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  1. To me everything is in the girth. A 9 inches dick that is not thick is not appealing to me and they are so many guys that are 8 or 9 inches but lack in the girth department. First of there are inches and internet inches. A guys that says he is 8 inches is most likely 6.5 / 7 inches. And that includes escorts. Some of them edit their photos. I have met some very thick guys that only were 6.5 / 7 inches which is big enough as long as they have girth. A thick dick to me starts at 6 inches girth. Below that I’m disappointed.
  2. I was thinking about that too , he looks rougher on the most recent photos and you can tell some photos have been smoothed out
  3. He is from Montreal, that’s maybe why he asks for a deposit
  4. I saw him 2 years ago in the street and he is a little man, 5’6 at most and quite skinny. He also looks tired, not sure if I would say older or tired, because generally thinks like him tend to look younger even when they get older. I personally can’t get turned on by a top that is smaller than me, big dick or not. It is well known that in porn they use short guys and taller guys with short petite girls to make the dicks appear bigger. He is in NYC right now. I’m curious about his rate? Any intel?
  5. I did and most of the time it crashes, as well as the video chat function
  6. I agree, I think Lucas Guess has evolved physically in a good way. The boyfriend has a nice body but his RM photos are over polished in my opinion. In this video they were just young I guess lol
  7. Haha I think he looks more mature now, at least by comparing his recent pics to this video that was shot years ago, but yeah $600 is a lot lol 😅
  8. From what I remember they were still in Brazil when they shot the video. Then the boyfriend also an escort on RM, got him his green card.
  9. Found it, this video it has been reuploaed by someone else. So it’s not the boyfriend’s channel. Keep in mind that this video might be 8 years old but it was been re-uploaded 2 years ago by another channel. it’s a Q&A couldn’t go through the entire video but if you any of you do maybe we’ll find out why he is so special ($600/hour) 😂😅
  10. 😅 600 / hour??? does that include a free hour? 🤣😂 He is partnered with another escort I don’t remember his name. His partner has a youtube channel and they were doing videos together.
  11. When I leave a review I’m always asked to verify my account with a text message. Is it the same thing for everyone? I think it’s a way for RM to prevent people from creating multiple accounts. You also have to wait 15 days from the creation of your account to leave a review.
  12. It’s 2021 dear Matt! More photos please lol
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