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  1. Whilst it may be reasonable to delete accounts that haven’t logged in for several years and which have never posted, personally I think it would be much better to keep any accounts that have posted at some point... Having been a lurker on here since the time of hooboy there are several members (including at least one person I’ve met in person) that are no longer active but whose posts I’d like to be able to search for, and there is always a possibility that one of them might return at some point. It could also become confusing if a username of a previous prolific poster was reused by som
  2. westldnguy

    Villa Gianni

    Does anyone know if Villa Giani currently has a working website at all? The last address I had doesn’t seem to have been working for a while In my opinion by far the best website they ever had must have been soon after they opened when they used to show pics of the guys that were working. Since then they seem to have cycled through multiple domain names and site layouts... none of which have ever seemed to be anywhere near as informative and all of which seem to have eventually dropped offline before being replaced by a new site after a gap of several months or more. Having a websi
  3. This wasn’t intentional It looks as though I accidentally pressed one of the feedback buttons whilst scrolling around the forum on my iPad,, apologies for any inconvenience
  4. westldnguy

    Villa Gianni

    Villa Giani's website going down may not be significant... this has happened on at least 2-3 previous occassions. Having (perhap inadvertantly) allowed their domain name (website address) to expire, in the past they have ended up launching a new site sometime later using a different address
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