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  1. If you feel somehow uncomfortable with your weight, I suggest to be upfront with the provider and see how he reacts about it. If he is not okay with your weight, he is not worth your time. As a provider, I would never reject a client because of his weight. The things I expect from a client are respect, politeness, good hygiene, and being std clean.
  2. Good morning, guys! Sorry I did not get back to you all before but as soon as I came back from the trip, I spent almost 2 weeks packing and just finished unpacking. I moved from one city to another. I am glad everything is fine now. Yes, the trip happened and it was amazing. I was in Chicago for 5 days, loved the city, and everything. I used the advices you guys gave and thankfully everything went well. We spent some quality time together and also had our private times too. We did a lot of tour in the city, went to restaurants, etc. Again, thank you all for your time and kindness. Y
  3. Yes, they lost to Chelsea but they will play the UEFA Champions league final on 5/29. Kevin DeBruyne is my guy!
  4. Haha Maradonna was a great Argentinian player. Probably top 5 of all time. Pele, the Brazilian one, is considered the king!
  5. Oh nice! I do remember that game actually! I do watch it because I like the match event but also because I love soccer, especially when are good teams and players on the field.
  6. Thank you for taking your time to share your experience. I will definitely use many of the advices I got on here.
  7. Thank you for sharing your experience. I appreciate it!
  8. I agree with you 100%. I never ever text or do anything on my phone while I am eating or having a conversation with someone. I think it shows respect and that you are interested in the person. Thank you for your reply!
  9. Thank you for sharing your experience. I have been helped a lot on here. I am so much more comfortable about the trip.
  10. It will be my first experience and I am excited about it. Haha you're right about that. Cuddles on the plane ? ?
  11. I like that. This way we can have some time together on the plane.
  12. That can be true! But I have not disclosed his info (someone I would never do to anyone). I am just trying to get some advices to give us a better time. If he is reading the messages on here, he better tell me! ?
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