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  1. I'm also not wired that way but I love playing with other's nipples (sucking, licking, pinching). Big turn on is a nice chest and suckable/lickable nipples.
  2. Agree with the assessment and recommend.
  3. Was looking at his reviews and someone commented that he is Russian. Is he? There is no indication on his ad. Thank you.
  4. I tried sending a message through RM chat and to an old phone number I had but no response.
  5. bump. anyone meet with GingerBeard? Feel free to PM me.
  6. Anyone know how to contact him? His ad seems to have expired. Thanks.
  7. Was that outside of hiring him or does he also advertise as an escort?
  8. Funny because he used to escort years ago when he was in NYC.
  9. Also interested.
  10. If you reach out to him he will share additional pics. I asked before we first met and he shared.
  11. He also has an ad on MB - https://www.mintboys.com/male-escorts/new-york/5b456c5b9b69747e64fde344
  12. I tried to schedule 2 months ago when he was visiting NYC at the time. Kept on going back and forth and never was able to schedule anything. He was bad at responding. I eventually gave up.
  13. Definitely recommend. Also, agree that he's great overall. I can comment on his bottoming skills and will say that he is very good in that area. I did not find this with Matt. He never made it seem like he was looking for any sort of 'sugar daddy' arrangements with me. Our time together has always been fun and never any pressure. Would recommend.
  14. I was able to book Jay for a 3.5 hour massage/spa treatment and would say it was definitely worth it. Because I did the appointment at his place we weren't able to do the "Hot Oil Bath Sponge Down Head to Toes" session which would have been 4 hours instead. The salt scrub, shower, and then massage was totally worth it.
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