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Escort Response Time on Email


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This is a question for people who have been with escorts more than I . When an escort is emailed how long do you usually wait for a response before you look for another escort ? I have experienced some escorts that have never returned an email. What do most people here consider a fair amount of time ?

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If its for an initial meeting with one of the top escorts, you may need to be persistant. They are usually very busy, generally behind in returning their email, and if its just a general inquiry may ignore it. Usually a specific time and date and specific interests help persuade them you're serious. If its someone you've already met, generally 24 to 36 hours is normal, unless they are traveling.

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i am very close with one of hooboy's top 10 escorts having seen him regularly for five years. it is not unusual for him to have 50 to 70 emails A DAY! then there are the phone calls on his recorder. it is a real task for him to answer all of these in a timely way.


as he is working pretty much all the time and needs personal time for the gym and having a personal life, it is a difficult task to be prompt in response. not making excuses but just trying to give a fair picture.


as a business person, i have a large staff that answers company corespondence; most escorts work alone and don't have help for answering emails and scheduling. my advice is to plan ahead and especially for first time meetings allow plenty of time. if the escort knows you from prior visits, you'll probabally get a faster response as the escort will know you are for real.

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LAST EDITED ON Aug-04-00 AT 09:15AM (EST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Aug-04-00 AT 08:54 AM (EST)


Three minutes in the continental United States. Five minutes for international, Alaska and Hawaii; however, I do give up to ten minutes if I'm emailing an Azerbaijani.



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I agree with bigjoey. I know that many of the escorts I would want to see travel frequently and do mostly overnights. If you were on an overnight with an escort, would you want him to take time away from you to answer other emails? It's difficult. As a client, I would want a response promptly, especially if my plans were close-in. I guess if it were that close, I would also call. Many of the escorts seem to be attached to their cells (I like it when they turn them off when they are with me, that's the way it should be).

Knowing specific dates and times makes things easier for the escort. They can check their schedules and not deal with multiple emails back and forth.

We are all busy folks, it's nice to cut through some of the red tape when it's possible.

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Well I usually try to respond within 24 hours, though occasionally I'm out of town and have an auto response on notifying you of when I will be able to answer.

I can only speak for myself, but I answer EVERY e-mail, regardless if it's a random inquiry or a regualr client, it takes a lot of time,(at least 2 hours a day) but it's worth it in the long run: )



[email protected]

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Guest Horndog

Matt, this post is like all your others I've

read on these boards. On-target, to the

point, and unfailingly polite. I'd always

thought that when you're in business,

answering people's inquiries is just that:

good business. If you're that considerate of

even the casual inquirer, you must treat you

actual customers very well, especially the



Thinking of that brings up an idea about that

day when you retire from being an "old

hooker." (Weren't you the one who said that

tongue-in-cheek about yourself in another



Have you thought of starting up an escort

training academy? I'm only half joking,



Seems from the reviewes here like escorts are

all over the map. Some are good businessmen,

some are not. Some really go that extra mile

for the client, some could care less. Some

present themselves well, some are clueless.


Seems like you'd be the perfect one to help

raise the standards of the whole field. You

could have a several-week regular training

course you could put on for them. Hey! like

computer learning centre: "Start any Monday!"


You could influence a couple of generations

of future escorts. Indirectly, you'd be

putting smiles on the faces of thousands of

future clients. In the process, a lot of your

Canadian courtesy and polish might hopefully

rub off on the guys you'd mentor. Then you

could send them to DC for mandatory

internships, so we could have better examples

of the craft back here.


Think about it. A whole second career. Might

even pay as much as the first--and even if not,

think of all the cutie-pies a retired "old hooker" would get to meet!

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Well done Horndog,

Having just returned from Vancouver, I can vouch first hand for Matt's prowess. He was so much fun to be with, always "professional" (in a good way), I'd definitely recommend him and think he'd be a marvelous tutor. I don't like the idea of him giving up his day job just yet :)

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Guest Tampa Yankee



I was thinking of opening a 'home for retired escorts' myself -- you know, giving vent to my altruistic side. :-)

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Guest jeejer



And then to make some money us old-timers could put in a web can and go on line like dude dorm. Someone would have to think up a catch name. Well it probably would not make us alot of money, but at least we would be close to Matt's Academy and they could do student-escorting right there in the dorm.

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