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  1. This happened June 7 and June 8. He must clearly have his preferences if he’s met others on these dates. But why confirm with me, with date and time and location, on two different occasions, only to have me wait outside and ignore all my texts and calls?
  2. Sadly, incredibly flaky. Flaked on me twice on two separate days. Incredibly poor communicator and no follow through. Wasted so much time driving and waiting outside the hotel only to be ghosted. Twice. Ugh I feel like such an idiot. Fool me twice, shame on me.
  3. Ok y’all, almost don’t want to post this and keep him a secret, but... this guy is incredible. Erotic massage only no escorting, but man oh man does he deliver on the erotic and the massage. Lean, lithe, muscular, shockingly handsome, and an attitude of humility and kindness. Wise beyond his age. I’ve been a client when he was visiting my city, and then made it a point to go out of my way to see him when I was visiting Boston. Cannot recommend this guy highly enough. If you’re looking for a stellar massage and an erotic session, cannot get better than this. Try him out then come back here and
  4. Something so sexy about this man! Anyone else with a more recent experience with him care to share?
  5. Bumpity bump! Great reviews on rentmasseur, nothing here. Really wanna take the plunge! Anyone? Any experience?
  6. https://rent.men/Mister_Mister Will post my conversation here, word for word, and leave it up to you nice folks to interpret. I'm still in shock. Is this (the new) normal?! Initial few messages were fine, courteous, respectful. Then on the day of the scheduled meeting, this: V: Hey! I’m done with work a little earlier than expected. If you happen to be available a little earlier, I could do 4pm. Else, 5pm still works! Allen: How about 430? V: Sure! That works! Thank you. (Later that afternoon) V: On my way. ETA 4:20. Absolutely no rush, just me know when you’re ready Allen: K
  7. My bad. Long story short: unpleasant experience, way too expensive, would not recommend. PM for details
  8. Admin Note: No posting reviews on the message board. Submit to: https://www.daddysreviews.com/submit
  9. Bump, not in Houston for much longer and really tempting! Anyone met him please PM me! Thanks
  10. Anyone have any personal experience with this hottie? TIA https://rentmasseur.com/Vincenzo
  11. Well that’s a shame. Too good to be true = false
  12. Don’t see any reviews yet of this smoking hot perfection of a human! Any input anyone? https://rent.men/Leohottt
  13. "No one leaves without a feeling of serenity, total relaxation throughout the body, and atleast shot 3 loads!"... hmm...
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