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  1. I scheduled a massage with Arthur. It was an interesting experience. Pics are accurate but he has a mature/older look to him. Tight build, bigger upper body, smaller lower body. Massage was technically good and he’s trained but it was also a bit strange. He’s a peculiar guy and it was kind of weird overall. Good massage but I wouldn’t repeat mostly because his rate is too high and he’s kind of strange. I left pretty convinced that he’s most definitely attracted to the male body (even if he’s not gay). I’m fairly certain it would have went further had I signaled it, but he wasn’t
  2. The short answer is no, OC does not have any good masseurs. And tbh LA and SD have very few options as well. Guys with actual skill seem to have moved out of the business during COVID and haven’t yet returned. Those who have returned seem to think that their mediocre services are now worth $180+ for 60mins.
  3. Anyone? https://rentmasseur.com/LMTinDTLA
  4. Anyone have experience here? https://rentmasseur.com/BodyLux
  5. Some therapists also have two different rates; one for therapeutic and a higher one for sensual. If it’s the first time I’m seeing a new therapist, I almost always communicate that I want to book the therapeutic only. More often than not, I’ve gone for a therapeutic massage and the therapist made their own decision to take it further…and I pay the lower rate because in that instance they couldn’t keep their hands away from the goods…
  6. He seems to have good reviews here but from what I can tell, he has the communication skills of a 12-year old child. Not sure how he’s running a business…
  7. I saw that also, BUT married to a woman doesn’t always mean completely straight. I’ve had luck a number of times before with “Straight” therapists…
  8. Has anyone seen Tristan in LA (Deep Healing Massage) https://www.thumbtack.com/ca/los-angeles/massage/deep-healing-mobile-massage/service/
  9. He’s been shuffling those pics for 10+ years now.
  10. No, it’s true for sure. Most of them are not marketing massage though, so proceed with caution. I’m not paying more than $160 for a 60min massage. Those charging $200+ usually have little to know massage skill.
  11. Fairly certain he’s straight so that might have something to do with it. Haha
  12. Interesting and bummer to hear. He was on the top of my list to see as he seems like he’s exploring his sexuality which in the past has made for some of my best experiences.
  13. He works with 2-3 other MF masseurs in Vegas. I think he trains them and runs the overall operation.
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