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  1. Wow! What you have done is spectacular.
  2. Yes they are. Know him well. Discovered him on SA over ten years ago. He is actually 4o but still very hot. Great guy.
  3. He is still on friendboy
  4. https://friendboy.pro/boys/MikeMike.
  5. I met with him a few times many years ago.. nice guy very hot little body. No idea what he is up to these days.
  6. I too have always sent anonymous cash to both Hoo Boy and Bill. Need way to continue that.
  7. He has been around since 2015. Used to be kookoosnaz. Is Philippine.
  8. Been around here since HooBoy days, who I knew by email. Never met Daddy/Guy/Bill but did occasionally exchange emails with him. I will forever be grateful for the valuable service he provided to all of us. Will miss him and all that he did. RIP.
  9. Wow I bet I saw 20 years ago.
  10. Am researching. I discovered him I think first about 10 years ago on SA. Saw him off and on for at least a couple of years. Really hot in those days and exclusive. He eventually went the “pro”route and I moved on. Very nice guy and professional actor. I would love to reconnect with him at least once for old times sake but he is LA and I am East Coast. I have reached out to him.
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