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  1. Justin was a porn actor and escort out of Chicago and I think later on Pennsylvania. He was a cute, skinny youngster at the time -the time in question being the summer of 2011 as I recollect. So assuming he was around 23 or 24 then -he'd be in his 30's now https://www.mansurfer.com/video/107977/justin-taylor-solo Gman
  2. The ad is a little more extreme than his last ads-but I've looked at his and for years. His ads have pretty much always implied/said that wasn't into the 'boyfriend experience. He was only there to be topped. Gman PS This is my first post on the 'new' Forum. Apparently I've lost my rank. 😢
  3. Not the IAFD-but the other one. Thanks, Gman PS. I haven't looked at the Forum in about 2 months-shortly after I found out about Daddy's passing. But didn't the URL Used to be under .net? It popped up under .org this time.
  4. I probably wouldn't enjoy myself. I'm not saying it doesn't sound like it wouldn't be a lot of fun for a lot of people, but I don't do well in crowds where I don't know anyone. Also I'm not that a big a party-er. And I don't really have any sense of rhythm. And I feel totally awkward dancing. Gman
  5. He's back to advertising as only a Top. Gman
  6. To hear this definitely knocks the wind out of you-especially since I had the chance to meet him once or twice. I really don't know what I would have done without this site. Aside from actually having met Daddy, this site (and Muscle Service Station) provided me with two people who ended up becoming my best friends for around 10 years. We lived 100's of miles apart and only met in person a few times. But they were invaluable to me. And without this site (and Muscle Service Station), I never would have met them. And that's not even counting the fact that if it weren't for this site I might have remained a virgin forever. Gman
  7. i haven't had the pleasure. Gman
  8. I'm envious but in a good way only. Or not really envious but I wish I'd had that experience too Gman
  9. I may not (quite) be tearing up. But I can't get the dang song out of my head. It's stuck there along with "She's In Love With The Boy' by Trisha Yearwood. That happened to be her first #1 hit too. Both songs are from the 1990'a. Apparently I have a very specialized Earworm for first #1 hits. I was up all night on a project (nothing fun), and these songs kept popping up. And Ty Herndon's second (of three) #1's is also making an occasional appearance. (I'm repeating 'Living In A Moment' from my 1st post because that's the song and video and that made me fall in deep lust with him back in 1994-95). Gman
  10. For those of you who follow stars/singers coming out, you'll know that Ty Herndon a country singer came out in 2014. But there had been rumors for years. Back in 1995 he was arrested in a park in Ft. Worth Texas. The arresting officer said Ty had lured him there and then exposed himself. Ty was also found to have drugs (speed) on him. Ty was married at the time to a female nurse. Ty claimed he was just going in to the park to relieve himself before the show. He was able to get out of the indecency charge and the drug charge was reduced through a plea bargain to rehabilitation and community service. I think the gay rumors persisted. I was actually living in Ft Worth at the time-in my 30's, closeted, and a total virgin-had never even Fr. kissed anyone (male or female). I found him totally hot. And even before the arrest I think I had a crush on him. I loved this video of his-used to think he was so handsome in it (still do). Around 2010 I was on a weekend with an escort. I won't name him as he's retired and still uses his escort name as a pen-name. For some reason Ty came up. The escort wasn't a county western fan-and for the most part neither am I. So I can't remember exactly. Maybe we were talking about famous people the escort had met in the line of business-maybe one of Ty's songs was being played where we were at. But I think I remember the escort could barely recall Ty's name. I mentioned about the indecency incident that at that point had happened 10 or so years before. And I mentioned the rumors or that Ty has denied being gay. The escort said-it's not a rumor. I don't think the escort and Ty had 'seen' each other. I think they were at a party together if I'm remembering correctly. I wasn't sure what to think exactly, but it probably fueled a few fantasies. Then 14 years later Ty comes out. Ty has said in interviews that his two wives knew he was gay. And that his band mates always knew. Ty and his boyfriend (wish that were me-actually I'd take either Ty or the boyfriend ) when he came out in 2014. Since coming out, he's done outreach with gay youth. I missed this totally. But at the age of 57 in 2019 on the 25th anniversary of recording it, he re-did his 1st number one song from 1995, 'What Mattered Most,' and changed the pronouns to male. I find it really moving. The title of this thread isn't sarcastic. I'm not quite there. But I'm close to getting tears with it. Even without the tears, I find it very moving. So I thought I'd share it in case people had missed it. Here's the original in case anyone would like to see it. Gman
  11. Cooper, Thank you for the update. Should we assume that Daddy is still on the ventilator, or have I missed a post where he was weaned off? Gman
  12. I've been wearing bifocals for about 12 years now-or rather wearing progressives. I can't remember now back when I had my single vision correction for near-sightedness whether I took my glasses off to read. But I know there was a year or two when I needed bifocals (progressives), didn't get around to going to the eye doctor for a new prescription, and consequently always took my glasses off to read books. When I got my first pair of progressives, the optician told me I'd still be taking my glasses off to read. And he was right. In fact I often take my glasses off during the course of the day. I really only use them for driving, or if I can't find something I'm looking for and need to really see clearly. If I'm at home and not doing anything special, I often don't put on my glasses for days at a time. I don't watch a lot of TV. Possibly if I watched more TV-on a television set positioned several feet away from me, I'd use them more. But since in general I don't use the up close part (the bottom of the lens) to read, I've asked the optometrist whether I could go back to single vision lenses. One of them said yes. But I'm uneasy about going back to single vision lenses after having worn progressives for over 10 years. Gman PS: The glasses are definitely off during foreplay and sex.
  13. I still haven't made it yet. I had a semi-free day on Tuesday and thought I could make it then. But I was occupied until around 5. I couldn't start on the stew immediately because since I haven't used my Instant Pot yet, I had to wash everything. Then I did the test with water they suggest before the first cook attempt. By that time it was around 6, and I had tentative plans to visit a (platonic) acquaintance/friend around 8 PM While the recipe says it's ready in under two hours, you can reliable expect it to take me at least 1-1/2 times whatever amount it states as the prep time. Then I went to visit my friend and didn't get back until after midnight. I was close to making the stew then. But I decided I'd do it after I got off work late Wednesday evening. @sbguy -if you end up making it before 11 pm Wednesday, let me know how it turns out. Gman PS I'm not sure I mentioned it when I 1st listed the recipe, but it was from the Washington Post. Gman
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