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I'm no Miss Marple, but ....

Guest NYCMuscBoy

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Guest NYCMuscBoy

I had a good laugh at the "Michael James attorney at law" email which the beleaguered HooBoy received last week. The rampant misspellings, mis-capitalizations, and grammatical errors made me question whether "Michael James Esquire" was able to pass his high-school equivalency tests, much less the New York Bar.


One particular error, for whatever reason, stuck in my mind. It's in the following sentence: "Not only law enforcement but the Internal revenue service is monitoring this site and most likely have all of your names and address's."


"Addresses," darling, it's "addresses." This error seemed unique to me, and I was going to write a little note to HooBoy to point this one out. I just didn't get around to it.


Then, tonight, the escort-whose-name-I-won't-mention because of his TERRIFYING lawyers (okay, it's Sean) wrote in a typically charmless post (#13 in "Now This Site & HooBoy Under Attack etc.") -- and I quote directly --


"You dumb fuck stop laughing, they handle my business's."


Address's. Business's.


"Address's," said Michael James 'attorney at law.'


"Business's," replied Worldescrt Sean.


You draw whatever conclusions you will, but they've attributed unknown works to known writers for less distinctive stylistic choices.

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Guest WorldEscrt Sean

Little Miss Muscle head with no dick is going nuts over a typo LOL. God you people just make me fucking laugh. But for the record I received that e-mail a couple weeks ago and forwarded it to Hoo. Several other Escorts I know received the same e-mail. Go figure :0

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What's REALLY going on???


LAST EDITED ON Oct-16-00 AT 00:31AM (EST)[p]I also noticed the repetitive error. In fact, post #15 of the same thread you referenced includes more erroneous usage of 'addresses'.


Damn, I wish Skeptic was still around in his old style. Wonder what he'd have to say, strictly for entertainment purposes?


On a more realistic level, this situation is sad. Sean is sad. The big picture isn't being considered. Is he reaching out for help? It's not entirely his fault. He's not THAT different than when some of you were singing his high praises. The arrogant, shallow, materialistic, larger-than-life, invincable, addiction-related attitude is too typical in the gay subculture. He's not the first of us to self-destruct. It took more than a retainer to get me out of the trouble I caused myself.


What I don't understand is why we unknowingly contribute to letting the problem perpetuate itself? But that's another thread.


Personally, I would like to encourage Sean to get help for whatever is his REAL problem. Of course, he'll tell me to 'Fuck Off', but that's okay. I have no idea why I feel compassion for him - I'm usually totally intolerant of assholes. He's just so blatantly pathetic . . . and desperately in need of help & love.


Though I know little about Sean, he's out of control. I'd hate to read in Unzipped (or somewhere else) that he died of an overdose or committed suicide or suffered any trajedy.


Whatever . . .

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Guest WorldEscrt Sean

RE: What's REALLY going on???


LAST EDITED ON Oct-16-00 AT 00:46AM (EST)[p]Well dear I don't do drugs and I'm in a long term relationship of 8 years. I don't need help I'm very well adjusted. The only problem I have is dealing with assholes that haunt these message boards. So you can keep your sympathy's to yourself. Now I'm gonna be late for a client. Have a good evening boys I'll check back in the morning. Nighty night!

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Guest regulation

RE: What's REALLY going on???



>AT 00:31 AM (EST)


>On a more realistic level, this

>situation is sad. Sean

>is sad. The big

>picture isn't being considered.

>Is he reaching out for

>help? It's not entirely

>his fault. He's not

>THAT different than when some

>of you were singing his

>high praises. The arrogant,

>shallow, materialistic, larger-than-life, invincable, addiction-related

>attitude is too typical in

>the gay subculture. He's

>not the first of us

>to self-destruct. It took

>more than a retainer to

>get me out of the

>trouble I caused myself.



>What I don't understand is why

>we unknowingly contribute to letting

>the problem perpetuate itself?

>But that's another thread.



I don't have any trouble understanding Sean's behavior. I've met plenty of people who were completely self-centered, and I think they richly deserve whatever happens to them. What I do have trouble understanding is the behavior of the people who were, as you say, singing his high praises. I've never understood why anyone would enjoy, even pay for, disdainful treatment at the hands of sales clerks in chic stores, maitre d's and waiters in expensive restaurants, and prostitutes like Sean. To me the behavior of the patrons seems at least as perverse as the behavior of the people patronized. They are the ones who need mental help.

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RE: What's REALLY going on???


>Now I'm gonna be late

>for a client.


Consistancy is needed Sean. Either you are an escort or you are not.


Can't understand why you keep throwing feul on the fire.


Say your mia culpas, apologize and get on with your life!

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RE: What's REALLY going on???


LAST EDITED ON Oct-16-00 AT 09:27AM (EST)[p]And now it's "sympathy's" rather than "sympathies." I first thought of a possible typo, but the e and the ' are on different hands, so the typo would have to have happened in the typer's mind rather than hand. And now, this one is a difference between two stokes and one stroke, too.


Since it is possible, Sean, to delete things you don't want to read, it is also possible to skip to another thread or even to not attend the site at all. With your talents (and your other businesses) you can certainly make a tidy living only selling to people who either are computer illiterate or simply haven't found this site yet. I cannot imagine that more than 45% of your possible clients find these notes and read them. And since you are such a superior escort, I figure personally that that would only mean that you might be getting one or two nights off a week. And isn't spending time with your husband worth that? Would you like to tell us numbers - how many clients you feel you miss, how much money you feel that costs you, etc?

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Guest Tampa Yankee

maybe Hercule Poirot in drag... mon ami


A budding group of wordsmith detectives as I've seen.


Guy's let me plead my case before you set upon me...

My formal education greatly exceeds my limited capacity at wordsmithing and I often fail to live up to that limited capacity. I am continually amazed at what I have put down on paper, physical or electronic. Some instances have been downright embarassing. The only saving grace is that, as my short term memory goes, the embarassments must be endured for shorter and shorter time intervals. Eventually, I'll be embarassment free.


And none of this addresses my none-too-nimble typing skills -- and yes, sometimes I attempt typing so fast that my fingers, although often hitting the right keys do not execute the action in the right sequence, without fail. So please don't demand too much from some of us, even attorneys. In fact, I expect little and demand less from them as a group -- now on an individual basis I've know some very fine ones, as I'm sure those that frequent this board must be.

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>yes, sometimes I attempt typing

>so fast that my fingers,

>although often hitting the right

>keys do not execute the

>action in the right sequence,

>without fail. So please

>don't demand too much from

>some of us, even attorneys.

> In fact, I expect

>little and demand less from

>them as a group --

>now on an individual basis

>I've know some very fine

>ones, as I'm sure those

>that frequent this board must



Tampa, your stupidity is appalling. The point of NYCMuscBoy's post was not that someone made a "typo" but rather that the lawyer and Sean are one and the same. Putting an apostrophe instead of an e is not a typo. Those 2 keys are nowhere near each other. That is an idiosyncratic grammatical error and MuscBoy's point is well-made and you are a fool.

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Guest NYCMuscBoy



Whoa there, "Donnie"!


Tampa meant no harm. He simply asked that he not be judged by his typing ability.


Wow, such fury you have over Tampa's nice innocuous post -- what for, "Donnie"?

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Guest regulation

RE: Whoa!


>Whoa there, "Donnie"!


>Tampa meant no harm. He

>simply asked that he not

>be judged by his typing



>Wow, such fury you have over

>Tampa's nice innocuous post --

>what for, "Donnie"?



NYC, Kudos to you for noticing something about the "Michael James" email that had escaped me. All I noticed about it is that it does not contain any of the customary locutions that attorneys use in writing such letters. Whoever wrote it, it was no attorney.


I'm not sure why Donnie is so angry at TY, but I do remark on the fact that TY seems to have a pattern of either defending Sean or trying to deflect attention from his behavior. When I started a thread having to do with Sean the other day, TY added a post suggesting that the subject should be dropped. Here he seems to be suggesting that your hunch about Sean and "Michael" is wrong. I don't know his motives for doing this sort of thing, but I do find it curious.

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Guest Tampa Yankee

Miss Marple Uncovered


LAST EDITED ON Oct-16-00 AT 10:31PM (EST)[p]Gee Donnie,


Thank you so much for pointing out two more of my shortcomings that had escaped me previously -- stupidity and 'being a fool'. I must make note to myself that you are a man of rare perception or... are you really Miss Marple?


I take no issue with NYCMuscBoy's post, infact I thought it interesting and had substance. I was not as smart as you, it seems, connecting Michael James Esq. with Sean since the date of Esq's email to Hoo predated this blossoming of the latest Sean episode by a few days. Rather I assumed this 'lawyer' was 'representing' WallStMuscleGuy (based on the email from Randall the day before) or one of the other disgruntled escorts that had threatened suit earlier that week or the one before. I must remember to improve my capability to read between the lines and moreover to add missing lines so I may then have some to read between. Either that or maybe it is just easier to revise history to fit topical subjects and associated ideas that strike my fancy. In fact, I really thought that this Esq fellow was one of these escorts in lawyer's clothing, so to speak -- the real point of NYCMuscBoy's post.


Silly me -- it was Sean all the time and it was totally obvious to the rest of the world, I was totally oblivious. And here I thought that NYCMuscBoy was trying to draw a parallel between that case and the later appearing Sean case, noting that apparently reasonably educated people have suspiciously deficient prose appearing on the message boards and email. And then several more interesting posts analyzing the minutia of key placements and key stroke sequences and the like... And I thought 'there but for the grace of God go I' . If my prose was put under the same scrutiny I would be unmasked as the illiterate fraud that I am.


But I tripped myself up and you unmasked me yourself.

Well, there you go, as you have pointed out one of us really is a dullard and I did not out smart the likes of you -- that'll teach me to go on the facts as they appear me.


My misguided point was simply that the same minute analysis of the sort described above might lead to erroneous results, at least in so far as deducing a level of education, thus some caution might be in order. And I offered myself as an example. This is not to imply that I find fault with the conclusions in this case.


Oh, and I did make one other major screw-up. My post was intended as a response to NYCMuscBoy's original post and should have appeared in line at the bottom in the natural sequence. I still don't know how I got it appended to Sean's message. I think the context of the remark fits with my tale of woe on this. Just goes to show you that a considerable formal education doesn't even prepare you to post correctly to a message board.

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Guest Tampa Yankee

RE: Whoa!




As is often the case, I find little to take exception to in your posts...


Glad you took my comment in the manner it was intended.

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Guest Tampa Yankee

RE: Whoa!


LAST EDITED ON Oct-16-00 AT 11:11PM (EST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Oct-16-00 AT 11:08 PM (EST)




Wow, this is my second response to one of your posts in a single day, and one supportive comment at that -- this may cause heads to stir...


>I do remark on the

>fact that TY seems to

>have a pattern of either

>defending Sean or trying to

>deflect attention from his behavior.


Even though you were talking about me and not to me I thought your curiosity should get a direct response.


I sense from your comment an implication that I may have an agenda with regard to Sean. I have no secret agenda in this matter. I stand on my comments made in the earlier threads on this matter, including the one to which you alluded and on my somewhat lengthy post I made today in the thread 'Now This Site & HooBoy Under Attack By Escorts!'.


I don't have much tolerance for would be bullies trying to bluster and intimidate to get their way. Neither do I have much tolerance for watching the neighborhood kids beat up on the would-be bully out of all proportion, far beyond what is necessary to restore a proper balance to the community. I guess I just don't have a sufficient level of blood lust or comfort with a mob mentality. I won't adopt a 'go along to get along' attitude possibly viewed by some as a shortcoming on my part. I guess that makes it difficult for group acceptance, but I've never really been hung up on that concept.

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Guest regulation

RE: Whoa!



>AT 11:11 PM (EST)



>AT 11:08 PM (EST)




>Wow, this is my second response

>to one of your posts

>in a single day, and

>one supportive comment at that

>-- this may cause heads

>to stir...




I think you mean either "cause heads to turn" or "cause a stir," right?


I think the only thing that should cause heads to turn or cause a stir is that you have again and again and again gone back on your previously stated intention nevermore to respond to my posts. You're free to do so, of course. And I'm free to remark on it. I think it's funny. Admittedly, it was funnier the first couple of times it happened than it is on the fifth or sixth occasion.


>I sense from your comment an

>implication that I may have

>an agenda with regard to

>Sean. I have no

>secret agenda in this matter.

> I stand on my

>comments made in the earlier

>threads on this matter, including

>the one to which you

>alluded and on my somewhat

>lengthy post I made today

>in the thread 'Now This

>Site & HooBoy Under Attack

>By Escorts!'.


>I don't have much tolerance for

>would be bullies trying to

>bluster and intimidate to get

>their way. Neither do I

>have much tolerance for watching

>the neighborhood kids beat up

>on the would-be bully out

>of all proportion, far beyond

>what is necessary to restore

>a proper balance to the

>community. I guess I

>just don't have a sufficient

>level of blood lust or

>comfort with a mob mentality.

> I won't adopt

>a 'go along to get

>along' attitude possibly viewed by

>some as a shortcoming on

>my part. I guess that

>makes it difficult for group

>acceptance, but I've never really

>been hung up on that



That's pretty much in line with the theme of your "somewhat lengthy post" to which you refer above. Put in terms that are far simpler and more concise than the ones you used, your theme is that Sean continues to rag on everyone here because we are provoking him.


I don't see it that way at all. As I see it, Sean admitted to doing something to his clients that almost no client would tolerate. So many visitors here made negative comments about it that HB, with a great show of reluctance, posted a warning about it on Sean's listing. Sean responded by informing HB that he is "no longer escorting under that name" and getting his reviews taken down. Then visitors began noticing, and posting information to the effect, that Sean is still advertising under his "former" name and possibly under other names. Sean later confirmed this. A number of visitors are now expressing the opinion that his clients and potential clients should be warned about him. Which, after all, is the purpose of this site. That's the story.


Whatever your agenda, your pattern is one of trying to minimize this problem and criticize those who bring it up. In several posts, including the one quoted above, you've cast aspersions on the motives of those who want clients and potential clients to be wary of Sean. I don't know what your motives are. I only know what you're doing. And I don't agree with it. I think that as long as the danger exists, people should be warned.


For the record, I don't need or want a response from you. If you respond, you're doing it to please yourself, not me.

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Guest Tampa Yankee

RE: Whoa!


LAST EDITED ON Oct-17-00 AT 10:49AM (EST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Oct-17-00 AT 10:46 AM (EST)


LAST EDITED ON Oct-17-00 AT 10:44 AM (EST)


LAST EDITED ON Oct-17-00 AT 09:07 AM (EST)




I see brevity is failing you today as well...


No I meant 'stir', I think this thread is bearing out my choice of words all too well. You are presumptious ...


As for you not wanting my response to your posts...

I suggest that is not consistent with your discussion of ME in YOUR posts (and I mean plural). The one is guaranteed to draw the other, eventually. So either you are sending mixed messages or others may conclude that you are being disingenuous.


One of your 'very closest' friends, craigrc, used to object vehemently to having words put in his mouth -- I see you have no problem doing it to others...


One final thought, it seemed to me that on one or two previous occasions you were attempting to inspire a whispering campaign against me much in the same fashion as the apparent off-hand comment you made to NYCMUSBOY in this thread. Can't say I'm surprised, I rather expected it really. At least it is out in the open now, readers will be aware of both of our agendas and can cast their lot wherever they choose. As I said I don't have a pack mentality, certainly not to the point having to create my own.

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Guest regulation

RE: Whoa!



>AT 09:07 AM (EST)




>One of your 'very closest' friends,

>craigrc, used to object vehemently

>to having words put in

>his mouth -- I see

>you have no problem doing

>it to others...



On the contrary, I quoted your own words in my post. If you don't like being reminded of what you wrote, don't blame me.



>One final thought,



That'll be the day!




it seemed

>to me that on one

>or two previous occasions you

>were attempting to inspire a

>whispering campaign against me much

>in the same fashion as

>the apparent off-hand comment you

>made to NYCMUSBOY in this



That's a lie. There's no "whispering" going on here. I think what you're doing is wrong, and I'm saying so in no uncertain terms.



Can't say I'm

>surprised, I rather expected it

>really. At least it

>is out in the open

>now, readers will be aware

>of both of our agendas

>and can cast their lot

>wherever they choose.



This isn't a political campaign and there isn't going to be a vote. My agenda and that of several others is that this site should fulfill its purpose of warning clients about problem escorts. We're going to continue doing that as long as the opportunity exists, regardless of what you say or do.

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Guest Tampa Yankee

RE: Whoa!



>>One of your 'very closest' friends,

>>craigrc, used to object vehemently

>>to having words put in

>>his mouth -- I see

>>you have no problem doing

>>it to others...



>On the contrary, I quoted your

>own words in my post.

> If you don't like

>being reminded of what you

>wrote, don't blame me.


The best lies are those that are interwoven with truths and half-truths. One thing I expect of you is that you try to be the best you can at whatever you do...>



>That's a lie. There's no

>"whispering" going on here.

>I think what you're doing

>is wrong, and I'm saying

>so in no uncertain terms.


Why the oblique remarks (again plural) then, why not just confront me directly?



>This isn't a political campaign and

>there isn't going to be

>a vote.


On the contrary, you conduct political campaigns all the time, else why the need to invent new identities and send in old Identites off the bench in support your positions or to undermine your antagonist on the boards (be it me or others - I'm not the only one you use this tactic on.)



>My agenda

>and that of several others

>is that this site should

>fulfill its purpose of warning

>clients about problem escorts.

>We're going to continue doing

>that as long as the

>opportunity exists, regardless of what

>you say or do.


I am always suspicious of self-appointed keepers of the purity and morals of the community.


>>One final thought,



>That'll be the day!


You do continually rail that others must have the last word, but surprisingly you always come back with a response yourself to whatever... another example of "me thinks thou does protest too much."


This has gone way past tedium on the scale, for me. And in all candor, none of these particular posts of mine was meant for you, but rather to elucidate the community. I have given up trying to have a civil exchange with you, much less make an impact on you. It's one thing for you to treat me as you have done in the past (and continue), who knows maybe I asked for some of it. I certainly plead guilty to no longer showing you any deference. But I've observed your arrogant, rude, and generally obnoxious behavior with others who in no way asked for or deserved such treatment.

While you possess interesting opinions and an ability to express them well, the price of enduring your pathological personality is much to high for me to pay -- others may have a stonger stomach.

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Guest tradecraft

RE: Whoa!




>>My agenda

>>and that of several others

>>is that this site should

>>fulfill its purpose of warning

>>clients about problem escorts.

>>We're going to continue doing

>>that as long as the

>>opportunity exists, regardless of what

>>you say or do.


>I am always suspicious of self-appointed

>keepers of the purity

>and morals of the community.



You keep dissing people who bring up what Sean did because you don't want them to remember you used to sing his praises too. You should just get over it. You were wrong. Deal with it.


>I have given

>up trying to have a

>civil exchange with you, much

>less make an impact on

>you. It's one thing

>for you to treat me

>as you have done in

>the past (and continue), who

>knows maybe I asked for

>some of it. I

>certainly plead guilty to no

>longer showing you any deference.

> But I've observed your

> arrogant, rude, and generally

>obnoxious behavior with others who

>in no way asked for

>or deserved such treatment.

>While you possess interesting opinions and

>an ability to express them

>well, the price of enduring

>your pathological personality is much

>to high for me to

>pay -- others may have

>a stonger stomach.


Since you called me an asshole on the other thread about this subject it's pretty hypocritical of you to complain that reg is being rude to you. If you can't take it, don't dish it out. Try growing up.

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Guest NYCMuscBoy

RE: Whoa!


Hey guys --


I started this thread as an attention-getting device, where people could note my brilliance at figuring out who wrote the "Michael James" email to HooBoy. I expected lavish compliments for my deductive skills, and many other such compliments.


But somehow this thread stopped being about me. Instead, it has become a bit of a boring fighting match between people who are, after all, sort of fictional characters in this online world, who I assume have never met and probably never will, and who use far too much


> Internet Style Quoting

> in their posts.


I ask that you either start your own thread, or better yet, your own website where you can argue, and having done so please return all of your attention to me. Let the compliments and general NYCMuscBoy enthusiasm commence!


Thanks so much.


Very Truly Yours,

Miss Marple

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Guest regulation

RE: Whoa!


Sorry, NYC, but starting a thread doesn't give you the right to tell everyone else what to say or refrain from saying. If you find my posts boring, don't read 'em.


And no, I don't think this is about you. You started another thread about Sean. Didn't it occur to you that people would talk about him? TY would like to steer this discussion so that it focuses on me, on him, on Donnie, on the behavior of Sean's critics, on anything and everything except Sean. Maybe Tradecraft is right about the reason for this. Or maybe TY is actually one of the many screen names Sean told us he has created. TY often accuses others of using multiple names, and in my experience people frequently accuse others of things they've done themselves. Whatever the reason, I won't be bullied or be silent while others are bullied into abandoning one of the primary purposes of this site.

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Guest NYCMuscBoy

RE: Whoa!


(Throwing myself bodily on the floor, pounding it with my feet and fists)



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RE: Whoa!


LAST EDITED ON Oct-17-00 AT 02:22PM (EST)[p]Jason,

You're not only a total stud in bed, but you're brilliant to boot. Wow, your powers of deduction blow my mind as well as you blow my cock. I tingle in anticipation of our next meeting when we can draw Venn diagrams in between plow sessions. Keep up the great work just like you always do your big, thick dick, you handsome jock.



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