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  1. I use Wordpress. It’s easy to set up and manage. I also blog so Wordpress is good for that.
  2. I get some from clients googling for sensual/erotic massage and finding my website; sensualtouchco.com. I get around 20k visitors a year to it and it’s growing. I’ve got videos on there, frequently asked questions, my location etc so that they can see what’s on offer and I don’t have to answer too many questions. I think it gives clients confidence I’m professional about things and it’s a great way to promote yourself. I’d definitely recommend setting up a website if you are currently just relying on advertising platforms.
  3. Exactly this. “Discover your inner sexiness” Although I’d say it’s not inner because it is on display in how you behave and interact. A good provider will notice these things like that guy noticed you taking a shower. Someone who only looks superficially won’t notice. It’s the reason if clients ask to send me their picture I decline. It’s not necessary to see a picture. A picture isn’t the person, it’s just what they look like not who they are.
  4. Who knows? I’ve tried to understand the patterns of business but it always defeats me. Sometimes it seems to be the phase of the moon that decides whether or not I’m busy… The only pattern I can see is that the start of the month is slightly busier, because I think people have been paid (monthly pay cheques in UK). That’s all, otherwise it’s random.
  5. I look to my clients for 3 things. Be clean and fresh (that’s the top requirement and an absolute red line), be punctual (I have a schedule, if you’re unavoidably delayed please communicate, we can always reschedule), be respectful and polite (I’m a human being not a piece of meat). That’s all. If they’re those things then I’m able to give my best for them. They’ll get my total attention and focus because there’s no issues with cleanliness, rushing or dealing with attitude to distract me. Their body size, shape or colour isn’t any issue atall. A good provider knows that sexiness goes way be
  6. I wouldn’t welcome being approached in public. Just a nod and eye contact is ok but if a client started a discussion with me I’d feel quite awkward and monosyllabic. I’d be anxious about where the conversation was going. Fortunately it’s never happened. I’m not embarrassed by what I do, I discuss my work with friends who are understanding but unfortunately not everyone is open minded and tolerant so I’m careful about who knows what I do. I think it’s important to keep client confidentiality so I’d never even acknowledge a client if I saw them in a non work context. I’ve even seen clients at
  7. I did see a table partially collapse at a massage training session I was at one time. An interesting event…12 naked guys on massage tables with 24 semi naked women learning how to give a sensual massage to a guy. I was one of the 12 demo models. The females would rotate around every so often so that they got to practice on different guys. At the start of the evening the guy doing the training was demonstrating a move which meant he had to lean on the table. As he leant over it one of the table legs collapsed, rendering it unusable. I was asked to give up my table so the now table-less voluntee
  8. I often get asked to do surprise visits to client’s partners. It’s always a “no”. The person I’m seeing must always know the nature of the booking. Surprises just don’t work unfortunately.
  9. Yes check with the provider. When I do massage there’s a size limit for the table, but that means the bed can be used instead. Yay! If you check you’ll find out beforehand whether the provider cares or not about your body size. It’s better than turning up and finding out they’re sizeist.
  10. Good idea. My justforfans is top quality!!
  11. I use feathers, a back scratcher thing (like those head massage tools), a prostate massager if the client wants it (although I think fingers are better for prostate massage), sometimes dildos. It really depends what my client wants. Nothing beats a skilled pair of hands and a hard cock though.
  12. And that’s an issue too! I’m almost always top and it seems almost all of my clients are bottom which isn’t surprising given I’m hung. However occasionally a client will want to top me, which is fine (I’m versatile) but I wish they’d say in advance so I can prepare. I just assume they’re bottom so I never prepare myself (not thoroughly anyway). Nothing’s happening that way if I’m not prepared.
  13. It’s the low cost airline pricing model. You want a designated seat? That’s extra. You want hold baggage? That’s extra. You want a crappy sandwich? That’s extra.... Those airlines are cheap for a reason. Fly with a decent airline if you want full service. Same applies with providers.
  14. I’m never ‘available now’. For one thing I have other work to do so I’m not just hanging around on the off chance someone will call. Plus those kind of “I’m horny now” clients aren’t the sort I want. Ok spontaneous liaisons can be great but not in a provider / client context, not for me anyway. I prefer clients who have thought carefully about visiting me and made a decision with more than their dick. A last minute decision to use my services to unload isn’t likely to be an uplifting and meaningful experience so that’s not the type of booking I take.
  15. Oh yes Twitter I forgot that. I think I do get a lot of hits to my website via Twitter (well I know I do; the analytics tells me I do) and I agree Twitter is like a gallery for my service and I can post ‘thirst trap’ style pics and videos which brings eyes to my page. The more hits I get to the website and the better I make the SEO then the higher I get on google when someone searches for sensual massage in London. The longer I’ve been established the less I need to advertise so now I keep it to a couple of prime advertisements on high traffic sites like Rentmasseur and rely on repeat clien
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