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GAIETY Lineup for Memorial Day Weekend, May 26-27

Guest longtimelurker

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Guest longtimelurker

This post may not properly belong in the Lounge, but the Lounge was the location of Skeptic's inspirational "New Approach to 'Newest Reviews'", so here goes:


To the previously profiled:

1. Cameron; 2. Kevin; 3. Justin; 4. Christopher; 5. Raucha; 6. Nicholas; 7. Guy;


Denise has added the following for your holiday weekend delectation:


8. Thomas

As of his last appearance, this somewhat camp and quirky Aryan Adonis had suddenly dyed his hair quite dark and butched up his act; now, devotees of the MSS Board take note: in the space of a mere six weeks, he appears to have added 15 or 20 pounds of pure muscle, if that is humanly possible. He is still not my cup of tea (perhaps not quite the expression...) but I must admit he is an impressive slab of meat, especially now that the capering has been cut to a minimum, and he has assumed a gravitas more in keeping with his beautifully proportioned bulk.


9. Sean

A seemingly nice boy with a pleasant face, nice physique, a pair of earrings, who otherwise made absolutely NO impression on me whatsoever. I'm sure someone in the audience was swooning with lust, these things being as personally particular as they are.


10. Enzo

The Snake Man (he of the now legendary tattoo that begins (or ends) in the Cul de Sac, so to speak) has added a goatee to his handsome face, and serves as bookend to Raucha--they make for quite the Sister Act, don't they--in fact, how'd you like to be the ham in THAT sandwich, hmmm?


11. Jay

This tiny, pneumatically well-built African American with corn-rows is more than handsome, he is downright pretty: think Naomi Campbell with big muscles and a bigger dick. The resemblance becomes even more striking when he tries to look fierce: the glowering expression is right off the Paris catwalk. The smooth, pale mocha body may be all man, but Park Avenue matrons would pay their plastic surgeons ANYTHING to have those kissable lips.


12. Tim

is VERY special. Pinkly tan, slim, but densely, ripplingly muscular; blond, neatly punkish hair and a pair of nearly white, bushy eyebrows frame a high domed forehead. Think STING in the movie DUNE, without the body hair, and a friendly grin instead of--well no, alternating with--the sardonic smirk. For all you guys who said you liked 'em smart, this one looks to be a keeper. Seemingly straight as an arrow, he's surprisingly Interactive-- Well, it IS the internet age, and things evolve--even straight boys. Especially SMART straight boys. I think a thorough investigation by Assmaster is called for, as that portion of Tim's anatomy spends a promisingly large portion of the show in the air...


13. Hector

What Elian Gonzales will grow up to look like--if he starts serious training RIGHT NOW. Not so much a dancer as an aerobics class enthusiast who's wandered on stage by mistake, Hector seems very sweet--or maybe just a bit too sweet. The muscular development, though, is beyond reproach, and as for the Other Item--well, it would be a shame if he didn't know what to do with it...


That's it from New York; I for one cannot wait to hear the NYO report from Montreal.

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Guest Tampa Yankee



Bravo! A great review -- fun to read, very entertaining as well as informative. Thanks.

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Guest assmaster

RE: Re: Gaiety


So how do I get to Train this young man?

I was thinking, I should be charging THEM.

My slogan...

"Prostate Exams Given for Free.....10 Fingers, No Waiting"....How do you think I will do? Should I give up my day job?

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Thanks for posting the info, LTL.

I went by for the first time in a few months yesterday (Cameron=yum!), and noticed something that I'm curious about. None of the guys are picking up their tips till they're finished dancing. Then they scurry around grabbing the money and run off stage.

Is this a new policy? Didn't they used to pick up the money as it was placed on the stage -- while they were dancing? This would seem to encourage more tipping and be to their benefit.

What's the deal?


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You are correct. If they picked up the tips, many customers would tip again, and there total take would be greater. I had this discussion with a dancer once, so some of them know that it is better to pick them up as they go. Maybe the problem is that they think that they have to come out barefoot, and with no boots or socks, they have nowhere to put the tips.

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