yourself. It's true that some clients enjoy the thrill of anticipation over whether they'll find a hottie at the door at the pre-arranged time. They liken the experience to the excitement of opening a christmas present, which is a fine reminiscence if a) you even celebrate christmas, and b) you find what you'd wished for in the box once it's open. But what about all those hideous sweaters from your Aunt Clara? Or the functional yet less than arousing tubesocks Aunt Gertrude lavished upon you year after year. And don't forget the eternal joy of a fruitcake, the gift that not so much keeps on giving, but keeps on being given away by unwanting recipients. Do you really want to be that handed down fruitcake? The 'no obligation to pay if you don't like what you see' clause is a nice consideration, and it alleviates the clients financial risk, but not the clients' disappointment, and not the lost time and expense you both may have spent getting to the meeting place. And if it's a clients first time with an escort, he may not ever try another, and that sucks for every other escort, not to mention the poor, frustrated client.

No, I believe you'll get more bookings by being bold rather than bashful. Put bluntly, either dive into the deep end or stay out of the pool altogether. If fear of discovery of your escorting is truly a major concern, than maybe it's not the ideal sideline for you to persue. Stay true to whatever your primary endeaver in life is, and if escorting would ever endanger your ultimate goals and dreams, then don't do it. If you're going to do it, be proud of your services and show yourself. This may seem like a black and white viewpoint, but it's my gray matter that dictates the perspective.

As far as callback numbers go, you can't demand that of a client because clients generally have more reasons for security than escorts (outside of the law that is, where we're all on equal footing), but you can strongly recommend that they call you. A pre-meeting phone chat is almost essential to the 'date', and most meets will be finalised during these chats. Make yourself available for them to call you. Don't worry, if your pictures say alot already, they'll call. Once trust is established through friendly conversation, they'll give you a number where they can safely be reached. Many escorts may have an exclusive phone line used only for client calls, but few clients have an exclusive 'escort incoming call' line, so they are naturally more guarded about giving up a number at first.

So Tom, this is probably not the kind of rhetoric you wanted to hear from a fellow escort. Sorry for that, and by all means, if you're secure with your business practices then carry on smartly and damn those who don't like it. I guess my statements are more in support of my wish to alleviate guilt, fear, and stress from every aspect of life in general, so why not start here with the fulfillment of the most basic of human desires.




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Guest Traveler

What can I say except that the law of supply and demand applies to escorts, too. That's why porn stars can usually charge the most. Everybody knows exactly what they look like, and at least thinks they know how they can perform. Someone who shows his face and body in a picture can earn more than someone who shows only one or the other, and someone with no picture at all will probably get the least amount of business (lowest price or fewest calls). Yes, there are people who just want to jack off at your picture, but what's the big deal? Is that really so awful? I hope there are people out there who think I'm good looking enough to jack off at my picture.

You have to decide how you run your business. That's the advantage of being an escort. You're your own boss and you set the rules. However, the more user-friendly you are, the more appointments you're going to get, or the more you're going to be able to charge per appointment. You makes the rules, and you lives by the consequences...

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RE:am interested in feedback from other escorts and clients.


I know that I am a wierdo in many ways, but I do love fruitcakes and wish that they were not the brunt of quite so many jokes. However, y'all can have your little joke and make fun of it/me all you want by mailing me all your unwanted fruitcakes. Just send me a personal message by clicking on the icon to the left. Thanks, Bilbo

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Guest Joey Ciccone

RE:am interested in feedback from other escorts and clients.


>I know that I am a

>wierdo in many ways, but

>I do love fruitcakes and

>wish that they were not

>the brunt of quite so

>many jokes.


My most humble apologies to you and to fruitcakes everywhere. It's true that in my insensitive haste to make a humorous point, I callously invoked the image of a fruitcake, and in so doing have cast further aspersions on the already beleaguered name of that most tastey of holiday treats. I'm sorry. Would that disparragement came not so quickly when one speaks of the fruitcake. Rather, we should laud and sing the praises of that noble and misjudged yuletide dessert for all to hear: All hail Fruitcake and it's cement-like mass, it's clay-like texture, and above all, it's staggering shelf-life!

Old prejudices die hard. I need time to change. Please bear with me as I re-asses my mindset in regards to fruitcakes and their potential to rise above the hate and become a force of good. And again, I meant no true harm to that staid fruitty confection nor any of it's ilk.



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