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  1. I'm curious if the provider will charge you more if you choose to bring a friend along. If the provider offers an erotic massage, perhaps go for that option first. You get to meet the provider in person and see if he really makes you feel relaxed. After the massage session, if you had a great time, then talk to the provider about hiring him as an escort sometime in the future.
  2. Main reason I asked my earlier question was because KrisParr mentioned the above (He is K). Not sure if he was kidding here or if he actually told H about hiring escorts.
  3. I never had this happen to me but I would be curious whether a kiss from that escort as a guy would feel the same as a woman. As for the other parts below the belt, I'd skip it since I'm not into women.
  4. That's awesome H said that to you! Also, did you tell him at one point that you hire escorts in the past?
  5. I know on FB there are free item groups where you can just post a photo of the item and someone will reach out to you to pick it up. I've done this for items I was just going to throw away. If there are items I think a friend would like, I just give it to my friend next time I see him.
  6. Would you ever invite him to your place or do you think he'd invite you to his place?
  7. I recall watching 4myfans of Austin Wolf where an 18 yo (or perhaps 19) guy had Austin as his first top.
  8. @KrisParr have fun tomorrow! To be clear those tickets were his treat? Or is that part of his boyfriend experience (BFE) package? I got confused when he was just joking about the discount. Sounds too good to be true. Regardless, have a great time at the ballgame!!!
  9. @CuriousByNature same here. Never heard of him but then again I've never been to any circuit party nor did I ever go to Palm Springs before April of this year.
  10. Same here!!!! I always wondered if I'd be straight if I saw female neighbors shirtless (without the bra). lol
  11. HAven't made a decision yet whether I'll be going (tickets will be sold starting June 15th) but if I do go I'll definitely let you know and let's grab a drink!!!! I usually stay in Germantown area since I always thought it's quite scenic there!
  12. Just saw they're having this event later in September this year (in the past it's in March)! I've gone in the past and really enjoyed it. Lots of health/muscle enthusiasts go and from going to the PS event earlier htis year, I learned there are a few of you who live in Columbus! https://www.arnoldsportsfestival.com/
  13. I think we'll see more of that in the future too. Only by referral. The art of escorting may be changing as well given how nowadays it seems to be all sex and less intimacy/conversation/experience.
  14. And good for them! If subscriptions are $10/month and the site keeps 25%, then the guy keeps $7.50. If they have 1000 subscribers, that's $7500/month which is pretty good for a guy in their 20s. If they have over 10k subscribers, that's at least $75k/month which is really really good money! Is it sustainable to when they reach over age 40? Only time will tell. I think the key is to market themselves to a wide enough fan base who are willing to pay that $10/month subscription.
  15. @JoeMendoza have FUN!!!!!! and i hope it doesn't hurt too much
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