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  1. Oh okay...so it says I have 2690 points til my next rank so I guess I have to some math: 9100-2690=6410. I guess it's there. I sort of think if we're doing this points thing, we might try to make it more obvious. But no biggie...I do appreciate the new features of the forum and thanks to all who have worked on it.
  2. Personally I quite liked Canyon Club. I think it's considered more of a "budget option," but I thought my room was spacious and certainly nice enough. I could tell that a mirror has been removed (possibly broke at some point) but otherwise it was a room very similar to I'd say a like La Quinta. And the pool and hot tub were fun for some eye candy and fun. I liked the men there...a bit older and more "bearish" but that's kinda my scene anyway so it worked for me. Also the location was great...right in downtown near some really great shopping and restaurants. This spring was my first ever visit to Palm Springs though and it sounds like there are many more options. But I personally was over driving after a week of a road trip and was glad to just park my car in the lot and walk everywhere for a bit.
  3. Maybe I'm missing this somewhere, but is there a place where we can see how many points we have?
  4. I don't know from a provider's perspective, but I do know that the fact that I've done a lot of positive RM reviews generally has I think given me a bit of credibility as a "good client" with some new providers. I was just in Portland and met up with an escort and he told me specifically that because I had a lot of reviews he could tell I was a generally good client and I think he was more willing to provide information and flexibility than he might've otherwise with me. So I think it's worth doing positive RM reviews. I only do positive ones as well. If I don't like a particular escort, I just don't review them at all or hire them again.
  5. Jason Collins was the first active NBA player to come out as gay back in 2013. Jason even had a nice tweet of support for Carl. I don't know about the other two sports though.
  6. Las Vegas Raiders player Carl Nassib came out as gay today. I for one applaud his effort of showing his pride and inclusivity. He also announced a $100K donation to the Trevor Project. It's definitely been a long-time coming but so glad to see this milestone finally happen. Carl is also as handsome as he is generous. If he has a partner, he is a lucky man! Cheers to Mr. Nassib!
  7. Personally I like the way they do it on RentMasseur, where they are able to make a comment on the review if they choose to. Perhaps they can do this really at any time (longer than a week) as long as they can verify that they are the escort in question.
  8. This is actually 100 percent true and has also happened to me. I have also had escorts I planned with for weeks cancel on me last minute and then I'm left horny and still wanting to meet up with someone. This is especially true when I'm traveling. Last I was in LA right before the pandemic I had a guy text me right after douching that he had come down with food poisoning. So you better believe I went on Rent.men and used Available Now to find someone to hang with. And I did and it was great. But yeah normally I do plan ahead of time for my meetings. I do think it is helpful to have someone available for those spur-of-the moment hook ups too.
  9. When I make that flight down under, I will definitely get your advice on the best airplane/airline to take. You definitely know your stuff
  10. I'd consider maybe to go to Australia. I have friends there and have been meaning to visit...but depends on price. I've heard it's worth it to get at least a business class ticket on the US-Australia flight so you can sleep more easily. I got an economy flight last time I went to Europe and while I couldn't afford business class at that time, it definitely sucked not being able to sleep with that 9 hour flight.
  11. Interesting...thanks for sharing that Bobj. Time-wise 400 for 90 mins/500 for 2 hours isn't super-high in my opinion (I just did 500 for 2 hours with Mike Gaite a couple weekends ago), but the list of things he does for each donation is a little bit weird to me. In some ways the rules are straightforward, but it also kind of reads as high-maintenance. This definitely doesn't make me want to seek him out. And then going back to the pics...like he's handsome but I don't know...Denver has a lot of in-shape dudes. Like nothing about his pics are really making him stand out to me. He looks like he's about to go on a tour though. If anyone decides to meet up, let us know how it turns out.
  12. I personally don't consider whore to be pejorative or derogatory. I suppose some people make it into that. I don't know though, I think there's been a reclamation of the word just like gay men have reclaimed faggot. Make a word lose it's power by embracing it.
  13. This is absolutely wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing Benjamin. This is like a gift to start Pride with Reba as my new gay icon.
  14. 1 - Personality 2 - Endowment 3 - Face 4 - Body I am actually attracted to a lot of guys, but since I bottom more, the endowment is pretty important. He can rock a dad bod or have a six-pack but if he's packing 8" or above, I'm definitely interested.
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