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  1. Definitely looks like him. If not he’s got a doppelgänger.
  2. That great to hear for both. Always remember Stonewall and Pulse.
  3. Yup, yesterday was the first night back since Feb. 2020.
  4. Went to the LA Party last night, it was great because it was at the old venue before Covid. I haven't done NYC since Oct. 2019, but planning to go back in July to go back to Evolve and the NY Party.
  5. So sorry to hear that your marriage didn't survive through Covid, this damn virus has taken away so much from everyone. While I've never had a live in service provider, I've been living with roommates for years now and just moved into a new place in January with two straight guys. I always try to work around their schedules and when I see them in the common areas I always say hi and smile. If I see they are up for talking I love to listen and get to know them more, I had a nice conversation with one of them in the kitchen yesterday. I also give them their space when they need it if they
  6. Nice, seeing it tonight and I do have 2.5 spare, lol.
  7. Wow, so that is what perfection looks like.
  8. I'll take two, please, lol.
  9. Incredible, I’ve missed those!
  10. Not sure if it’s related but it sounded like from the BuffBoyz email today that he might be doing that event tonight too, but I’m not sure.
  11. Cool, thanks for the intel. Silverado is definitely on my list with Stag to visit. Hope you had a good time
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