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The Poetry of Quinte DuSoleil

Guest Quinte

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Guest Quinte

The seasoned skeptics amognst you may dismiss this as "A shameless act of self promotion".


Well, it is far from that. I do not do the publicity thing very well. Suffice it to say that if ever I choose to go that route, I shall start by "flaunting" my well earned "Hooboy seal of approval" I shall mention all my acclaimed and raving reviews attained in my short time around. I shall divert unsuspecting web crawleres to my honest and entertaining web site http://www.rentboy.com/quinte I shall...


Ok, I think you get the point.


Not much is known about me, but part of the enigma that is Quinte includes a flare and a love for the arts and poetry. I have recently, written my most difficult work. It has taken me a week to decide to share it. Some one did ask "Where are the escorts?"... Also partly due to the exhibitionist in me and partly due to the fact that I am as yet unpublished and any leads would be great. I have over 200 poems and essays, each one a revelation.


"Bless me Father" comes from a deep place, and may well be my masterpiece to date. I hope you like it. Feel free to send me your comments. Either privately [email protected] or on this board. Enjoy:




(An open letter to my father)


Bless me father, for I have sinned.

You see, sometimes it all gets too much

Like when all my monsters come alive

And the dragons of my life, spit fire at me.

When my heavens, threaten to fall

It causes my knees to buckle and my eyes to tear.

“Men don’t cry” you often said.

So bless me father, I have sinned.


Bless me father, for I have sinned.

I have failed to grasp some “valuable” lesson.

Teachings you tried to impact,

Those lessons you taught

From the loud silence of your long absences.

So I tried to play husband

To the wife you left crying

And I tried to play father

To siblings too young to comprehend.

This didn’t gain your good favor, I now know

For why else at seventeen,

Was the baby and bath water thrown out?

Looking back, your seeming nonchalance

Was sanction and blessing enough

To land me thousands of miles away,

On the shores of cold London town.


That unprepared, unsuspecting, and naïve schoolboy,

Failed to appreciate the lesson,

Of relatives and friends who looked the other way,

The finance that never came,

An education, I was to miraculously fund myself.

The daily excursions in search of food and shelter,

To Trafalgar Square and whatever destination

I could travel to for free.

Worse still,

For the brother, barely a year my younger

Sent to be in my care.

That I may succeed, where his parents

Thus far had not?

Dare I mention your first grandchild, my niece?

Born in that blasted place.

A child that all three of us may never see again?

In all these sir,

I regret to inform you, I failed.

So bless me father, I have sinned.


Bless me father, for I have sinned.

For all those times I impaled my impetuous self,

Between your flying fist and my mother.

Who when soon reconciled,

Would promptly forget my “good” deed

And brand me evil.

For the wrath and disdain

Of my prepubescent tongue.

For the fact that chance, if given

I shall do it all over again,

So bless me father, I have sinned.


Bless me father, for I have sinned.

For I am not only tired and broken,

But not ashamed to admit it.

For I still live for the comfort of your approval,

For I still crave, the warmth of your attentive love.

Alas, in your absence,

I turned to the arms of strange men,

With nothing fatherly to give me

But a strange and bitter love.

My soul as you prophesied,

Sure has been sold to the devil himself.

So bless me, bless me father

For I have sinned.


Bless me father,

It is I, your son.

Your face, I bear.

Without doubt, without choice.

One day, I shall muster enough courage

To gaze upon a looking glass

I know too well,

That your eyes will only stare back at me.


Bless me father

For I am about to sin even more,

Your name I still bear,

But not for much longer

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Guest pokes



I have seen your website Quinte and you don't need to shamelessly promote yourself as an escort, your attractiveness and confidence speaks for itself. About your poetry, very dark but very good. I don't know how well received such a hard subject would be accepted, but quite thought provoking on social issues and on a personal level for some.

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Guest Quinte

RE: quality


Thanks for the comment. I am glad you liked my site and poem. Yes, in retrospect I see one of my less "darker" poems may have been ideal. Then again, I wass feeling this one at the time.


Thanks again...Keep your head up...Keep on keeping on.



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Guest pokes

Hey Quinte,


On a different subject-your info isn't on Rentboy.com anymore, what's up? Do you have your own site developed now?

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Guest Quinte

No Pokes, not yet. You were unable to view the page because I am now listed under New York in anticipation of my arrival there. Thanks for your interest.


I am yet to find a good web designer. Any out there?

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