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Male Prostitution FAQ - Your Help Needed

Guest Aaron Lawrence

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Guest Aaron Lawrence



One of my projects these days is developing a not-for-profit Internet resource center about male prostitution. It would be designed for sex workers, clients, researchers, educators, and the general public. It will feature news, health information, an anti-violence project, book and video listings, a male prostitution FAQ, and more.


Right now I am developing the prostitution FAQ for the site. Here is what I have so far as my list of questions. Can anyone think of anything I may have missed and should add?






PS, You can reply publicly here, or can e-mail me at [email protected].



Male Prostitution FAQ Question List



1.0 Prostitution: An Overview

1.1 What is prostitution?

1.2 Besides sex, what other services does a prostitute provide?

1.3 Are clients buying a prostitute's time, or specific sexual services?


2.0 Types of Prostitutes

2.1 What is a hustler?

2.2 What is an escort?

2.3 What does a stripper/dancer have to do with prostiutution?

2.4 What do masseurs have to do with prostitution?

2.5 What is a bodyworker?

2.6 How does the term sex worker fit into all of this?

2.7 Are porn stars considered to be prostitutes?


3.0 Legality and Prostitution

3.1 Is buying or selling prostitution services legal?

3.2 What are the penalties for prostitution and soliciting?

3.3 How can you tell a client/prostitute from a cop?


4.0 Prostitution and Sex

4.1 What specific sexual services does a prostitute offer?

4.2 Should clients and prostitutes negotiate in advance?

4.3 Do prostitutes use condoms, and if so, for what?


5.0 Prostitution and Health

5.1 Do prostitutes have safe sex?

5.2 What STDs can be contracted?

5.3 How can I avoid these?

5.3 What other preventative measures can I take?


6.0 Prostitution and Money

6.1 What are going rates?

6.2 Do prostitutes negotiate their rates?

6.3 How do agenices and brothels handle money?

6.4 Is tipping expected?

6.5 Is the money expected in advance?

6.6 Do prostitutes give discounts for new or repeat clients?


7.0 Finding a Prostitute

7.1 How does one find an escort?

7.2 How does one find a hustler?

7.3 How does one find an erotic masseur?

7.4 How does one find a dancer that does "private shows?"

7.5 How does one find an underage prostitute?


8.0 Other Questions

8.1 Do prostitutes and clients ever fall in love with each other?

8.2 How should someone prepare for a meeting with a prostitute or client?

8.3 What is unprofessional behavior on the part of a prostitute?

8.4 What is unacceptable behavior on the part of a client?

8.5 How do illegal drugs factor into all this?


9.0 Emergency Information

9.1 What if a transaction turns into theft?

9.2 What if a transaction turns into violence?

9.3 What if a transaction turns into rape?

9.4 What if someone is accidently exposed to HIV?


10.0 Miscellaneous

10.1 Who maintains this FAQ?

10.2 What is the FAQ's disclaimer?

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LAST EDITED ON Aug-24-00 AT 05:37PM (EST)[p]I have a couple of suggested questions:


- what if the guy at the door looks different from the guy you were expecting (many scenarios, reasons... this is not simple)

- are there any valid reasons why a client can refuse to pay the escort's fee?



I realise both of these sound rather escort unfriendly, but they would have been of interest to me certainly when I first started to hire. Thanks to this site mostly, I have been able to steer clear of bad news for some time now.



Have lots of fun with the project.

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