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  1. i like number 3 becuz i will tell u why... first off its cool to keep communication open with the client. u never know what can develop and just becuz the client cant afford your rate today doesnt mean that they wont be in a better financial postion at a later date. also you can make a deal with the client to help you with reviews if they like ur services. thats a huge deal...its hard to get clients to take the time to post reviews. a client can help u in other ways also . i have some that have access to hotel points and i work deals with them when i come to town. so just becuz a client cant match ur rate in that moment doesnt mean u have to be a butthole about it. work thru it. be flexible
  2. i laugh at guys who charge more than 400 or 500 for a session especially an escort. sorry fellas but there is no damn body worth paying that much. Hell i can find hot construction oilfield workers hung like a horse in midland texas on Kik that will fool arounf for FREE if u provide the hotel room, beer, smokes and a damn good blowjob. I've had them even offer to SPLIT the hotel room. and i will put one of them up to the finest escort (who is probably a big women anyways) you can bring me every day of the week. 500 bucks for some self indulged latin NON-lover of nobody but himself, LMFAO hell no. it aint happening. i got a latin for ya who has a beautiful body and an 11 inch dick and can lite up a room with his smile and personality. NOT 500 bucks either. if ur interested HMU and i will gladly give u his numero !
  3. i lived there years ago when it was a cool ass "town" before the 96olympics and Crack and sadly AIDS . it was the BEST ! but something bad took hold , Atlanta is struggling to grow up and wanting to be a world class city so so bad. Everything u said is true!! . Just to visit, i like it and it's nice and i can ignore all it's defects. but to WORK there is CRAZY !!! turn ur fone off
  4. Back in Atlanta again and i swear this has got to be the most Annoying city To do massage in. Many of you may know the curious and crazy behaviors that seem to plague Atlanta And I have posted about such in the past. But let me give you some examples. If you’ve seen my profile or my massage ad then you know I am a simple person and fairly vanilla. I try to be as explicit as possible about The sessions I offer. So why then do I get texts overwhelmingly like these ? Is it something in the water in ATL ? 1. Hello. What do your calves and feet look like? What size shoe do you wear? And, what would your hourly out-call rate be for someone to JUST massage your legs and feet while you wear shorts and a t-shirt? NO = nudity? Can you share a pic of your calves and feet? Thanks. 2. Saw ur ad , interested in deep massage. Mostly bottom here major kisser, like rimming, getting fkd, curious about try spanking—both spankin a guy and getting spanked. Libra guy in west midtown host or travel. Very laid back easy going discreet guy. 3.
  5. Im anxious to hear your side of the argument as to why not . Why does a client not have the right to shop around and find exactly what they want . Put all the naïveté and marketing bs aside please cuz that was a mis characterization of my statement. Please elaborate on your argument. ?
  6. I know i will prolly get ridiculed for making this statement so before i do let me qualify it first by saying There are so many ways of doing a session. Whether it is an escort vs. masseur keep in mind that you have every right to get exactly what you desire and should definitely “shop” around before making a decision. Having said that just remember that this shyt aint rocket science and sometimes you may not even know what you TRULY like or want until u have experienced it for the first time and then all of a sudden, something clicks and ur saying to yourself, “hey...i really dig that and wanna try that again!” So here goes my very watered and oversimplified analogy of the difference between an Escort vs. Masseur ... With an Escort - the client controls the session / with a Masseur- the client gives up control of the session to the masseur . Now before some of you get ur “panties” all in a bunch on this , (lol) ? hear me out . When i first started doing massage 10 years ago , i was so green . I was scared i would make a mistake . I kept trying to figure out what the client wanted . And after i had seen a number of clients it became apparent to me these 3 things: 1. The client wants to let go and relax and not think about much in a massage . They want you to give their body the attention it needs and deserves without having to be a director. They seldom want chit chat during that period . Just make them feel good 2. The massage client is quite often in a relationship or situation where they are neglected physically. ie- married to female , stagnant boyfriend, or maybe they have a job that is strenuous or where they are constantly having to make important stressful decisions all day and for the duration of the session they just want to let go~feel pampered and be self indulgent on a small quiet scale. 3. Sexual arousal is okay but is not paramount & often “my” clients are more interested in a little frottage or in some cases not even that. And it’s okay ? as long as they leave feeling better mentally and physically...mission accomplished. A release at the end doesn’t really even amount to what i would define as sex. Thats also a very physical way of releasing tension. So it does complete a very good sensual massage in a positive way . Now this is strictly my own views and i know i am not nor do i pretend 2 B an expert in all things “massage” but i have been doin it a long time and i have asked many questions thru the years. At one point i did post an ad on Rentmen. And this is how i came to my version of the differences between the two . Practically EVERY client that contacted me from Rentmen had specific requests and interests and what they expected out of a session. And that is OK too ! But the client is still in control . Now some will say, “Hey wait a minute, I want to be a sub and I’m looking for somebody to dominate me and tell me what to do!” And you might be thinking well the client is giving up control of the session in that scenario!! Not so ... The client is still determining what he wants/gets from the escort. And if that client goes into the session and mrEscort X doesn’t perform in exactly that manner, guess what ? The client most likely will end the session early . Still the client is in control . That’s not to say that a client wouldn’t walk out of a bad massage early also. But the only time I’ve ever had that happen is when a client came to me for a massage mistakingly thinking that I was an escort posing as a masseur . Anyways i dont give bad massages !! Also, I do not advertise anymore on Rentmen so that clients don’t see me playing different roles and getting confused about the services that I offer. I know some guys do both, and I am not in anyway suggesting that there is any thing wrong with that. But I prefer for myself the energy exchange between me and the client through the healing power of a massage. I connect better in that situation. And I like to stay in control. What can I say? I guess I’m a control freak. ??‍♂️ Now, have my massages sometimes resulted in some hot intense sex? Yes of course . But again I like when things unfold naturally regarding sexual contact. I’m not the kind of person that makes a laundry list of requirements prior to sex. I also found out about myself very quickly after I first started doing massage, that I really enjoy healing another person’s body thru touch!! When I started doing massage It was only by accident because I had lost (like so many others) my job when Bush Left office and I couldn’t find work. My self-esteem was very low from constant rejection for employment. My friend who was already doing massage brought me into it . And Once I started doing massage, I felt better about myself because I was helping others feel better too. Since that time I have massaged I think I Estimated about 5000 or more & I never looked back . Personally, I’ve hired both. Escorts and Masseurs. They both bring something of interest to me to the table. But when I make those purchases, I shop around to get exactly what I want. And so should you. Don’t get too upset if it takes a few tries. Chalk it up as a learning experience. I have found that some of the most memorable experiences I’ve had were completely by accident and when I tossed all my Pre-requisites to the wind & took a leap of faith. With that i say to you ...Peace and happy hunting !!! ✌️?
  7. the BEST answer fer sure. given that there are soooo many factors to calculate this , it is true in my experience also...the cities that are the most repressed have been good for me as well. but then again i do really well in nyc and not so good in LA. and ATL is full of flakes that have no consideration for another persons time. get used to that in the deep south... they seem to operate on a different time frame. either that or they like to make a dramatic late entrance.
  8. Thanks for your input and yes now i do ask that question. i usually always ask: "do u have any injuries , surgeries, neck pain , back pain, or chronic pain in ur body . Are you in pain now anywhere? do you have blood clots or are you on blood thinners?" so now i add: " are you allergic to any fragrances or essential oils, have skin allergies or sensitivities that would lead you to break out from receiving a massage with professional plant based massaged lotion which may contain lavender or other herbs.?" and i guess i should also include "are you prone to cancer from being around wind turbines and what is your blood type and zodiac sign" jk about the last one
  9. why would screwing someone be expected services??? i don't advertise that i offer penetration. I don't offer penetration with my massage and that is always made clear up front. on rare occasion tho i have had people still pursue that from me when i get there EVEN THOUGH i let them know up front that its not offered. but that is really very rare. most of my clients are not wanting to get screwed. they want a great massage . and i deliver that. THE client in this scenario NEVER said i gave him a lousy massage. make note
  10. as to the question of why i brought this to forum, well because i was CONFLICTED at the time . And i guess i was wrong for asking the question. excuse me. so WHAT ARE we supposed to talk about here? let me know so i can figure out once and for all if this is a site that i want to continue to hang out on. MANY folks i see here everyday chatting about everything under the sun. BUT asking a question about refunds is off ...IS THAT IT ? I barely come here at all and the few times i do its about true professional input and so that makes me a villain? okay. noted
  11. I didn't take that from what he said at all. If anything, not disclosing the guy's past behavior kept the discussion focused on his question in his original post, which was whether he should give the guy a refund in those circumstances. He didn't set out to show the guy in a bad light, in my reading. Will he do the exact same thing to me if I am his client? I don't know: am I stalking him first in this scenario? I think anyone has a right to get a bit irked about creepy behavior. Thankfully, it wasn't dangerous creepy (lavender rash aside, of course). Finally, did he disclose anything about the client at all that would make him identifiable? All we know is that he's on Grindr, has tats, and wants to get fucked. That doesn't narrow things down much... thanks furry. u are right in your assessment. LOOK , i do my thing. I'm a hard worker, i don't screw guys over, i give them good massages, not asking a HUGE rate . very competitive here. I don't have time to play manipulative games. LOL ...i do about 3-4 massages a day. Try it sometime and see if u feel manipulative at the end of the day. Anyone who knows me and has MET me in person knows that my style is not one of such petty non-sense. YES i held back the OTHER creepy aspect of the story EXACTLY for the reason that you mentioned. I wanted the REFUND issue to stand on It's OWN merit. Honestly i could go further and tell you that the guy is from atlanta and YOU DON"T wanna get me started on ATLANTA folks. that's a whole other topic. I DON"T have such a habit of "putting clients down" to make mysefl look better . give me a break. lmao I'm busy working. who has that kind of time. And for the most part i have GREAT clients everywhere. I'm really very lucky with that. BUT i also am not a pushover either. When stupid shyt happens , i'm gonna call it like i see it. AS i look back on the event, i realize that there was an instinctive reason why i was repelled by that individual all along. that kind of person just does NOT ATTRACT me. i am attracted to genuine easy going non-drama types. but hey , thats just me. some may like it & some may not. what can ya do ? can't please everyone. thanks for ALL of the comments tho...the good and the bad. its all very useful and appreciated. thats why i love this forum. i don't dump here often bcuz i really don't encounter much negative stuff to dump...fortunately. I have many GREAT stories tho. i wished i could share them but again...i am usually working til late. wait for the book after i retire !!!!! :~) Peace , namaste and have a great day !!!
  12. 60 min... the irony is this guy has hit me up on scruff and grindr many many times to "hookup" and i have always declined, so then he scheduled a massage and i didnt realize who it was until i got there. NOW i realize he was just being a prissy little rejected bitch. these fools are too much sometimes
  13. thanks... when he asked for the refund i told him that i would consider it but first wanted to run the situation by "forum" ...he got really pissed at that and said "YOU jeopardized my life and you want to present this before a FORUM !!!???" lol oh please. gimme a break
  14. thanks...thats what i was thinking. he said he broke out in hives all over and made a huge fuss over it yet he was inked up almost everywhere on his body so i am wondering why someone like that would be such a "cupcake" ? i think he just wanted me to fuck him and got upset when i rejected the idea.
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