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  1. BUMP Anyone meet up with him yet? He was in town this weekend and totally flaked on my friend who he came to town to shoot content with. Apparently he kept changing the time of their shoot and my friend just gave up on him. And now suddenly he's in Atlanta. Also interesting is when chatting with him he was supposedly in Nashville two weekends ago. He said he shot a studio scene with Mason Thorne. When I asked if he had a chance to meet up with Seamus O'Rilley he said that he was supposed to be in the shoot as well but missed his flight. Seamus lives in Nashville, why would he m
  2. Not a regular twink fan but he's really sexy!
  3. I posted earlier about him. We have been chatting on RM, he's in town the 21st/22nd to do a shoot with one of my friends for onlyfans.
  4. Just ran across this guy and he's so my type. I've seen him in some porn before and curious if anyone has met him. Profile is really new so wondering if it's a fake ad. https://rent.men/Thedevynpauly
  5. Looks great love the new groupings! Thanks again RadioRob for all the hard work you've been doing.
  6. His twitter with a link to his onlyfans..
  7. For all you ginger lovers, a new calendar is coming! https://bananaguide.com/article/112431/it-039-s-the-year-of-the-super-ginger
  8. Great table, I think it would be great if we referenced porn stars as an example of each type.
  9. Bump Funny story, I was looking through his twitter and I think he's dating another guy in Cleveland that use to advertise a couple of years ago. I think he was RichardLionheart. Ran into him while at a gay campground but didn't get the chance to hookup. Would be hot to hire them both!
  10. Kennedy was hot. Also always had a thing for Rudy. And then there's Spencer the nipple loving fur ball. Sigh.
  11. Todd was one of my favorite models on CF, ripped bod, great pecs, just the right amount of fur including a great happy trail. Str8, did some str8 scenes, a few guy on guy, and some bi stuff. But the last one he did is him getting railed by this hot gay model. The scene was called "Fucking Todd" and it was one of my favorites before Barron came on the scene.
  12. For the first time I'm happy my puffy muscular body won't consider me a meth user, lol. Most of my life no matter how hard I worked out I'd get big but not cut. And I have great teeth, lol, very pronounced canines.. werewolf for the win!
  13. PNP is a hard nope! I alway look for nipples and armpits but sometimes I wonder if some providers just check everything to cast a wide net....
  14. Anybody met him? https://rent.men/yungandhairy He seems really new to massage, quotes higher in call rates than out call rates. He says it's because he has roommates and he has to pay them to leave, lol.
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