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First impressions of the Gaiety


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Well, last weekend I finally made it to the Gaiety in New York ...


Like HooBoy, I needed a few more frequent flier miles before the end of the year so I took a weekend trip to New York and decided to go and check out this legendary place.


On Friday evening I headed down to W46th street, climbed the stairs, handed over my $15 to Denise (is it my imagination or was she already wearing her halloween mask??) and entered the "auditorium".


I'm not quite sure what I was expecting - I'm not exactly a stranger to establishments like the Gaiety and therefore I should have known better - but, for some reason, I had the idea that it would be least *slightly* up-market of places like the Campus and the Nob Hill in San Francisco, even if it wasn't going to rise to the heights of Remingtons in Toronto or Campus or Stock in Montreal.


Anyway, after a few moments of surprise that it was actually just as tacky and sleazy as everywhere else, I settled in and felt quite at home ;-) Heck, I even went back on Saturday night ...


There were, however, one or two surprises ...


Pretty much every strip club that I have even been in has signs all over the place indicating that it is strictly forbidden to touch the dancers ... the Gaiety is no exception but, as I watched what was happening I realised that they actually *mean* it ... In most places these signs are regarded by both management and dancers as little more than talismans that are placed there to ward off the evil spirits of the licensing authority and police department - but it appears that in New York this voodoo is insufficient to keep Mayor Guiliani at bay.


At the Gaiety this leads to a very strange protocol for tipping the dancers where the customer puts the tip on the edge of the stage and the dancer picks it up later ...


Some of the Gaiety regulars have adopted the practice of tipping popular dancers by flooding the stage will $1 bills - I'm not sure whether I like this or not - it certainly put me at a disadvantage since I hadn't bothered to bring lots of small bills with me. It's a long time since I last gave a dancer a $1 tip - if they are worth tipping at all then they are worth more than that - if I like a dancer then I usually tip in $10 or $20 bills - of course if you are allowed to actually *give* the tip to the dancer then he *knows* who gave him the $20 - at the Gaiety it tends to get lost on the stage among all of the other greenbacks.


I was also a little disappointed that there were no poles on the stage (although I suppose that explains why Guy from Toronto has never won NYO's "best first song" award ...)


The lineup at the weekend was a little different from the mid-week one in NYO's review - I didn't take notes and I can't remember all of the dancers, but the ones that I *do* remember were:


Christopher - nice looking (but not really "handsome") guy with a big dick - average dancer - reputed to do very good private shows


Calvin - cute guy with a swimmer's build - on Friday night he did his "party trick" of crossing his ankles behind his neck - very nice - he got a flood of (I guess) at least 100 $1 bills on the stage which took him several minutes to collect at the end of his show


Steven - tall and dark haired, with a very nice chest


Martino - a very energetic and athletic dancer who put on what I suppose was a good show, but somehow he just didn't do anything for me


Hector - I didn't see him on Friday, but he was there when I went back on Saturday - very nice body with great definition - I didn't get a chance to talk to him but he's definitely on my list to see next time


Mikael - hot Canadian muscle-boy from Ottawa with a very nice tattoo (consisting of Chinese characters) on his arm - he did a very good show and, despite being Canadian, seemed to have no trouble correctly identifying $20 bills ...


Kevin - quite a big muscular boy with very short cropped blond hair - he's yet another Canadian, from Quebec City - I chatted briefly with him in the lounge and was not impressed.


The Gaiety Cat - who wandered across the stage between shows on Saturday night - now I know who *really* runs that place!


NYO has already handed out his awards for the week, but I have a few more:


Most Flexible: Calvin


Best Chest: Steven


Best Definition: Hector


Dumb Blond: Kevin


Best Tattoo: Mikael


Boy Would Most Want To Take Back To Your Hotel: Mikael (and I did ... ;-))

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>Flooding the stage with money? Gosh, what's that all about?


Calvin ...


There were a couple of dancers who got small handfulls of dollar bills thrown onto the stage during their act, but Calvin was the only one who was really *flooded* with money - somewhere between $100 and $200 I would guess (someone told me later that Calvin's "record" was close to $600 ...)


Clearly that boy has a *serious* admirer ...


... and after seeing the way he could cross his ankles behind his neck I can't say that I am too surprised ... ;-)

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I also went to New York very recently to get enough frequent flier miles. I stayed at the Marriott Marquis which is right across the street from the Gaiety. I would have gone in, but I was too busy being occupied by the beautiful boys of Campus Escorts! After spending a couple of nights with Ian and Justin, didn't have the energy nor the interest to go in. And I must say, I left the city with the biggest smile on my face!

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Well, at least at the Gaiety they *do* get paid (unlike at Remingtons, for example, where the dancers have to pay to work there).


Most of the guys probably don't make that much on tips either - all of the real money comes from doing private shows at $200 a time. If a dancer at the Gaiety doesn't get at *least* 3 private shows a day, then it's probably hardly worth their while being there - especially if they are from out of town since they will easily be spending between $200 and $300 a day just to be in New York.

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Guest Tampa Yankee

LAST EDITED ON Nov-05-00 AT 10:55PM (EST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Nov-05-00 AT 10:52 PM (EST)


Well, I finally made... caught the 6:15 Sat. show. The place could use a little renovation, particularly the seat I sat in that had a hole in it (3rd row center off one). Oh well, redecoration and renovation would probably ruin the atmosphere and double the price -- better skip it. Denise is quite a charmer... didn't crack a quip or a smile but it didn't take her long to change my twenty into a five.


The dancers: not exactly the June Taylor dancers... but they did look a lot better, and I really did not attend for the fancy footwork and leaps. Those that did not do much real dancing did manage to keep the audience attention nicely with their coquettish presentations. The group was not quite as steroidal as I was expecting although there was plenty of muscle to be had. Nor were they generally as short as I was expecting (both of these expectations based on previous comments in this and other threads). Maybe it was the raised stage and the fact that my attention was drawn to other aspects accounts for my impression. Then again, maybe this was a taller than average group -- I have no real idea.


I don't recall all the names at this point but my general impressions of a few:


Miguel -- best dancer, very energentic and a good sense of rhythum and quite cute, although more beefy than some, great choice of music...


Guy -- best show, really put his best foot and everything else forward for the audience and especially for a few favorites it seemed.


Ronnie -- best all around (read as biggest cock) and a killer bod for my taste...


Eric -- cute kid, nice bod, lot of potential, needs to refine is act a little (I'm available for coaching...)


Hector -- killer tight bod, seems just perfect as a stocking stuffer (is Xmas far off?)


Troy, Kevin, Austin and at least one more with a latin name that started with a C, maybe others, just don't remember right now. Some were more talented that others but I did not see any I'd throw back in the ocean -- of course I'm just a rank amateur and novice in these judgments.


The audience -- started out sort of thin but swelled to SRO before the end ( it seemed anway, may attention was focued on the stage). Well behaved I thought, not nearly as raucus as I was expecting based on comments in a previous thread. I thought it added to the show -- drew some of the dancers out a little. It seemed the dancers appreciated the attention and responded accordingly.


And for those broadway fans attending Jekyll and Hyde --


Check out the younger black actor in the cast (late 20's early 30's) tall, big chest, killer bod in general and hands that could wrap around a basketball. Traveller, I think you might like this show...and the music is great too.

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Tampa, are you sure that your "best dancer" was called "Miguel"?

I suspect that it was probably "Mikael", who looks like this:




There's a thread about him over at the Muscle Service Logbook at:



When I was there it was sometimes quite difficult to hear the names of the dancers when they were announced and I actually made the same mistake that I think you did in thinking that Mikael was called "Miguel".


I'm glad you liked Guy's show - he really is an excellent performer - I haven't actually seen him at the Gaiety but I do know that there is *nobody* who can crawl across a stage towards you quite the way he does ;-) If you ever get the chance to see him at Remingtons in Toronto you also get the added bonus of seeing him hang upside down from the poles at the edge of the stage ...

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hey this guy fernando who preformed this weekend..does he have a tatoo on this bicep..let me know..want to know if this is the same guy who i met about 2 months ago at another club..thnx

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Guest Tampa Yankee



>was called "Miguel"


>When I was there it was

>sometimes quite difficult to hear

>the names of the dancers

>when they were announced and

>I actually made the same

>mistake that I think you

>did in thinking that Mikael

>was called "Miguel".


You are right -- my "Miguel" was Mikael. (First clue for me was NYO's review today.) I couldn't believe the name when I first heard because the did not strike me as latin, not even close, but then it was repeated several times and I heard it the same way. I thought, well, they do take liberties with names... or maybe this guy was overloaded with recessive genes. Then again, maybe listening to so much Boston accent had taken its toll...


Anyway, he was very impressive as was Guy, which definitely warrants a trip to his home turf soon.


I was surprised at the overall quality of all the guys... buth then NYO seems to say that this was a prticuarly good week, If so, I guess I lucked out for my first time -- great way to start. And thanks for the URL address, I'll certainly check it out.

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