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Strip Clubs in Washington, D.C.


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Report from last weekend.


There are 3 male strip clubs in D.C.


1. "La Cage" was closed for a few weeks for renovation and enlargement. It would be nice if someone in D.C. would visit La Cage when they re-open and give us a full report.


2. "Secrets" is going through one of its down cycles. The dancers were not very attractive, most did not strip all the way, and few were audience friendly. Most stood on stage and talked with each other. There were a couple of good dancers, but not enough to make a visit worthwhile right now. The room is small, the smoke is very heavy, and the sound level is excruciatingly high. There are only a few seats, so you stand.


3. "Wet" is a sheer delight. On Friday and Saturday nights they had 16 dancers each night, and they were cute, friendly, frisky, and well lighted. The room is very large with a big U shaped bar in the center. Dancers come out from the dressing room at one end of the bar and slowly work their way around the bar. So if you take a seat, the entire parade of dancers will appeared directly one-by-one in front of you to chat and perform, if you are interested. There are many seats around the bar and many more along the walls. Drinks are very reasonable and you are never hassled to buy more. On the stage is a shower and during the evening a number of dancers take showers and soap up, etc - can be great fun. They appear immediately totally nude. There are vertical dance chrome bars periodically along the bar as well as a continuous overhead bar, so dancers can swing, hang, splay, etc. They stop at each customer and dance a little; if you show no interest they move on. if you show interest (slip $1 in their sock), they will continue dancing and usually bend down or crouch and say hello. If you are interested in chatting, they will chat. They are user friendly in varying degrees, but all are nice. They range in age from 18-30, although most are 19-24; and body types range from young-slender to muscular. There are a couple of gymnasts and soccer players with gorgeous muscles and bodies. There are at least six dances on the bar at all times as they rotate. None of the guys are skinny. So, if you enjoy stripper bars, and younger guys in general, this place is really a fun place to go. If you like the big beefy guys of Gaiety, Wet might not be your cup of tea (or whatever).

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