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  1. I don't know, but the tat on his left arm seems suspiciously faded.
  2. Charlie

    Thick Dick

    I watched a nature documentary yesterday in which a sand crane shook a fish until he broke its back, in order to make it easier to swallow whole. This sorta reminds me...
  3. Maybe he is just a typical New Hampshireman.
  4. Except for roommates in college dorms, whom I could not choose, I have never lived with anyone I didn't know reasonably well beforehand. In your case, I would recommend setting an agreed upon time limit at the beginning, say at least a month, at the end of which the two of you would sit down and discuss what was working, what was not, whether you both wanted to continue, and if so, what changes you would both be willing to make in the arrangement. Even with someone you think you know, when you live together you will both find aspects of the other that you hadn't anticipated.
  5. Not to be sacrilegious, but I believe that Roger, Rafa and Novak really are the Holy Trinity of tennis, and I hope that each of them ends his career with the same number of slam titles as they ascend to the Hall of Fame.
  6. Can I ask just one question about your long conversation? Did he say he wanted to "bag" you or "bang" you for a long time? I would have reacted very differently to the implications of the terms.
  7. The problem with living with a partner is that all of his stuff that I would throw in a dumpster without regret is stuff that he couldn't bear to part with, and the same is probably true of my stuff. I still have all sorts of things I have saved from my childhood and youth, not to mention a forty year accumulation of paperwork connected to my professional career, which I will never need again, but still....😟? At the beginning of the pandemic lockdown, I started to go through a box of things from my college days that sat in the back of my bedroom closet (and had sat unlooked-at for a number of
  8. We have psychological difficulty getting rid of books we have read, so it was a relief when we discovered how easy it was to use the local library. Severalweeks ago, however, I saw that we had no more space left on our bookshelves, because our public library closed down when the pandemic lockdown started, so we had begun buying books again. I went through the shelves and removed about two dozen books that I thought we could give away to the library or to our favorite thrift store, and piled them up. As soon as my spouse saw the pile, he picked up a book and said, "This looks interesting," and
  9. Are underage drinking laws less lax these days? I started going to bars back in the days when the laws were not uniform, i.e., I could not legally drink in NJ, where the age to drink in a bar was 21, but I could cross the state line into NY, where the drinking age was 18. Has the uniform age of 21 in the US caused the laws to be more rigorously enforced nowadays?
  10. A blast from the past (1970s)!
  11. Charlie


    You would have to meet at a public swimming pool in order to see whether he is the person in the photos.
  12. The kind of evidence that we expect in order to prove the physical existence of a particular individual now is pretty much unattainable for someone who lived more than 2000 years ago, especially for someone who was not famous in his own lifetime and who left nothing that skeptics would accept today as an "official record." Our knowledge of the person we call Jesus comes almost entirely from the writings of his followers, most of which were produced by persons who could not have actually known in the flesh, so to speak, the person they describe. Nevertheless, Christians are asked to believe tha
  13. I love Brahms, but I'm glad he didn't write any operas.
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