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"Adult" webrings - responding to HooBoy's Email


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On 10/05/2000 "JD" wrote to HooBoy asking:

>has something happened to the escort webring? When I click on the "list site" link at the bottom of your home page, I get a Yahoo message saying "restricted area -- access denied"


>This also happens when I use the link I bookmarked several months ago.


And HooBoy replied:

>It is still working. You probably just hit on a site that was no longer active ...


The reader's digest version of the rest of this post is that JD can solve his problem by logging into Yahoo and checking the box that says "Remember my ID & Password".


Here's the long winded version:


{While the utmost politically correct thing to do would be to forward my more complicated explanation to HooBoy, and let him decide what to do, I'm going to just barge in anyway, since Hoo has stated that he expunges his M4MER-related email and wouldn't be able to contact JD anyway.}


It appears that Yahoo has taken over the webring system and is in the process of integrating it with the rest of their system.


When you access Yahoo, you have the option of establishing an identity, with a password, which can let you get mail, join clubs, get access photos restricted to clubs, etc. When you log in, you have the option of "remembering" the fact that you've logged in (probably via a cookie), but you can log out at any time. It doesn't cost anything to get a yahoo account.


When I am not logged in, and I reference *my* stored book mark for the escort webring, I also get what "JD" got, which was being directed to




However, I keep myself logged in most of the time (and maybe HooBoy does also?), and then when I reference the list webring URL, the result is the successful execution of a CGI script, which I've saved a sample result at:




{It isn't just a matter of my stored bookmark being in an old format. I deliberately logged out, went to the yahoo webring top, searched for escort, found a reference to the escorts4you ring - which was a differntly formulated URL - clicked on it - and was denied access}

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