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  1. What did it want you to get from their server? I ask because when I needed to set up and old printer, it said there was not a suitable driver in my Windows installation, and directed me to let it find and diwnload one from their server. Once it had done so, I could print things, with no further need of their server.
  2. You are all most welcome. Doing this was our way to honor our friend (and 'water-brother' for any Heinlein fans out there) Bill. Deb is currently in upstate NY, caring for her mother, and will return in another month or two. When we are back together, we'd be honored to have a fine dinner out, and to raise a glass to Bill and the community here.
  3. Hi, can you delete my account? Thanks!

    1. Orin


      Please ask Cooper or RadioRob to do that. I’m only an Admin as a courtesy until the handoff is complete.

  4. There's an interesting parallel to that. If we are fleshy extensions of a 'higher self' of some kind, as is asserted in some metaphysical scenarios, I'd think that those higher selves could be interpreted as guardian angels, because they would certainly have our/their own interests at heart.
  5. The question before us is whether or not God exists. The collective 'we', before whom that question is placed, have a variety of belief structures. Some of these include belief in God (or one or more gods), some do not, and for some the question is meaningless. So, let's say the answer is yes, God exists. Such existence would have to be the case, irrespective of our various belief structures. For this to be true, said God would have to possess an objective reality outside of any and all of our belief structures, even those that assert universality, and which state that there is nothing ou
  6. Good point. As is the one that @MiamiLookermade while I was writing this. How strongly does that cultural self-identification push such people to support the political activities that cause secular changes affecting people not affiliated with the group, such as prohibitions of certain medical practices? If such people support those efforts, is a reflection of their cultural affiliation or their religious affiliation with the group? The distinction may inform how such action might be opposed.
  7. I think that either you misunderstood my intent, or I didn't express it clearly enough. In my perspective, what each person experiences is real to them. Any belief structure that you fully inhabit is, for you and those who believe with you, exactly what it claims to be. Miracles are, in fact, within a belief structure which contains them, miracles, and you would have to step out of that belief structure to experience it differently. Seen in this way, every religion, or to use the more general term, every belief structure, is correct for those who subscribe to it. (I had used entry into th
  8. I don’t think we are working with same set of rules. If, when Christians die, the souls they believe in experience the Christian heaven, then they were correct in their belief. The same could be true of Muslims, Pagans, etc. What is required is complete acceptance of their particular belief structures. This is what is true in my belief structure.
  9. I don't follow. In the case of 'no religion is correct', why would any of them be wrong in the sense of being incorrect? (This is different from the sense of 'not my favored religion'.) Unless of course we're also including the case of 'you're ALL incorrect'. Could you please clarify?
  10. I'm not sure that this assertion follows from the definition, though. It is clearly the case from the point of view of a person holding any belief structure which asserts that because their truth is correct, those of others which contradict it must, by definition, be wrong. This set includes people who subscribe to a variety of religious faiths, as well as those who ascribe truth to that which the scientific method has determined, as long as their reality insists on there being a single value for this 'truth' thing. A model does have to accurately reflect reality for it to be useful
  11. If there's a word to describe where I come down on this spectrum, I don't know what it might be. When I was 12, and preparing for the Jewish coming-of-age ritual of Bar Mitzvah, the spotlight that was intended to drive me deeper into my family's faith had other effects instead. By driving me to pay closer attention to the whole of the religion, I became more aware of the questionable assertions being made, and augmented that training with independent exploration of a variety of other beliefs. By the time of that ceremony, I had decided that wherever my own path led, it was out of that particul
  12. Are you looking for the Literature Forum, which is now its own thing in the Media & Entertainment group of forums?
  13. I'm using a MacBook Pro as well. Those icons were hidden until I widened my window to the whole screen. For some reason, it's hiding rather than wrapping them if there is not enough room across.
  14. Deb, who has Fibromyalgia, has taken it for pain for years, and is miserable if she misses her dose. I was prescribed some for nerve pain after my Saab got wrecked, and I could not straighten out or put any weight on one leg due to sciatica. There were some left after I recovered, and when I took one out of curiosity, I found it had perceptual effects. My brain stopped processing the images into 3D and I had two flat images that overlapped on what I focussed on. I also slept really well.
  15. Orin

    Short Stories

    There are times when I just have to be blatantly self-promotional. If you like to read short stories, and you're not that particular about whether they were formally published, there are several websites where you can read lots of them. One of those is my Wordpress blog, which has about 120 of my own stories. The preponderance of them are political, in one way or another, and I have a tendency towards stories in which a group of people accomplishes something, as opposed to some singular hero. So, click over if you're interested, or not.
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