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  1. Wow - $80/hr is a great rate! Interested to know if anyone has seen this masseur.
  2. I know he was in Seattle part-time not too long ago. I assume that picture is a hold over from his time there. And I concur with Mr. Jones - I’ve had appointments with him in San Diego and can vouch that he’s a great masseur.
  3. Agreed - a well-trained therapist if you’re looking for therapeutic and at a fair price. I’ve seen him numerous times in San Diego
  4. Bumping to see if any more recent info is available (last reviews were in 2019). He seemed to disappear for a while, noticed his profile is active again. Thanks
  5. I saw him in San Diego about a year ago. Great massage skills and a lot of fun. I find him handsome, playful, and sexy. Much better in person than pics show.
  6. This gentleman is listed in Palm Springs - no personal experience but he’s handsome and appears to have a beautiful body. https://m.adam4adam.com/profile/view/Derrick4
  7. Very sexy man, and sounds like he’s fun - also interested.
  8. Here’s a thread from 2019. Seems he get consistently good reviews! https://www.m4m-forum.org/threads/deano-from-va-beach-coming-to-nj.150912/
  9. He’s visiting this week. Anyone have any experience with him? Thanks in advance. https://m.adam4adam.com/profile/view/StrongGuyCa
  10. And $15 off in calls starting next week (13 Sep)
  11. I’m interested to know how your massage goes, if you wouldn’t mind sharing.
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