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  1. Is that the whole video? If it is, other than a glimpse of his ear, I didn't see the flight attendant's face at all and would never know he was one without being told.
  2. I have a different take on that. I truly believe that being straight, gay, or bisexual is a genetic trait. I identify as gay. I didn’t wake up one day and decide to be gay. I think the same is true for heterosexuals and bisexuals. Bisexuals may choose which gender to sleep with at any given moment, but I think their attraction to both sexes is as genetically based as mine to men. With that said, I agree with your comments about bisexuals being unfairly treated with derision and sometimes ridicule. If we’re expected to accept everyone’s choice of their gender fluidity on any given day, we should accept that some people are naturally attracted to both sexes without question.
  3. Same here. I know someone who has spent a few extended sessions with him and has nothing but postiive comments about Matt.
  4. Sure did. According to him, not only isn't it a big deal, it's the client's fault.... https://www.m4m-forum.org/topic/127473-will-you-pay-a-deposit-to-a-stranger/?do=findComment&comment=1853294
  5. I wanted to pull an Empress Nympho while watching this video.
  6. RJD

    Grindr Ads

    I use the free version, so I get a limited number of blocks. When I use one, there's always a video that plays after I complete the block. I also get one if I unlock a profile via their Explore function, which also provides a limited number. They've also splashed ads in the middle of the grid as you scroll. They're making it as intrusive as possible so you break down and pay for the XTRA or Unlimited service, which I won't consider doing until they clean house of the bots and cat fishers who have proliferated the app and make the price more reasonable.
  7. With few exceptions, at least in my area, the guys on Friendboy and Mintboy are sketchy at best. I wouldn't consider hiring from either site. There are a few providers who advertise on RentMen and those sites, so at least you have a better chance of vetting them via their RentMen reviews.
  8. Not connected at all. The Q, T, I, A, + activists of this 'alphabet soup' have appropriated the group for their mission. Their tactics have created divisiveness and resentment within our community and brought criticism from those outside of it. They've done everything but practice the philosophy of inclusion, acceptance, and tolerance, such as when they banned gay LEO groups from marching in pride parades. Gay men, lesbians, and bisexuals, especially those in their mid to senior years, are the people who fought to get us where we are today and they've been relegated to the back of the gay bus.
  9. I just started hiring at the very end of 2019 (the first hire I mentioned in my earlier post). Earlier this year I went through and calculated how much I spent on my sessions with him and it's close to your total. He knows me, we're very comfortable with each other. Hell, he has his own toothbrush in my bathroom for when he's here. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement for both of us, however, he had no idea at our first meet that it would develop into repeated extended sessions. Yet, he still was generous with his time, ensured I had a great experience, and valued me as a person during that initial session. It would've been a completely different story if he acted like the meter was running. You don't get a second chance to make a first impression.
  10. Completely agree, but how you treat each other is a major contributor to that chemistry. If my guy did to me what @TumYum 's guy did, there wouldn't have been a second session.
  11. Major short-sightedness on his part. Even if the session was extraordinary, that would discourage me from repeating. It could've been the start of having a repeat client which would net him much more than the few bucks for the extra 10 minutes. My first meeting with my first hire, who has turned into my regular "go-to" was for two hours. We were still in bed at the two hour mark. Even though the time was up, we still showered together, dressed, and had a pleasant 20 minute conversation before he left. He's not a clock watcher and no mention was ever made of additional compensation. I had such a great time and he made such a good first impression, that all subsequent sessions (and there have been several) have been overnight. We even start a bit earlier than he normally does and he has left my place as late as 11:30 the following day. He started calling our evenings together "date nights." He wants to be sure I have a good time and makes me feel valued. On our last date night, we went out to a local diner the next morning and enjoyed breakfast together. He never once looked at his phone or watch or made it appear spending time with me was an imposition. That's how you succeed and have repeat clients.
  12. I'm usually not one to grab my phone and start taking pictures or videos. I prefer being in the moment and enjoying it. However, I have two regular providers whose company I really enjoy, but are very private and not the type who want their faces on public display in a video. I asked each during one our sessions if I can video them as they topped me, so I had something to look back at between encounters. Both agreed. I get turned on making my partner climax, so I have video of both doing exactly that. Given their aversion to their faces appearing on video, I think I've established a level of trust with each through our multiple extended sessions, and they know I wouldn't share them with anyone else. In contrast, last September I arranged for a weekend with a very sexy, gorgeous Asian bodybuilder provider. He's an exhibitionist and does porn, so he loves being seen in person and on film/video. I purchased a few thongs for him (his underwear of choice) and he was more than happy to model each as I snapped photos with my iPhone for myself. I am nothing close to a professional photographer, but between his insane body and the afternoon light shining in my bedroom, most of those pics turned out great. The light and shadows made the pics really dramatic. He liked them so much that he used a couple on his Twitter account. In addition to exhibitionism, he also gets into dirty talk (as do I) and having his body admired, so I have a couple videos of him pleasuring himself to climax while I'm givng him "verbal encouragement." It's fun to look back at the pictures and videos. However, as I said earlier, I prefer being in the moment and focusing my undivided attention on them and not my phone.
  13. Same here. I had my dog at the vet's office. Everyone is still required to mask up, there's a plexiglass partition between the receptionist and client, she's facing away from me looking at her computer asking me questions in a normal speaking voice. Add to that, everything is hard surfaced for cleaning purposes, so the sound of barking dogs echoed throughout the oiffice. After the fourth time saying "excuse me" I finally suggested she speak up.
  14. I adopted a pup from a local rescue at the end of December. Their application process required me to provide two personal references and a veterinary referral if I already had a pet. Since I didn't, I needed to provide documentation that I contacted a local vet who was able to accept him as a patient. They also did an in-home inspection to be sure it was a good environment, i.e., I didn't have a dog fighting ring in the basement, and make sure my neighborhood was walking friendly. I appreciated their diligence to be sure the pups are placed in a good home. They've already experiencd the trauma of being abandoned (some several times) and ever-changing temporary surroundings. My guy had about a dozen applications, so chances were slim that I would actually get him and I prepared myself for disappointment. The only time my resuce would deny application to a certain pup is if the dog required a fenced-in back yard and the applicant didn't have it. With that said, I've heard stories about rescues which are so restrictive they come across as authoritarian. Their motive may be well-meaning but the execution is sometimes lacking.
  15. I've read that using plain water depletes the rectum's pH level. Similarly, an overly acidic liquid, like ACV, increases it. I use Fleet enemas since it contains the appropriate sodium additives to maintain the proper pH level and it's easy to administer.
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