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How to respond to reviews of escorts you know


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In today's new reviews there is one of "Jake#2" in New York by a first-timer. He gives Jake's age as "36?". I don't know whether the reviewer was told that or inferred it, but Jake was in his 30's when I had him--and that was 15 years ago! He may still look great (though the photo in his ad in Unzipped hasn't been changed for several years), but a reader who is looking for a youngish escort might be misled by this information in the review.


Escorts get a chance to respond to a review, but what should a former client do, other than a message like this, if he thinks that there are substantive errors in a review?

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LAST EDITED ON Oct-01-00 AT 03:59PM (EST)[p]I saw that too, but I understood "36?" to mean the reviewer doubts the age as stated by the escort/masseur.


Other than that, I can't see us commenting on other people's reviews anywhere else than here on the message board.

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>In today's new reviews there is

>one of "Jake#2" in New

>York by a first-timer. He

>gives Jake's age as "36?".

>I don't know whether the

>reviewer was told that or

>inferred it, but Jake was

>in his 30's when I

>had him--and that was 15

>years ago!


I get flack from escorts all the time about reviewers missing their dick size by 1/8 inch.


It states clearly above NEWEST day that the stats may be incorrect. I think it is imperative for the patron to ask about stats.


Also, I make the corrections as soon as they are submitted to me - or at least as soon as I can when I'm not mucking up my Message Center! :o



Email: [email protected]

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