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  1. That seems like more of an anomaly on the quality side, for Sir. But sometimes the newer guys aren't as up to par. Rich, Marcus, and Antonio are all experienced and give quality massages. I've found you just have to experiment to find the right fit, quality wise there. In terms of looks, I'll be honest, the expectation there isn't that they're models. It's not the same sort of set up as the NYC type spas. The guys are all licensed, legit providers. My recommendation would be to give it another go, take some time to relax in the steam before or after, and you'll have a nice time.
  2. That's surprising. The guys there are usually a pretty good (licensed, trained, legit). But I've had the one or two there that I didn't care for either. Who was it with?
  3. Anyone ever try the mud wrap treatment at Sir? Thinking about treating myself to something like that before my massage for my first time back...any feedback guys?
  4. This is his more adult Twitter. Also has a linked tree link and a link to his more tame Twitter. Assuming this is fine to share, since he shares/advertises his massage services on them. https://mobile.twitter.com/dilfydrew
  5. Agree with the response above 100% I believe a private dance for 15 mins $100 to the dancer and $40 to the house, so not cheap, and you can go longer than 15 minutes, but it doesn't get any cheaper per 15 mins (maybe less to the house). I'd say the key with the private dances, is make sure you have a good feeling for the guy (no pun intended). Chat him up a bit, gauge his attitude, etc. If you like his looks, but he seems like he doesn't want to be there, or is barely showing interest in you, that usually translates into a private. But most of the time, if he seems like a personality matc
  6. I'd say yes to the VIP room if you see a guy/guys you're interested in. Scope things out out for a while and then decide. It's worth it. the later you go, the busier it will be, and the later in the week you go, the busier it will be (in my limited experience there). More customers usually means a bigger selection of dancers, but can also mean they're paying attention to a regular or just tougher to get their attention. Of course, a heavy tip on stage will usually get the job done! I went pre lockdown on a Tuesday (I think) and the place was dead just about the whole time. But, I fo
  7. Probably depends on where you're going and the cost of private dances, if that's what you're looking for. In a club like Swinging Richards, a lap dance out front is $10, in back (non private) $20, and getting into the back room will cost you a one time fee (prob $20-$30 or so, I forget). A 15 minute private dance will run you about $140...$40 to the house and $100 to the dancer. And don't forget cash to tip the guys on stage (a few bucks to show interest...a few more if you're really interested). Plus cash for the cover/door charge and drinks. In short, cash is king. Bring what you're c
  8. Yep...I use dirty roulette too. No getting banned or anything...that's what it's there for. Good selection of guys. Might take a bit to find your type, but it's a good time.
  9. Sweeney Todd...I spend the whole show wondering what the hell was going on.
  10. I still have a few episodes in season 2 to catch up on, but agree, it's a good watch. Good development, interesting twists, and engaging characters. The characters in the front of the train are more developed than those in the back, but that seems to be shifting a bit through the season. Overall, a 2 thumbs up from me.
  11. The second season is going to focus on the oldest brother, who's not to shabby in my humble opinion. https://www.pride.com/tv/2021/1/21/bridgerton-just-got-renewed-second-season
  12. The Special dark chocolate bars in the hershey's mixed mini bar bags was/is always my favorite, even when I was a kid!
  13. I went to Catholic school took and it was part of the curriculum from about 6th grade on, including a separate night for dad's to take their sons and mom's to take daughters to a all boys/girls lecture. But, dad pre-empted all that when he had one too many cocktails and decided to sit me and my twin sister down together to have the talk while mom was out one night. Mom was not pleased (with my sister's participation)! I still remember this nugget..."I don't know why they call it that...I haven't seen a bird screw a bee yet!"
  14. I can't argue with that, but it can still be a good time, albeit a little different. I think the key there is to get a sense of the guy outside of the private. I've had guys give me some pretty lame dances back there. But, I've had some pretty damn fun times too. In my experience, you're at a strip club because that's where you want to be, so make the best of it and find a guy you mesh with before splashing out the cash. I usually start the night there with a pocket full of cash and no expectations and see where the night (or the backroom) takes me.
  15. I'd say the VIP room is worth it, and the private dance more so. Of course, it all depends on the dancer. And the private dances are pricey...I think it's about $40 to the house, then $100 for 15 mins to the dancer.
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