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  1. Are you looking for a massage from this provider? It appears from your link that he’s more of an escort.
  2. I’m with Mr. Nicholas on this one. (Actually, I wish I were with him period, but that’s another story…) French bulldogs are a hot breed right now - one of those “so ugly, they’re cute” breeds. And it’s not just the breathing problems that inbreeding has caused; many of these breeds have to have Caesarian births since their heads are too large for the mother to birth them naturally. It’s horrible.
  3. Kris, I was actually joking in my earlier comment, but if the shoe fits..... And keep the stories cumming!
  4. Holy (poop), Kris. I think we ALL want to hire you. 😛
  5. Enjoy the ride, Kris. We’re all cheering for you.
  6. Look at the size of those bathing suits. In 1934!
  7. 2. But without a lot of detail.....
  8. These pictures (especially the first one) look very familiar, but I can’t place them. Does anyone else recall this guy, perhaps under another name?
  9. Love these. Thanks @jjkirkwood!
  10. curt gregory


    I was once told by a masseur that I should not put on moisturizer after showering before a massage. His explanation was that the moisturizer may react with the massage cream and make his job more difficult. Does one of the providers on this forum have a perspective on that? Thanks.
  11. Dallas - if you’re into massage, just remember to take them off when your face is in the cradle! ?
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