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  1. Most of my massage experiences have been good to great. I've had a couple of odd massages from what I believe were trans men, but no complains about the actual massages. And I've had some bad near massages where I ended up not booking. I was in Palm Springs in a hotel and messaged this Australian guy from Rentmasseur. His rates said "ask" and he said he offered therapeutic and erotic at different rates. I asked how much for a 90 minute erotic and he insisted on talking on the phone live. So I called him and he wanted me to define what I meant by erotic. I turned it back to him and asked what h
  2. I realized my question should have been in the spa section after I posted it but couldn't figure out how to delete it.
  3. I’ve been a connoisseur of gay massages for many years. I’ve always wondered how much you infer from new clients based on the initial text exchange. Can you figure out what type of client they will be based on what they do or don’t say or by what questions they have or if they have none at all? When I book with a new masseur my text is always “Hi ----. My name is-----. I saw your ad on Rentmasseur. Would you be free for a 90 minute massage on such and such a date?” And if they’re available I say great and have no further questions. I’ve usually had great experiences. Are there things a potenti
  4. It was a Sunday afternoon. I have bad knees and didn't want to risk having to walk to much. It might have been okay. Maybe I'll reschedule.
  5. I booked a massage with him and then canceled because parking seemed like it would be a bitch. He seems hot tho.
  6. Booked a massage with him for this Sunday. Anyone had any experiences with him? https://rentmasseur.com/JakeMitchell/
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