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  1. I met up with him a few times many years ago. Yes, it is huge, but he wields it skillfully and I really felt fulfilled! He is also movie star handsome and very kind.
  2. Forget scripture and just go for it!
  3. It helps to start with a patient, sensitive top who will enter you gently the first time to give your body a chance to stretch to accommodate him. Then he gradually increases the depth of penetration and the speed while paying close attention to your reactions. I was lucky to find such a sensitive mentor when I was young and just coming out. Once you relax into the feeling of being penetrated and connected to another man at the root of your body, the feeling is sublime.
  4. So sorry to hear about this. I hope some way can be found to keep this valuable site going. RIP.
  5. Getting spanked can be an emotionally satisfying way of giving control to another man, surrendering all feeling of responsibility, if only in the moment. It can be very fulfilling, especially for some one who spends much of his time shouldering responsibility to be in charge.
  6. Tyler Torro, without a doubt one of the sexiest I have seen. And he comes across as both humble and a very proficient top simultaneously.
  7. So is he just doing massage now? I hired him as an escort many years ago and had a good experience but not so great as to justify a repeat engagement.
  8. It is very difficult to find gutpunch-receivers and gutpunch-givers ready to play who can be trusted to stay within reasonable limits. The problem is that if over-done, this can cause serious damage. If done with finesse, it can be intensely erotic to those who are really "into it." I met a guy who was really into giving punches - it got him off tremendously - but he was looking for somebody who could take more than I could receive at the time, since I had fantasized a lot but was really new to that scene. So we never had a repeat. One of my most intense experiences as a receiver was at a sex-club on the lower East Side of Manhattan (way out east on Houston Street) that was hosting the NY Bondage Club for a while. One of the regulars put me through a scene that was really shattering. He knew what he was doing. By the time I called a halt, I was actually too light-headed to stand up, as the mild battering of my abs had drawn so much blood to my torso away from my head! (I was tied standing spread-eagle, open and exposed to receiving.) Intense! But, of course, this has to be done with close attention to how the receiver is doing - checking in frequently by the giver - to avoid causing real damage. On this occasion, he was closely observing my reactions and knew when to slow down, when to massage my abs, when to stop, untie my wrists, and help me to sit down, bringing water for me to sip.
  9. I started doing a daily walk when my gym closed. I am on the Upper West Side of Manhattan so Riverside Park is my venue. I am old fashioned so I am walking with Bose headphones and portable CD player. Music makes the time fly. When my apartment building re-opened our fitness room, I started working out there, but I still take the long walk a few times each week.
  10. I also saw him many years ago and found the experience OK but not worth repeating. I would second the opinion that he is more likely near 40 by now, and many of those pix on his rentmen profile have been there a long time.
  11. I am glad that lots of Dreamboy bondage clips are available on xtube!
  12. Yeah, Dreamboy Bondage scenes are usually very hot. Too bad they got booted off tumblr.
  13. Yeah, Dreamboy Bondage scenes are usually very hot. Too bad they got booted off tumblr.
  14. Looks very hot and boasts about cock size, but doesn’t list the associated activities!
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