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Penis Enlargement.

Guest Schwarz

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Guest Schwarz



Has anyone tried out any penis enlarging techniques? I have always toyed with the idea. Don't want to try surgery or anything drastic.


This website http://www.penis-enlargement-now.com/penilefitness/

claims to increase size of the penis just by exercise.


Would appreciate any thoughts or reviews on this. Doctors, please extend your valued opinions as well.


Thanks in advance,


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Guest Dr. DG

I turn this over to my husband the urologist. He can provide chapter and verse as follows:


Surgical techniques to "increase" penis size normally involve cutting the suspensory ligament and moving the corpora cavernosum (the sponge-like tissue in the penis responsible for erections once flooded with blood) forward with other cutaneous tissue. Up to 1/3 to 1/2 of the penile corpora cavernosum is "buried" within the human body to the point where the purported addition of "1 to 3 inches" may be moved to the exterior. Addition of girth to the penis is made through either autologous (your own) fat gleaned from liposuction or use of dermal fat strips obtained from your own body or from a donor corpse processed under a given trade name. It must be noted that the "increase" in penile length is only in the flaccid state and generally does not apply to the size of a man's erection. Autologous fat injections are prone to reabsorption, and fat strips obtained from donor corpses may be rejected. The usual complications of surgery (pain, infection, bleeding, etc.) are possible. These surgical procedures are NOT approved by the FDA or sanctioned by most medical societies. Data regarding the long term efficacy and safety of these cosmetic procedures remains unestablished. Most urologists will not consider performing these procedures unless male patients are less than average size, which is typically considered to be less than three to four inches when erect. Insurance generally does NOT cover these procedures.


Techniques which use appliances (weights, stretching devices, etc.) equally remain unestablished from long term clinical data. There has been some discussion that the stretching and weight devices may cause long term penile damage, but once again this remains unestablished.


I do not perform these procedures within the scope of my practice unless my patient has a penis which is less than 3 inches when erect. The scarring, pain, potential for infection or other complications vary enormously from patient to patient and are difficult to generalize.


Many times the concern over penis size has less to do with sexual inadequacy and is more likely due to a psychological issue which is more amenable to treatment by a qualified psychiatrist or psychologist. The entire range of issues, e.g. self-image, self-awareness, etc. cannot be instantaneously corrected by the magical appearance of a larger penis. You remain the person you were even after this cosmetic surgery, so counseling is probably a more effective route of treatment. If you still desire the procedure, consult a physician who has performed a number of these surgeries and ask to speak to actual patients for their experiences.


I do not recommend this procedure since there is a lack of clinically reliable data concerning safety and efficacy. I believe that psychological issues are likely to continue even after such surgery, and therefore recommend counseling.


From Dr. DG:


Please do not wound the messenger! I only forward the comments made by my husband the urologist. I largely concur with his opinions, but am not a urologist and therefore feel it is not appropriate for me to comment.

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Guest Schwarz

Thanks for your prompt reply, Doctor. And thanks to your husband as well for sharing his very valued professional opinion!!


I have a decent sized cock and have no compunctions of being sexually inadequate at all. But when I do see an above-average-sized cock, I do wish mine were a bit longer. Surgery and weights have always been totally out of question.


The website, whose link I enclosed in my previous post, claims the following -:


"Your penis is divided into 3 chambers, 2 large ones on top which is your erectile tissue (Corpora Cavernosa), and 1 smaller chamber on the the bottom which you urinate and ejaculate from (Corpus Spongisum).

When you get an erection, your brain releases a hormone which sends blood to your penis, filling your erectile tissue.

The blood spaces in the Corpora Cavernosa fill to the maximum, giving you an erection.

Now, the maximum your Corpora Cavernosa can fill is the size your penis presently is. But Guess what? Your Corpora Cavernosa can be developed larger and stronger than it is through proper and thorough exercise performed directly to your penis...."


Is this claim possibly true at all?



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Or the other great American who knew about suckers, H.L. Menken said: "No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public" The penis is NOT a muscle. It can not be exercised like a bicep.


Get real. Your problem, as the good Doctor pointed out, is psychological, not physical.

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Well, you can do kegels, which are said to give you a harder, stronger erection and ejaculation. However, I have never seen any claim that they can increase length. And they do not work the gland directly (of course they can't) but are on a muscle directly behind it.

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Guest Dr. DG

Here is the reply to the previous question by my husband the urologist:


The corpora cavernosa is not a tissue type which is generally expandable by exercise. Only muscle tissue may be expanded by exercise and only if the proper nutritional, genetic and various other conditions are met. Unfortunately, the penis is not a muscle, but rather an organ in the sense that it has no active muscle tissue outside of the smooth muscle (not amenable to exercise) lining various blood vessels which supply the blood necessary for an erection.


Kegel exercises are used principally to address bladder incontinence and a part of a regimen which may include medications and surgery. Kegels may have other purposes such as increased strength of erection and/or "staying power" prior to orgasm, but these assertions remain to be fully explored in clinical literature.


As I have suggested earlier, the sudden appearance of a larger penis will not make you more confident or solve all of your problems. If you elect to pursue cosmetic surgery to the penis and surrounding areas, please keep in mind that this surgery remains unapproved by the FDA and not accepted by most medical societies. Seldom have I come across a man who is dissatisfied with his penis size alone, and psychological counseling and treatment is often helpful in dealing with negative self-perceptions.


The measure of a man is not the piece of flesh swinging between his legs, but rather the legacy he leaves in who he is as expressed through his heart, soul and family.


I hope that we have not become so vain a society that we continually to believe that the physical is more important than the emotional. Thank you for your time.


From Dr. DG:


Thanks hubby! As I have stated before, I am not a urologist and therefore feel it is inappropriate for me to comment on this issue outside of saying that his recommendations for psychiatric/psychological counseling may be of great benefit for men with self-acceptance problems. I thank you for allowing me to answer in this venue.

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Guest Quinte

How about letting sleeping dogs be? It is not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean that counts!


I just shudder at the thought of things going wrong. Then again, easy for me to say seeing as I have no probelms in that department! :-)


Good luck in whatever method you use, and let us know the outcome?


Quinte DuSoleil


PS, Don't you just hate it when you go to use the rest room and your thing just drops in the water?

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Guest Manluvr

The points from Dr DC (or the doctor-husband,

whichever) about the risks/inadvisability of

surgical penile enlargement are well taken and have been discussed in some detail off and on again at the small-X-change site (for small endowed guys), vacuum pumpers' site, etc.


BUT, it never ceases to drive me up the wall, when I read sentences such as:


>>Many times the concern over penis size has less

>>to do with sexual inadequacy and is more likely

>>due to a psychological issue...more amenable to

>>treatment by a qualified psychiatrist or

>>psychologist...counseling is probably a more

>>effective route of treatment.




>>The measure of a man is not the piece of flesh

>>swinging between his legs, but rather the legacy

>>he leaves in who he is as expressed through his

>>heart, soul and family. I hope that we have not

>>become so vain a society that we continually to

>>believe that the physical is more important than

>>the emotional.


Why? Because such blithe, idealistic statements

(however well intentioned--not attacking the

messenger here):


1) Deny the very real social consequences in the gay world (with its morbid emphasis on everything physical) for those who live daily with the physical reality of a small penis;


2) Imply that the problem is, therefore,

a) purely a psychological one; and

b) solely on the part of the person with the

small penis;


3) Inevitably are made by those who are average or

better-than-average endowed.


In other words, such simplistic "solutions" are

being offered by people who


1) don't have the problem,

2) are thus mis-defining the problem, and

3) then make it worse by proposing a completely

unrealistic solution to the problem.


Effectively this ends up "blaming the victim"--i.e., the small-endowed guy, who is on the receiving end of society's way of thinking.


The fact is, problems of anxiety over small penises arise almost completely from the attitude of EVERYONE ELSE in American society toward them. Yes, Dr DG, Americans HAVE become so vain and physically

obsessed as a society (especially in gay society)

that they now have the attitude that everything is

better if it's bigger and more importantly, it MUST

be bigger or it's simply not acceptable.


This way of thinking runs all through American life

today--people who are bigger and/or taller have

higher average incomes (viz, U. of Pittsburgh

study); people insist on having bigger homes, bigger

vehicles, bigger incomes, bigger everything;

corporate titans must keep merging to have bigger

and bigger companies to run, to gratify their egos.


Utlimately, the consequences of this developing

"only-bigger-is-better" mindset over the past

several decades have even filtered down to attitudes

of people toward penises. How many times do you find

in in papers, on phone lines, on the Web, or

wherever, gay personal ads that constantly say:

"looking for endowed only" "must be hung" "am hung--

UB2" "only want 7" or more." And don't almost all

escort reviews (and many escort ads), for example,

emphasize the escort's cock size? Most people just

don't realize how pervasive this way of thinking is

and the effect it has on those who are its objects.

Effectively, it has become a new, legitimate form of

discrimination that is socially acceptable.



Can you imagine the demeaning effect over the years

on someone with a small cock of repeatedly seeing

that all-too-familiar look of disappointment cross a

sex partner's face when you finally unzip and he

realizes he's only going to have a "little guy" to

deal with that night? Or, having a person who always

proclaims himself the town's biggest bottom reject

your offers to fuck him once you're in bed and he's

gotten a good look at your tool and realized he's

not going to be "sent to heaven," as some put it?

Or, hearing jokes make widely in gay society in

conversations or bars about small edowments? Or,

having guy after guy in some sexually-charged

environment such as the baths, who previously was

all revved up to go, suddenly decide he's going to

"walk around a little" after your towel came off?


Yes, the small endowed might benefit from counseling

after a while, but primarily to deal with the

frustration, and anger even, of dealing with other

people's idiocy. But, that is only as a secondary

consequence--collateral damage, if you will.

All the psychological counseling and self esteem in

the world isn't going to get you laid, in the final

analysis, if your small cock isn't what the world is

seeking. It's great and fine to talk about "one's legacy"

and the superior beauty of heart, mind, and soul, etc.,

but that doesn't do a dude one whit of good when he's

horny and frustrated and constantly rejected because

everyone else thinks he's 3 or 4 inches "too short."

Let's get real: in the sack, dudes aren't thinking

about heart, mind, soul. They want COCK!!


The REAL psychological problem here originates in

the rest of society, which makes unreasonable

demands or expectations of people for size (or

anything else). The problem is ultimately in the

minds of those who believe they must have more to be

satisfied--whether it's more money, more things, or

more inches from their partners.


In short, it's American society that needs its

collective head examined by psychologists and

psychiatrists. It would be far better if sympathetic

persons such as yourself, reacting to

complaints/comments/dismay from guys about their

penis size, would see that as an opportunity to

challenge the assumptions of THE REST of the people

around you when they talk about their

desire/need/necessity for big cocks in bed, in their

mouths, up their ass, or anywhere else they want

them. They are the ones who need to be challenged to

change their attitudes and to file a Blue Cross form

for a few sessions "on the couch."


So, you are right. Surgical penis enlargment, and

all its attendant dangers, is NOT the solution to

the problem, in the strictest technical sense. But,

only because the problem is quite "other" than the

one you suggest. Actually, related to this website,

escorts ARE the best solution. For the first time in

the life of a small-endowed guy, he no longer has to

worry about the "smallness" of his cock when around

another dude, since he's paying the escort to worry

whether the size of his own is satisfying the

client. A nice turn of the tables, I'd say!!


Just my .02 3/4 worth...........�

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Mostly, I couldn't disagree with you more.


You have made some good points about Americans' obsessions with "bigger, faster, more", but what you have then done is accepted that as your reality. You have reduced your entire value to your penis size and/or your sexual ability. I really hope that there is more to you than that. I also hope you realize that there are many gay men who are looking for many thinks other than size. If you beleive that is the only thing that will make you a success and make you happy, then you never will be.


I do agree with your assessment of the value of escorts. In those situations, it is the clients satisfaction that is important.


On the general "bigger is better" theme, it has always been my contention that the drivers of SUVs (especially the Ford Expedition) are just displaying penis envy.


I know you are saying, "There they go again."

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Guest Manluvr

Afraid you missed the point, which is one of the reasons I hesitated to answer Dr DG's post. I was afraid it would be misinterpreted.


It's NOT that the person with a small cock reduces his value to his size or sexual ability. The point is that OTHERS do, by their attitudes about penis size. And if 99% of the people are thinking that way, you're right: that IS the person's reality. The most one can do is simply learn to accept the fact of the unchanging social environment. I never said that people with small cocks believe that is the only thing that should make them a "success" (whatever we interpret "success" to be--a nebulous concept if there ever was one). But, if we accept for the purposes of this discussion a limited definition of "success" as having satisfactory encounters with a median number of sexual encounters (as if there were exact statistical figures for that...HA!), with one or more leading to serious dating and/or relationshops, you're also right: "success" is a very limited result.


I don't know WHO those gay men are who are so concerned with things other than size (or sexual desirability in general), but there must be more of them in your area than mine. I can only say that, whether in connection with size, facial beauty, physical proportions, musculature, whatever...gay men are overwhelmingly dependent on the physical for determining what they are interested in pursuing, particularly as it regards sexual activity. And for those types, whether its a plain face, average body, or small cock that the person has, it makes them unacceptable to the majority of gay men. That is just the reality of the subculture. I am NOT saying that men with small penises agree with that assessment or believe that is the way it should be, I am only saying they have an extra burden of dealing with that oppression that is placed on them by mainstream gay society, most of which wants 7" or more.

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I get your point, BUT, my recomendation is to not be "a slave to mainstream gay society" (your words).


Why do you feel that one needs o be accepted by the majority of gay men (again your words)? Most would be very happy to find just one man to be accepted by.


I do not deny that gay society in general tends to be deeply shallow, but that is no reason for me to adopt that shallow set of values. I have to accept who I am, and accept my freinds for characteristics which go way beyond any physical attributes. Sure, it may be part of the picture, but we should not let it be the whole picture. I live in a large city (Boston) with a large, active and diverse gay population. I am not fettered by the bar scene or the circuit party mentality. Thankfully, I am too old for all of that, but also thankfully, there is so much more to life and to the many gay friends that I have.


You can only be opressed by those "mainstream gay values" if you allow yourself to be opressed by them.

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Guest Dr. DG

I am intrigued that this one issue has generated so much controversy. It is from such discussion that awareness arises, and I am glad to see that people are talking about this issue honestly and openly.


I am dismayed to see that the entire substance and essence that is a human male reduced to a simple penis size. The fact remains that it is a relatively small appendage that creates so many problems when there are so many more important things in life than just getting your rocks off. Apparently many men are unable, unwilling or unforgiving about penis size. I do not advocate surgery (nor does my husband the urologist), because this surgery does not instantaneously cure all of the problems that come from years of negative self-image or insecurity.


I find it repugnant and disgusting that any person would accept the "that's the way it is" mentality. It smells of an intellectual and moral resignation to an idea which was wrong upon its inception. The University of Pittsburgh study aside, there is little chance that penile surgery, weights, exercises, charms, spells, rattles or magic incantations will simultaneously provide a larger penis and an improved self-image. My husband and I have treated far too many male patients who have tried such gadgets and similar schemes that have resulted in serious penile injury, sexual dysfunction and urinary tract problems from attempts at penile enlargement.


And a more important question is--would you really trust someone whose only attraction to you was the size of your penis? If you do, then I must question what this person's values would be. I know that an erection has no intellect and some imagined "passion" sometimes makes us all blind at the moment--but I became far more selective in my sex life because I developed values that are far more important in the long run that a momentary squirt of semen.


And yes, I agree that our society has become vain, but that is NO reason to blindly accept such folly simply because we have resigned our spine to some imagined sense of security in such a vile world.


Forgive me for being on my soapbox, but I felt compelled to challenge such insidious thoughts.

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Guest Tampa Yankee

Good Dr.



While I am whole-heartedly behind your general position on this question (especially conseling against unproven surgical procedures and snake oil treatments), I believe that Manluvr raises some practical issues regarding navigating daily in gay life. Your argument that we should all be on the high road is admirable and even correct -- but we all aren't on the high road sadly, and probably never will be. That doesn't mean we throw in the towel but at least we should recognize that there are some difficult and disappointing experiences waiting for many where penis size is an issue, even if it shouldn't be.


I believe you overlooked a real issue by addressing it in the extreme --


>And a more important question is--would

>you really trust someone whose

>only attraction to you was

>the size of your penis?


As you state it, it is absurd to care for or trust a person who only cares about penis size. But the real problem is seems to me is that there are probably many good people who could and would (and do) enter into a serious realtionship if they only got past the penis-size filter when making an initial assessment whom to pursue. When we don't know much, if anything, about an individual we base our assessment on what we can see. Yes, that is shallow but that is the depth of our knowlege in the beginning. And we all do this, its human nature. If we are looking for a long term relationship then maybe we take a little more care in our assessment since more is riding on it. But many LTRs, it seems to me, probably arise out of flings that blossom into something more. And flings are, by nature, akin to flights of fantasy, and fantasy... well were back to penis size again, at least for a sizable part of the community. Sad but often true.


Your suggestion of counseling is certainly appropriate in helping one to cope with this social dynamic but I suspect that if one could wave a magic wand and have a 10 inch penis that most of the these problems would abate to overtaken by something else, maybe eye color.

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Guest Manluvr

Thanks for your comments, Tampa Yankee. They manifest the same good common sense I've read in your remarks in review and elsewhere on this site. You come closer than most I've encountered in society to understanding what I'm trying to communicate here. Ultimately this discussion is not about cock size. It is about a larger question of (so-called) gay society, in turn a microcosm of many of the broader issues of the larger American society and some of the numerous false assumptions on which this culture is based. Alas! in that context, one lone individual is not going to overcome single-handedly the mindset of a whole social group (or sub-group) and thus some "resignation" to the situation is required just for daily functioning (and, if you don't believe it, ask a member of any group that is marginalized for one or more physical charactersitics). We all just have to make our compromises with an imperfect world. And all the platitudes (however well-meaning) from the Oprah Academy of Self-Love are unlikely

to change human nature, it would seem.....

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Guest Dr. DG

LOL! At least you didn't say the "Dr. Laura" academy of self admiration!


I think we have whipped this dead horse a little too much!


Tampa Yankee...interesting observations, but I guess I like to think that humanity can rise above itself, even though it never does. As a physician, I only see the worst of what humanity can have done or do to itself, so any chance to take a high road or to impute higher morals in humanity helps maintain my sense of balance.


Prozac, anyone?

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Guest Merlin

I do not agree with your belief that American culture is the cause of the fascination with penis size. Ancient statutes and wall paintings with exagerated penis sizes show that the fascination is probably as old as the human species. If it is any comfort, in my experience, many of the guys with big penises do not get as hard or stay hard as long as guys with smaller penises.

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Guest hottie

LAST EDITED ON Jul-19-00 AT 04:16PM (EST)[p]In many cultures of the world throughout history the large phallus was a fertility symbol for reproduction. Buried deep in our subconscious, it probably still is.

It represented the power to reproduce. The longer the penis, the more likely the woman would become pregnant. (or so the ancients thought, they fucked from behind so the cock had to be long) In the artist Paul Gaugain's Tahitian account, Noa Noa, he writes about the chief sitting on a throne with a huge cock, the largest one of all the men, with the community of men women and children dancing around it, touching it, worshiping it. Our attraction to large male organs in modern day culture is not unique to humanity. I must say I could worship Scott Matthew's cock anyday. Big mushroom head. Just the thought of him sitting on a throne gives me a woody. I think his ancestry is probably Scottish, as is mine. I am descended from Torquil, a Viking king, who settled on the Isle of Lewis. His brother, Kind Tormud was on the Isle of Harris. They were lovers, so the legend goes.

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Guest Merlin

Continued use of vacuum devices apparently does work in time. See Master E in the competition section of MuscleServiceStation.com and his site, monstertube.com.

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