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Owed To This Site


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To fresh eyes, timid with uncertainties,

There are those, too clearly seen, who rend

The soul and body, grabbing legal tender,

Unkindly leaving just a certain tease.

And such exist. And also those who bore

The more experienced men with tepid brew,

Bragging of their charms, but giving fewer,

Watching clocks and leaving tempers sore.

But knowledge is a comfort and a map

To find the pearls among the common heap.

We play with an informed abandon. Do

That which we hoped to do. And leave a gap

Between ourselves and common, thuggish creeps.

I love it here. You know it. Thank you, Hoo!

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I ate too many of the munchies on the table at that meeting last night. So when a 2:00 information call came through and then didn't pan out into a real customer, I had a bit of trouble going back to sleep. Well, then, here's the sonnet I've been promising y'all. It's not as deep as Quinte's poem, but then it is deeper than most of my poems, which tend toward light thoug formal verse aspiring towards wit.


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Guest Quinte

For once, I am lost for words. Excellent work Bilbo. Your sentiments I am sure are shared by many here.


Hymns of praise to the glory of our lives. Hoo and his supporters may now take a well deserved ovation!


Quinte DuSoleil

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