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  1. Would you? Have you? If so, was it worthy? Straight man earns $1500 per hour as ‘gay for pay’ escort A moment of 'pleasure' with Australia's top-billed $5000 a night male escort https://rent.men/JakeRyandaddy https://scarletblue.com.au/male-escort/jake-ryan-1
  2. So, no women with surprise/antenna for you. 😝
  3. lonely_john


    Entertainment I think.
  4. lonely_john


    7+ and thick. 7 and thin doesn't have the same effect.
  5. LMAO, this is hilarious ... AND DISTURBING!
  6. No, no, and no. This is all wrong. Sorry but it's NOT Ok. One thing is live and let live, and another thing is promoting the ridicule. Simple example: 2 guys walk into a gay bar. One is the masculine prototype and the other one wears flamboyant clothes, colourful make up/hair, earrings, etc. Which one is going to generate more sexual interest and get more looks from the crowd? Stop the BS, this is very simple.
  7. Excellent Point! Maybe it's a "straight" drawing and the anus is "implied" in #7 Perineum. Not all men experience pleasure when receiving anal.
  8. I meant figuratively because the "Ok. Sounds do able." wasn't followed by anything else. Most providers don't if they don't know you. Don't worry, you'll find someone else. 👍
  9. The message above is just perfect. Below is the tricky part that might be sending providers away.
  10. Even that would face some resistance as about 50% of providers write in their ads: "No Calls, Send me a Text".
  11. Unless the client doesn't like it, erotic massage MUST include nipples.
  12. @bostonman I've read in other threads that providers are particularly averse to long detailed chats and descriptions of scenarios because those are typical of time wasters. You are not one but the similarity in your way of communication is probably making them wary of you, hence giving these laconic responses. I always assume that on any given day they are talking to several people not just me. So I send direct, brief, concise messages to get faster, specific responses. I also don't mind receiving an answer with 3 digits because that gives me an indication if the meeting will happen or no
  13. Continental flights on conventional planes might become obsolete in the future, so they are anticipating being first in niches where Maglev or Hyperloop trains won't be able to operate, thus getting a global competitive advantage. Corporations usually go through lengthy feasibility analysis before making these kind of announcements so they probably figured out how to make it work financially, but if they can't, it wouldn't be the first time that some big company plans fail after so much publicity.
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