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  1. Well, different breeds have different personalities that I'd like to understand. If my dog comes from a lineage of more protective/agressive breeds, I'd like to know that. It's especially important if my neighbor is going to bring her grandkids to my pool, as I've given her permission to. I've also tried some training to reduce her protective/territorial nature. Some breeds, like labrador retrievers, are more docile. Also, the lack of lab genes might explain my dog's fear of water. When I do laps on my pool, she just runs around the pool. Won't even put a paw in. She likes getting splashed, th
  2. My man "Chris" and I were in a shopping mall the 2 days ago, and the store had a sign in the front saying it was sticking to the mask mandate (though it's no longer required in California). He said "Never mind, I don't want to have to deal with that." The next day, we went to the supermarket, which had a sign which said "Mask required for the unvaccinated." Almost half the people in the store were wearing masks. I asked him, "Are these the people that are so stupid that they didn't get vaccinated, or are they vaccinated people who are so stupid that they don't realize that they're at lea
  3. I thought it was Kiwis who were so into sheep. I don't remember ever eating lamb on my trips down under. I did enjoy kangaroo multiple times. I don't think one can eat koalas, kookaburras, or cassowaries.
  4. When I first had a steady job, during my medical residency, I saved $2000 a year, the most one could then save, into an IRA account (ages 25, 26, 27). I've kept that money in a separate account, which I had to do because that IRA money, unlike my subsequent donations, was a deductible IRA. That account's worth well over $60,000 already, and I don't plan to tap into it for at least another decade. Not a massive sum, but just shows what compounding can do.
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