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  1. Oh not at all... you like what you like. I think the issue tho is more the toxic masculinity with saying “ it’s getting out of hand”. “ men should be men” Nail Polish doesn’t define whether someone is masculine or feminine. That’s all
  2. I think you missed the point tho.... people are making a big fuss about PAINT! My point was if people are gonna say men should be men and women should be women, I think you should have the same energy for women then. Cause pants were originally made for men but women now wear them because they were told they shouldn’t. Live and let live... if you don’t like nail polish that’s ok, but when people saying men should be this way and that way... well
  3. Def Rentmen.... to me the other ones have never really been a hit.
  4. Exactly! once a straight man does something that gay men get ridiculed for, that’s when people accept it. Straight men have worn polish too and no one questions their masculinity.
  5. I know plenty of masculine men who have worn nail polish. That’s my point is nail polish doesn’t define whether someone is masculine or not. Look at me. Every gay man Masc or not has feminine qualities. Also you’d be surprised with who’s gonna get hit on fem vs Masc, you assuming that the Masc will be the one to get the attention over the fem says it all. And there’s the straight dudes who are into the punk scene who wear the polish. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Just a thought
  6. Well make sure you tell women not to wear pants since originally they were made for men. There’s nothing wrong with liking masculinity, but your toxic masculinity that you were taught is out of line. Nobody has a problem with girls being tomboys but once a man does anything outside of the norm “ oh no. Feminine things don’t define whether someone is a man or not. Can’t tell you how many times I was told what a man should do and what makes a man when I was a kid. But if you’re gonna talk with your toxic masculinity at least make sure you’re informed about history, men have been wearing make up
  7. I will traveling to NYC June 24th to July 1st😃😎😈🥰 Hit me up😜 https://rent.men/italianboyph
  8. Usually depends... you would think with a bunch of men in town it would. Depends I guess, maybe this year it will be since it’s the first official ones back since covid.
  9. It’s always been a thing. I like it I also think nail polish doesn’t define someone’s masculinity. I think more people are becoming more comfortable with feminine/masulinity, because neither define you.
  10. I put available now if I’m not doing anything at all in that moment. I’ve noticed too that if I don’t put I’m available I get more calls. It honestly just depends on the day for me.
  11. Honestly I think the most out there one had to be scat
  12. For me, it’s what sexually satisfies you and turns you on.
  13. Anybody who’d reject you based off physical looks shouldn’t be in the biz. Any provider would be lucky to have you and the ones who reject you again shouldn’t be providing. I’ve never rejected anybody for anything, it’s also not my place to do that. The truth is that I’m here to provide, not judge. I understand the rejection for size because I’ve been there. Just keep your head up cause we’re not all AHoles🥰
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