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  1. palmerb

    Spas in NYC

    Anyone have any experience with Chad at 27 Men? And any recs for good Latino masseurs at Shangrila? Haven't been there in about a year. Please PM me for info.
  2. palmerb

    Spas in NYC

    Has anyone ever had Chris at Supermen's Spa? If so please PM me - thanks!
  3. palmerb

    Spas in NYC

    Does anyone have any recs for Latino or white muscular guys at 27 Men? Thanks.
  4. palmerb

    Spas in NYC

    Has anyone ever had Ali (not sure if that’s how you spell it) at SuperMens? PM for details please . Thanks
  5. palmerb

    Spas in NYC

    Has anyone had Martin at Supermens spa?
  6. palmerb

    Spas in NYC

    Can anyone please PM me any details about Rodrigo at Shangrila? Thanks in advance
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