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  1. Spit on my cock and lube on my hole. ?
  2. I wish @HotWhiteThirties was a college. I mean dayum just look at his avatar. Hot af!!
  3. I’ll be a thirsty hoe with you my man. Following. ?
  4. Just text msg. Give it a try again and hopefully he responds to you.
  5. Shea 100% is a must see. https://rentmasseur.com/Shea
  6. Yep. He’ll tell you to undress down to your comfort level and get under the sheet once in his massage studio.
  7. None whatsoever. Draping was tighter than a pair of slim fit jeans. ?
  8. Give him a shot while you still can. If it’s a great experience, you at least still get to see him once he pulls his ad. If not, at least you got to try him before he flies off the radar.
  9. From way before the pandemic, as long as you are not new, he’ll continue to see you. He’s just going to significantly reduce the amount of client he sees.
  10. @Jamie21 is going to have a long line of men when we get to travel to London again.
  11. I completely agree with @ontheroad. Rainer was a busy man pre-COVID. Saw him in NYC and he double booked sessions affecting my time when scheduled with him by accident. He asked if I could wait as the client he was seeing was for a 30 min session. I was pretty flexible so I was cool with it. He apologized genuinely and said he will discount my session by $40. He gave a great massage. I don’t think we clicked chemistry wise, which was why I haven’t seen him since. Very sweet guy.
  12. Saw Caribbeanhottie and I echo @WinslowTex. One of the best massages I’ve had in Dallas and I’ve seen quite a few of masseur that are favorable amongst a lot of folks in this forum. Handsome guy although no face pic and great technique. Highly recommend!!!
  13. Previous thread: https://www.message-forum.net/threads/411-kadedeveroux.148383/
  14. He’s been mentioned under a different alias: https://www.message-forum.net/search/1333114/?q=Blondeviking&o=date
  15. What’s colder than ice? Oksana......?. Will Ferrell line in Blades of Glory. Maybe he should consider that name for his next swap.
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