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  1. Thanks for your input everyone! I definitely need to increase my financial literacy as this feels like a whole new world I'm learning about. 👍🏼
  2. Hey y'all I just want to ask if there are any suggestions you have for how to wisely use/invest/save money. I'm applying to med school this year and looking at some future medical school debt, but hoping to learn things I could potentially do even now or in the future too. Any books you found useful or tips from your own experiences would be mighty helpful! Some things I've started so far have been opening a high-interest savings account, light investing with Robinhood, and just tracking income/expenses with a monthly budget excel sheet I made.
  3. Definitely interested as well. Cerave and Cetaphil have generally been my go-to options for cleansers/moisturizers.
  4. dentjusay

    Our dads.

    My dad was born in El Salvador in the 70's and immigrated here as a teen. I grew up with a great family and we are all close. Although we basically get along and agree on most things in life (politics, morals, etc.), he just doesn't understand anyone who isn't straight. I'm closeted and my brother is straight. I have a feeling that my parents might have an inkling that I'm gay for 2 reasons. He once told me that he would kill himself if I was gay and second, my brother has a history of relationships with girls while I do not. My father loves hearing/making jokes about lgbtq+ people and
  5. Sorry if this has been discussed in a previous thread already, but are there ways to get to know other forum members here from similar cities? It seems like many of us are on dating/hookup apps and share some annoyance with flakes, catfishing, etc. Perhaps long-time members have established connections with others already through events like the PS weekend, but as a newbie, I don't really know anyone here. Just wondering if I have to stalk member's profiles to see if we live in the same city, or if there is a better way.
  6. He is extremely handsome and an absolute hunk. PM me for details.
  7. Just wanted to bring this thread back to life with any recent recommendations. I'm looking for an LA top who you think would be great for a first time bottom. I don't really enjoy toys/objects even though they can serve as good practice, so looking to solely practice with the real deal. PM's are welcome too. Thanks y'all
  8. Or anything off of Urban Flora, the EP by Alina Baraz & Galimatias
  9. CDC Statement as of August 16, 2020 Just a few key points: Individuals who tested positive for COVID-19 may continue to test positive 3 months after diagnosis even if they are not spreading COVID-19 due to the presence of low levels of the virus in their bodies. "There are no confirmed reports to date of a person being reinfected with COVID-19 within 3 months of initial infection. However, additional research is ongoing."
  10. He tested positive for COVID a couple weeks ago, but only had symptoms for about 2 days. He followed CDC guidelines and quarantined himself for about 2 weeks after the symptoms disappeared.
  11. Anyone have any experience with him? https://rent.men/BigDick_Ginger/#platinum
  12. dentjusay

    Matthew Camp

    Maybe try messaging him through his Onlyfans.
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