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  1. Thank you for your response. I did notice the pics were a bit older, but was hoping maybe he hasn't changed much. But I totally missed the hashtags you mentioned so appreciate you pointing that out.
  2. I took a look and I think they look like two different guys!
  3. https://rentmen.eu/jerico Anyone have any recent experience with this Vegas escort? He will be in Denver the same time as I am visiting and would love to check him out. I found a few older threads that reference other threads, but not seeing anything. Any help or insights would be appreciated!
  4. Good morning - could I get the PM details as well?! Thanks!
  5. I'd love the details on this as well if you meet up.
  6. I met him last week - super nice guy and a lot of fun. He was very responsive on text and easy to set up. He was a great conversationalist and his pictures are very accurate. He did note he travels a lot and is also picky on how he responds to certain messages. Happy give more details if anyone wants it - feel free to private message me.
  7. I tried to set up with him while visiting, but wasn't able to coordinate. Seemed very nice in the corresponding phase. I'd be interested in any information as well.
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