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Glorified Street Hustlers -Coming Back to Earth

Guest farside

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I am somewhat amused by the reviews on this site. The majority of the guys calling themselves escorts have no clue what a true escort is all about. In fact, those not knowing are nothing more than Street Hustlers who have been elvated to "escort status" by this site.


I have hired more than a few of the guys reviewed on these pages. And most acknowledge that they are or have been Street Hustlers aka Male Prostitutes. Now my experiences with these guys has usually been acceptable, meaning the sex was OK. Though far from the fantasy fueled reviews that tout their "escorting abilities."


And to add some balance I have hired a few guys that I felt were true Professional Escorts.


There is nothing wrong with being a Street Hustler, just if you bought a ring at K-Mart don't pretend you come from the diamond mart. Be true to yourself.


In addition, in reading many of the posts on the message boards I am shocked what clients ill put up with. One is wondering if heshould expect an 'escort' to answer his email (YES YOU SHOULD). The 'escort' is in business, if he doesn't want to be with that person then let that person know. Another is wondering if he should be offended because 'escorts' won't meet with him due to his obesity (YES BE OFFENDED). Another because of his colour (AGAIN BE OFFENDED). Though keep in mind more often than not you aren't dealing with PROFESSIONALS. The professional will not place you in such a doubting position.


The fee's listed on this site are also amusing. It appears now as if each fake review author is trying to out-do the other. I cannot keep track of the times I call an 'escort' to quickly negotiate his stated fee by 40 percent in 40 seconds. And I am talking about many of the so called established guys.


In sumarry, we as clients, are usually not dealing with escorts and if we keep this in mind (and approach each potential meeting with this in mind) then it will resolve many of the problems people here have experienced.


Guys they need us more than we need them, we are the customers, we have the money. Treat them with respect.. yet do not allow the word 'escort' to confuse you. And expect respect from them as well or simply say nope.


Now before you post any flames please take a breath, re-read very carefully what I have written, then respond. Thanks.

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Guest squaddie

I agree with 'Farside', we the client have the money. The escort needs and wants this, yet I often get the impression when trying to fix an appointment that the escort believes he is doing me a favour. I move on to someone else.

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Ok this one I gotta put my two or three cents in.

negotiating a fee down 40% in some cases is a must, rates are outrageous, but if I were one of the guys that charged ridiculous rates, I can tell you I WOULD NOT NEGOTIATE!! So if you don't like the price move on.

Street hustlers vs escorts. Well to be honest I was a street hustler at one point, I also did the hustler bars, and worked in a brothel as well as worked for an escort agency. Does that make me any less of an escort? I think in fact it makes me a better escort, I've seen the shit that happens on the street scene, I've seen the shit that is expected in brothels, I know what I'm willing to accept, and what is out of the question. I also know that if I'm treated with respect, I will return the favour.

Yes some of the guys reviewed are street hustlers, who just happened to find a money making opportunity with the internet, but don't fault them for it. They are only doing what comes naturally. After all there really isn't much difference between a whore, a prostitute, an escort or a hustler, just words.

the difference lies only in the amount of trust you should place in that particular person. watch your wallet, and your watch, and anything else that isn't nailed down.

of course there are exceptions to every rule.

just a hooker with a heart of gold: )



[email protected]

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Guest cleverock

I seem to recall a post like this on the old ATKOL forum. The eventual consensus was that it was a "crock" perpetrated by someone possessed with wishful thinking. I suspect that the same is occurring now, probably from the same source.

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Guest travisnyc

I don't think you can judge people based on whether you met them on the street corner or through the most expensive agency in town. If you find different escorts deserve different "titles", do different clients also? When is a person a "client" and when are they a "john"?????

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Guest farside

>I seem to recall a post

>like this on the old

>ATKOL forum. The eventual consensus

>was that it was a

>"crock" perpetrated by someone possessed

>with wishful thinking. I suspect

>that the same is occurring

>now, probably from the same




I really feel you have me confused with another poster. I do not even know the site you mention. This is not a crock, it is something that I feel strongly about.

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Guest farside

>I don't think you can judge

>people based on whether you

>met them on the street

>corner or through the most

>expensive agency in town.

>If you find different escorts

>deserve different "titles", do different

>clients also? When is

>a person a "client" and

>when are they a "john"?????




I want to bring this back to the topic. I am not talking about judging people. In addition, it doesn't make a diference where you meet the guy... what I am saying is that there is a huge difference between a escort and a hustler. Most of the people that are reviewed on these pages are mere hustlers elevated to escort status simply by association with this site and/or other Internet sites. We need to be realistic and not pretend that these guys are escorts, they are not.


The topic has nothing to do with what a client is called. As in both of your noted tags the client or john has the money and is the customer. The escort or in the case here street hustler is providing a service. Do I want a certain guys service sure I do. Will I go somewhere else if I don't like the arrangements in a flash. Will most clients do the same, sadly no. They seem to be misguided by the word escort.. thinking maybe it is their fault something went array.


I hope this clarifies my thoughts further.

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Guest farside

>Well put and thoughtful post.

>I just wish you had

>named names or written reviews.

> If you have, please




It serves no purpose to mention names. It will only begin a huge flame fight and that is far from my intention. besides it isn';t about any specific guy it is about what clients will 'buy into' out of being lonely or hard up. As a client I am saying you do not have to accept certain situations. You have a choice. The guy has a choice as well though how many times have you walked into McDonalds and were turned away because you were heavy-set, Asian or didn't meet their dress code?

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Guest allansmith63

For me, the hustler was the guy who took off with my bucks (I know, I know, pay after) when I was registering at my hotel. For me, the escort is the guy I have established rapport with, and whom I leave sleeping in my hotel room with all of my stuff, while I go out to get us our morning coffees. I believe that if you view the man you hire as a hustler, whatever he may advertise as being, you will treat him as a hustler, and if you believe that you are hiring an escort, you will then treat him considerably different you would a hustler.


IMHO, and as an aside, I think that the gentleman who called himself a "hooker with the heart of gold" should called himself the "world-class escort with the heart of gold". ;-)



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Guest Tampa Yankee

LAST EDITED ON Oct-01-00 AT 12:01PM (EST)[p]Allan


I share yor perspective on this one (now that we are away from geography)...


> For me, the escort

>is the guy I have

>established rapport with, and whom

>I leave sleeping in my

>hotel room with all of

>my stuff, while I go

>out to get us our

>morning coffees.


You too huh?? :-) He's pretty smooth at arranging for coffee service, it would seem. Small enough trade, in my view. :-)


>IMHO, and as an aside, I think that the

>gentleman who called himself a

>"hooker with the heart of gold"

>should called himself the

> "world-class escort with the heart of gold".


Although I can't take credit for the idea, I think a much better and more descriptive term applies -- Courtesan... It portrays a depth that I don't know if the other term captures, for me anyway.


I elaborate a little in my review if, ultimately, I decide to publish.

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>You too huh?? :-) He's

>pretty smooth at arranging for

>coffee service, it would seem.

> Small enough trade, in

>my view. :-)


So getting dressed and taking the elevator down 20 floors to get the morning coffee isn't something only I've been trained to do? Oh, thank God. I was getting worried. :-)


>Although I can't take credit for

>the idea, I think a

>much better and more descriptive

>term applies -- Courtesan...


Perfect description.

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Guest BeefyDad

I agree completely with the other poster who said the original post by "Farside" was very much like a post from the old ATKOL

forum, and eventual consensus was that it was a "crock" perpetrated by someone possessed with wishful thinking." In fact the wording of Farsides post immediately rang a bell, and I am in the process of going thru the old ATKOL archives to find his post there.


In the meantime, I do agree with his point that high prices of some escorts based on reviews here are completely out of line. In most major cities with high cost of living, $150-$200 seems to be normal going rate. As a client, I can't see paying much more than that with a few rare exceptions. Pumped up reviews submitted by anonymous posters on a Web site should not lead to inflated prices, if they do then the clients paying those inflated prices are complete idiots.


I have been with a few of the top rated escorts here, and while most were fine there was certainly nothing in their actions or the sex involved which justified the $300 or so price levels for a hour. I have no desire to start a flame war, so won't mention any names but a particular experience of mine was fairly typical.

I arranged a session with one of the top rated escorts in Chicago, he stresses on his web site how the client "is the most important person" to him etc. His many reviews painted a picture of someone who could care less about time, and would make a effort to really be your friend..get into your head and not just do a "wham bang".


The reality of our session was a bit different, he was very prompt and we got right down to business. The sex was quite good, but after I came in 30 minutes it was clearly over in his mind. He did have the class to ask my permission if it was okay to leave, and I said fine. I was completely satisfied with his performance, and had no complaints. However if I was one of these idiots who hired him for $300 on the basis of the many reviews here and pr on his website which said he is not a clock watcher, will stay 60-90 minutes and have no problem talking/getting to know client, then I would have been sorely dissapointed. He also seemed to me to be at least 6-8 years older than his claimed age, but once again not important to me as I like slightly mature guys in the 30's.


I have had the same experience with varying degrees with a few other top rated escorts, and have heard similiar stories from my friends. So morale is that most of these pumped up reviews should not be taken that seriously, certainly not to the level of a almost doubling of the escorts asked rate. In my mind many reviews only meant the escort in question probably will deliver the goods and isn't a ripoff, nothing else.


So yes I will agree with farside that high prices based on anonymous reviews is comical and unwarranted. However if enough clients are dumb enough to pay those rates and keep the top rated escorts constantly booked, then if I was a escort I wouldn't have the slightest problem with raising my rates to reflect market demand.

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Since you mentioned McDonalds, it might be interesting to analyze the difference between an extra-value meal and a multi-course dinner at Tony's in Houston. Sometimes you get what you pay for.


On the other hand, unfortunately, you're right, many times you find out after you've driven away that you didn't even get the damned fries that were supposed to be included with the deal, or your change!

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Guest Tampa Yankee

LAST EDITED ON Oct-01-00 AT 12:37PM (EST)[p]Barry,


You re making me feel like a piker...


>So getting dressed and taking the

>elevator down 20 floors to

>get the morning coffee...


Here you are in the penthouse and I'm on the fourth floor hoofing it down and around the corner to the local Starbuck's.


I guess I'll book the Waldorf next time...

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HEy I have never 'trained' anyone to get me coffee: )

I'm just really slow at getting out of bed, and if that to you equates with the 'need' to get up go out and fine me a steaming cup o jo, well that's not my fault: )

but please don't stop doing it!!

Matt (hooker for the new millenium)

oh and "Courtesan" ???? There you go wit dem big dicshunarie werds agin.


[email protected]

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Guest allansmith63

Who's trained? Matt brought me coffee AND scones the first time we were together. Turnabout (kind of like versatile?) is fair play, and besides, what do you think I am - a fool? I didn't want Matt to get out of my bed.


A. :D

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>Here you are in the penthouse

>and I'm on the fourth

>floor hoofing it down and

>around the corner to the

>local Starbuck's.


>I guess I'll book the Waldorf

>next time...


Before you get too impressed.....it was just a TALL hotel. In a Walforf equivalent, I wouldn't have had to go anywhere for coffee.


He tried the Starbucks thing on me but it didn't work. In retrospect, I should have since the hotel coffee was SO BAD! :-)

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>HEy I have never 'trained' anyone

>to get me coffee: )


>I'm just really slow at getting

>out of bed, and if

>that to you equates with

>the 'need' to get up

>go out and fine me

>a steaming cup o jo,

>well that's not my fault:


Nice try, but if I may refresh you're memory....you got up an hour before I did and drank all the coffee provided in the room. The cute puppy dog eyes did help move me to make the trip. :-) I call that "trained" :-) If you keep working at it, I may actually go somewhere that sells good coffee next time. :-)

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Guest regulation

>I agree completely with the other

>poster who said the original

>post by "Farside" was very

>much like a post from

>the old ATKOL

>forum, and eventual consensus was that

>it was a "crock" perpetrated

>by someone possessed with wishful



I don't get your post at all. First you call farside's post a "crock" and "wishful thinking," but then you express agreement with almost every point he makes. What's that about?

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Guest allansmith63

Matt, I guess that means I shouldn't mention the BMW M3, huh....



(Just kidding, guys! Don't you Matt syncofants all get it in a knot! And if it's long enough to get it in a knot, make sure you send me pictures!!)


Cheers, guys, have a wonderful day.



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