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  1. Consider whether its worth adding OnlyFans/JF review capabilities down the road.
  2. Colton

    411 RYXX NYC

    Personally, I tend to value my own opinion over the opinion of others, especially when I have an opinion based on experience.
  3. Colton

    411 RYXX NYC

    Didn't you already meet him @BonVivant? Not sure why you are bumping the thread.
  4. Amazing that the math worked out that way, but that scenario would ensure that the majority of tennis fans are unhappy. There are Fed fans who are still upset Fed is tied with Rafa. Novak or Rafa passing Fed before Fed retires would be sacrilegious.
  5. From your story, hard to tell if he was rude and disrespectful. Seems like he asked questions, and it didn't work out. Did he get mad? There is a part of your job that is sales/BD/customer service, same with a number of jobs.
  6. Congratulations! That is an accomplishment worth celebrating.
  7. Is it possible to make a dynamic list of trending posts from across all forums? The exact metrics I'm not sure of, but some combination of views and responses. I guess my question is if this is a feature in the new forum software, because my idea is moot if it cannot be automated.
  8. Maybe they should pay a deposit if they agree to show up.
  9. Bill put in a lot of manhours, and also was constantly underfunded for what was probably a full-time job. If people want a full-service site, someone needs to fund it. For example, perhaps the opportunity to respond to reviews should be a premium feature. Or maybe reading reviews can be a premium feature. Also @RadioRob, please make sure you have appropriate legal counsel.
  10. Is blackmail a real issue that people have experienced?
  11. He went on the Tonight Show the Monday after and they showed the rehearsal performance so you can figure out how he adjusted due to the wardrobe malfunction. Basically he was going to close that song by twirling on the stripper pole, but couldn't because he needed to use his hands to cover his own pole.
  12. For some reason I thought he was more than that. Am I incorrect? Or does deflation exist.
  13. I agree, but I don't know who wants to administer the rule. That being said, you do a good job of calling BS so I nominate you.
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