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Question for Escorts who travel to clients


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I would like to ask a question to the escorts. If you book travel to a client; and let'say that you require a plane ticket and 1/2 of the fee for the 2 day weekend. The client responds promptly and a date is set for the travel. The day before you have to cancel the appointment... and you email the client because you lost his number; what do you do for the client to compensate him in the way of what he has spent to book you ?

This recently happened to me and I just wanted to see what the standard procedure was for most people. It is very depressing when this happens :'(

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I will be interested in the escorts responses. I would expect to

1. Reschedule at a mutually agreeable time, with the escort picking up the additional travel charges -or-

2 A refund of all moneys paid to the escort and and a good explanation for the cancellation.

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Assume too that re-scheduling is not an alternative at this time because of a full agenda and the upcoming holidays in the next 3 months. Also realize that a client has other expenses involved in hosting an escort at his home , such as groceries and any special items that would make the escorts feel at home:-)

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Ocean, IMHO that would be a stretch. To be fair the escort should pay you back in full if rescheduling is out of the question. Now let's wait and see what the escorts have to say.

BTW, bummer!!!! Hope you were not too depressed.

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Guest farside

>I would like to ask a

>question to the escorts. If

>you book travel to a

>client; and let'say that you

>require a plane ticket and

>1/2 of the fee for

>the 2 day weekend. The

>client responds promptly and a

>date is set for the

>travel. The day before you

>have to cancel the appointment...

>and you email the client

>because you lost his number;

>what do you do for

>the client to compensate him

>in the way of what

>he has spent to book

>you ?

>This recently happened to me and

>I just wanted to see

>what the standard procedure was

>for most people. It is

>very depressing when this happens




If the escort canelled the appointment with you then he should refund all of your money. This includes any advance payment, plane ticket cancellation fees and other reasonable cost. I do not feel that the escort should be expected to pay for any 'extras' for your time together such as wine or additional food. That becomes petty. Though if the escort had agreed to do it with a horse while you made a video and you rented a horse for the weekend then that is something he should workout with you financially.

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