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"Res Gestae"

Guest Quinte

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Guest Quinte

...Latin, meaning "Of Various things"


Greetings from New York, were the locals have taken to my arrival with as much gusto as an English Summer Rain. What do they know. I am keeping out of mischief, working, playing and partying hard. This here may be just ramble, so forgive me.


Some one tell me, there is; is there not some kind of rivalry between prissy MSS site and this one? and Alot of the venom seems to be at HB. But i came under fire by some poor soul, disturbed with the memories of bad experiences and suffering the poor sense of judgement to take it out on me. On the whole I have met some nice clients via that site but the majority tend to "slander" us. Well, Fuck 'em HB, Fuck 'em.


Found the Gaiety to be sleazy amongst other things...but thats another thread to be entitled "DeGradity".


Great time in NY! they had the Rican day street parade. FUN, ok?


A "Matt Baker" party is the absolute place to be at I hear. So Matt if you are reading this, you need me on your VIP list. Ok? When in Rome.... So HB, before I return home I intend to :


Club, bar and boite my little heart out. Spend the whole day drafting and sketching my nightly visual (y'know a Very Beraldi pinstriped suit with aviator glasses, Mahogany cane and Burberrys scarf)at all the right cafe's from the Prince Street Dean and Deluca's to the lobby of The Paramount to the Conservatory on CPW: ) . Have a fling with a Dominican hottie from Ave. B. Sign to Elite Model Management so my parents are lulled into thinking I have some semblance of a career. Blow good money self publishing my first book. Go-Go dance for a month at Cafe Con Leche so next month's bank statement does not betray you. Or better yet do some "entertaining" now and then.


I also have been checking in on you guys here. Its become a sort of "home" but why all the bitching today? lol. Life is too short. Hello, lets not be too Cynic.


The last chat was great too. While I am here, Matt and I just want to say we are eloping. Oh, shit. I hope Sean (SEAN) is not reading this. Its not cheating is it?


Sean, now there is a misunderstood guy. I think when you really take the time to know him, he is a nice guy. So quit giving him such a hard time. Just a little. Love you Sean.


Whats a boy to do in the Big A? I shall attempt The Hamptons but first dip down to Kingston Jamaica for my new supply of herbs and dance hall tapes , the better to terrorize my peers with. Embarrass the hell out of Russell and Veronica and Danny by doing the butterfly in the back of the Rover while on the LIE. Work Benefit Row as all the Usual Suspects try to figure out who's keeping me. Become totally bored like pretty quickly; Join Eartha Kitt's dubious entourage on their East Coast summer tour. I am mastering the act of belting velvet ropes the town over. It requires expertise in "mwah, mwah" kiss, kiss on both cheeks custom in these parts. Also keep your head up and straight and walk in like you know some one who knows the owners landscape boy. Door men love that! they can also smell fear and polyester. NYC is a 24hr none stop, dirt ball of expensive fun. My only gripe is over here, people knock you over,flare their noses at you and then carry on walking.


The English stop to say "Sorry Luv".


Sleepless in NY,

Quinte DuSoleil

[email protected]


BTW whats that about Naomi Judo chopping her trainer? Issues!!

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LAST EDITED ON Jun-12-00 AT 08:53PM (EST)[p]Quinte, YOU ARE CHEATING ON ME? I'm CRUSHED! What a shame I'm not in NY, we'd be a terror! Thanks for the nice words babe. Hopefully next time you're there you can stay at my place :) Smooch to ya!

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