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Al Gore's crotch

Guest Marko

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Guest DJPerez

Finally the Truth! The Quest for the Presidency IS a Beauty Pagent!


Now, the Question is: Was Al courting the Women's Vote or the Gay Male Vote with that cover?


With poll percentages being as close as they are, maybe Al thought he'd bring out the 'Heavy Artillery'! lol


Can 'Dubbya' in a Speedo be far behind? :o !


Peace and Pleasure!

David, Your Boston Masseur (& Contender for Mr. Congeniality!)

[email protected]

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Guest Kenneth

Oct-20-00, 08:37 AM (EST)

2. "RE: Al Gore's crotch"

" Its probably as phoney as everything else about the guy."



Of course..... and Forrest Gump (George W's) brain is really being "saved" for the time when he really needs it. He can't waste it on explaining his stand on "gay discrimination", the "death penalty issue" in Texas, where he's convinced EVERYTHING is explored before he fries em, and his "fuzzy" explanations on his policy re: his economic plan,social security, and foreign policies.

I'll take Gore's PHONEY CROTCH anytime.

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The only time we should see a serious comment on politics on this Board is when the gay version of Fanny Foxe steps out of the Tidal Basin with Barney Frank, and thus identifies another escort to hire. Jesus Christ, pretty soon we'll see threads about religion. It's Friday, and it's time to let the games begin again - shots, bumps and cock anyone?



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Guest Tampa Yankee

> It's Friday,

>and it's time to let

>the games begin again -

>shots, bumps and cock anyone?



Come on now, who are you foolin' -- we know your calendar has seven (7), count 'em, seven Fridays in every week... I woudn't be surprised if you managed to squeeze in an eighth on occasion, given your selection of party snacks... :-)


> let the games begin again -


This must mean that you come up for air occasionally :-)

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Guest Zach Man

>Its probably as phoney as everything

>else about the guy.



Nope, Al is packing big meat.


A buddy of mine who works on Capitol Hill has seen Al Gore nude in the locker room several times. He's only seen Al's dick in it's flaccid state and yes, it is long and thick.


I first learned this over 2 years ago, long before this Rolling Stone cover controversy. Supposedly there have been a few running jokes around the Hill (ever since the Monica scandal) comparing the "size" of the Pres versus the Vice Pres. Bill is allegedly "pinky sized" and Al is more like the whole forearm.


So yeah, our next President will be packing big meat.

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