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Win a Free Week-end with Stephan Lacoste

Guest Stephan-Lacoste

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>Check out http://www.eboysvideo.com for all informations



>Stephan Lacoste

>1-702-206-7603 (New number)


Well, one of my favorite boy-toys and also wonderful friend is giving himself away?


Steph, things are weird right now. I didn't look at your site but all I know if that if there is not a full moon there should be.


My fave babes are getting stood up, my email is getting more bizarre and our country is becoming the laffing-stock of the world.


I tried setting up an auto-response today and it was disastrous! People were getting bills from me. Very embarassing.


Anyway, you kiss those puppies for me, say hi to J and tell A that he is wonderful and when he needs a discount at BR, to let me know. Just go in and find J. He'll take care of you.


Meantime, I wanna win you!






Email: [email protected]

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Guest Tampa Yankee

LAST EDITED ON Nov-10-00 AT 09:31AM (EST)[p]HooBoy,


When it rains, it poors...


You might want to change you handle to: N. Carolina_guy or maybe stormy_weather_guy (good tune - stormy_weather)

The change might be good for several reasons, the primary one being similar to the Fed's Witness Protection Program. (oops -- I guess those handles are now blown!!)


Anyway, the real reason for this post..


>...and our country

>is becoming the laffing-stock of

>the world.


The country acutally climbed on this wagon last Spring in the primary election season. Now, we are just enoying the fruits of our labors -- and such fruits they are!!




I have been to your site. Great marketing idea, you almost had me reaching for my credit card -- may still yet. I figure my odds are much better than for Powerball... and the jackpot is in the same league!

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Guest Stephan-Lacoste

Hi Tampa,

If you ever do the contest , i wish you luck....

Thanks for your message.

Take care


Stephan Lacoste

1-702-206-7603 (New number)

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