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  1. I used a BofA ATM the other day before seeing a provider and it asked how I wanted the money and got 2×$100 & 5×$20...so convenient don't have to stand there counting the right amount of $20s in front of the provider.
  2. I saw Peter Latz at the Nob Hill Theatre and rented a private room and did some muscle worship and other fun things.
  3. Aaron strictly therapeutic, I've seen him a few times in Guerneville and nothing. He wears basketball shorts while I was bare ass on the table, the massage was great but nothing beyond that.
  4. Had a very nice time with him when he came to SF last Fall.
  5. Once the world is back to normal I need to travel to you and experience this...oh my?????
  6. streetfan14


    I will not be a repeat customer, got a better massage on my cousin's expensive massage chair. Also the pictures in his ad are a bit dated, his body does not look like that.
  7. streetfan14


    Saw him right before SIP when he was visiting San Francisco.
  8. His updated ad says he doesn't take in calls right now...bummer his apartment was a 5 min walk from my office.
  9. I saw him in SF a couple weeks ago, the pics in his MF ad are more accurate.
  10. He canceled on me, saying he had family in town and got the dates mixed up
  11. Just had an in call session with Dan and I won't be a repeat customer. If you're a visitor it's either a $20 uber ride or an hour long ride on public transportation. Honestly the massage was not good, it was done on a squeaky bed and I laid on top of a Mickey blanket and he kept pausing during the session.
  12. When the Nob Hill Theatre was still open in San Francisco, Trevor was a regular dancer and you could pay for some private time at the club with him https://www.seancody.com/model/17911/trevor
  13. Chad is so good have his soft but strong touch, didn't realize he did porn. Garic is also good and love that he is nothing walking distance of my job.
  14. I've scheduled a session with him when I'm in Portland in a couple weeks
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