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Al Gore Linked to Fred Phelps?

Guest EvilSwine

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Guest EvilSwine

Thought you guys might be interested in this link posted on another board I read. It's to a page on the Log Cabin Republicans' site with pics of Gore with Fred Phelps and stuff about Phelps holding fundraisers for Gore in the late '80s and talk that he also invited Phelps to the inaugurations in '93 and '97.

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Guest bottomboykk

Fred Phelps is the ignorant bastard who runs godhatesfags.com. He's a minister in some obscure church in Kansas, I think.

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Guest EvilSwine

LAST EDITED ON Nov-04-00 AT 10:48PM (EST)[p]Oopsie! here's the link...






Exactly...He's the guy who goes to funerals of those killed in gay-bashing incidents with signs that say stuff like "AIDS Cures Fags". He went to the funeral of that poor boy who was murdered out in Wyoming and protested outside with his posse of crypto-fascist bigots.

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Guest fedssocr

Don't believe everything the LCR people tell you.


Would you rather vote for some one who is generally pretty positive when it comes ot civil rights, gay and otherwise? Or would you rather vote for some one who aligns himself with religious right wackos and speaks at schools that expel gay students and other schools that ban inter-racial dating without a single word of opposition?


Al Gore is a much better friend to the gay community than George Bush will ever be. It'll be a sad day for America if Bush wins on Tuesday. Whoever wins will have the chance to (most likely) appoint a couple of Supreme Court justices. Those people serve for life or until they decide to retire. A Court with more Scalia's and Thomases would be very bad for our community.

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I think its a sad day in America when we have the choice of two bufoons to be President.


And this brouhaha about Dubya getting arrested for DWI 20 years ago. Hell, I could curl their hair if they knew what I was doing back then, but I didn't come from an uppercrust Bush family nor did I have politcal ambitions.


Come the think of it, they're already freaking out about this site, so I guess I'm offending them all still and don't have a chance in hell in being the dog catcher in Omaha.


In any event, I think you should consider which one of these Faberge Eggheads has the support of brilliant people who will actually be running the government while one of these goombahs will be out performing.


Just my humble opinion. It's late, I'm in a hotel and could only get a 20K speed so it took forever to upload Sunday's site, so I'm still up and this post will probably come down as soon as I wake up and read it. One advantage I have.



Email: [email protected]

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Guest EvilSwine

Our choice IS kinda pathetic. Things seemed to go downhill after Eisenhower, when TV took such a much larger role in shaping how the campaigns are run. Candidates don't actually have to say anything of substance anymore. All they need to do is come up with the political catchphrase equivalent of the Pet Rock and make it something easily broken down into sound bites.


(For younger people who have no idea what a Pet Rock is...it's something evil from the seventies much like the smiley face and people saying "Have a nice day".)

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I totally agree it is a sad day given the choices we have. As for me, I've decided to vote for the Libertarian Party presidential candidate. I like their policy on "victimless" crimes such as using an escort. Will my protest vote result in a win? Absolutely not. Will my protest vote, send Bush to the White House? I hope not! But, maybe just maybe, both the Democrates and the Republicans will get some sort of a message if enough people vote for a third party candidate. (I also hope, that in my lifetime, our politicians start worrying about the things that really matter -- i.e., poverty, health care, world peace, etc., and not what happens when two (or more) consenting adults have sex.)

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dear fedssocr,

al gore VOTED TO CONFIRM scalia when he was in the senate!!!! and a senate controlled by the DEMOCRATES confirmed thomas!!!!! so before you think that al gore is a great thing to have as a president for gays, think again. for all the wonderful things he wants to do for the gays, you should ask why didn't he and the first ego(clinton) do these things the first two years of the clinton-gore presidency when the democrates controlled congress.


i am tired of getting the crumbs from the table; there is no choice for a great friend of the gay community. gore has said he does not support gay marriage and the clinton-gore record is not good for gays(think "don't ask, don't tell). no one gets my dollars or vote until they are supportive of what i want and will act on it. those in the gay communit who think gore is their great friend are wrong; he only wants their money and votes. unless the polls show support for a gay cause, he will not stick his neck out any more than bill clinton to support us. polls first, values second.

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Guest Kenneth

I just can't imagine that there is any self respecting gay man out there who is going to vote for Bush (Forrest Gump/Tommy Smothers). That man is an absolute idiot.Could it be his mastery of the english language, his in debt knowledge of foreign policies, etc. etc. Leaving all the other issues aside, do they actually think that Bush is somehow going to do anything for the gays?.(probably he may banish them to Devil's Island etc). For a gay man to vote for a Republican is the equivalent of a black man voting for the Ku Klux Klan.

Either these men have no knowledge of what republicans vs gays are all about or they hate Gore so much that they'll do anything to avoid his getting elected. Yea, I'm not fond of Gore either but he sure as hell is a better choice than that dufus Bush. If anyone actually votes for him, they deserve what they'll get. Very likely, the first casualty in his administration will be to SHUT DOWN THIS SITE.

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Guest Yog-Sothoth

>Leaving all the other issues aside, do

>they actually think that Bush is somehow going to do

>anything for the gays?.(probably he may banish them to

>Devil's Island etc). For a gay man to vote for

>a Republican is the equivalent of a black man voting

>for the Ku Klux Klan.



My experiences with Gay Republicans has lead me to

the observation they are concerned about how a candidate

will affect THEIR wallets if elected. If they can keep

all of THEIR money, they rationalize everything else.


In fact in a recent issue of the Boston, MA gay newspaper

BAY WINDOWS, one such person wrote a long letter to the

editor which did just that. It amounted to: Since Bush

and Gore are the "same" on gay rights, I'll vote for Bush

since he will give me tax money back.


The wealthy often don't need to worry about their civil rights.



-- Yog-Sothoth

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Guest Tampa Yankee

>... you should ask

>why didn't he and the

>first ego(clinton) do these things

>the first two years of

>the clinton-gore presidency when the

>democrates controlled congress.



Interesting question, one I've asked myself time and again...


>i am tired of getting the

>crumbs from the table;


that's all there is if that's all one is willing to settle for..



>a... no one

>gets my dollars or vote

>until they are supportive of

>what i want and will

>act on it.


Sounds like an strong effective political action approach to me


>the gay communit who think

>gore is their great friend

>are wrong; he only wants

>their money and votes. unless

>the polls show support for

>a gay cause, he will

>not stick his neck out

>any more than bill clinton

>... polls first,

>values second.


Sure sounds like to Gore I know and love ... to despise


Your views seem to make good sense to me.

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