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  1. My first time with a man was with an escort. Similar story, kept my attraction to men hidden. That first experience was a life changer. Before I even knew about Rentmen, I found www.canadianmale.com. I was heading to Toronto for work and contacted an escort for a meeting. It was super easy and when I met him, I told him that it was my first time. He was super sweet, understanding, and made it a great experience. Happy to discuss more via PM.
  2. I hear that “The Abbey” in Wedo is picking up again.
  3. I hear that “The Abbey” in Weho is picking up some momentum.
  4. Personally I like your black lab lookalike better than the other one. It’s the humans that are weird at times. Glad to hear that you are settling down in your new neighborhood. Did I miss the thread about “Chris”? What’s the scoop on him?
  5. I once saw a psychic in Florida and it was a complete waste of time and money. I first went to an astrologer in NYC who also reads tarot cards. In our very first meeting in 1991, when he talked about relationships, he said everything in a very gender-neutral way. I was so deep in the closet, but somehow he seemed to know that the female pronoun was not just an assumption.
  6. I am a big believer in a free market. If you can charge more for your product and people will pay, then go ahead and charge the rate that the market will pay. However ... this is a relationship business and if you were one of the first people that helped him get started, I think that deserves a discount from the “new” rate. If he is adamant that it’s the new rate or nothing, then I suggest you move on. It will be his loss.
  7. I have hired AJ Dalton as an escort, and would definitely hire again when I’m next in OC. He also does massage, but I can’t offer an opinion of his massage skills though. Not sure if you’re looking for something more therapeutic but you might like to check him out. https://rentmasseur.com/AJDaltonMasseur
  8. With benefits or without?
  9. If he’s being sincere, then you’re on to a really good thing. Sounds like he initially thought of you as a client, but since you’ve never had the escort/client relationship, have spent the night together and had some fun in the keep before the good night kiss, I’d say he thinks of you more as a date than a client. Sounds like he genuinely regretted sending you down the mind fuck path and he’s not looking for a committed relationship right now, so you could have found yourself a fuck buddy or a FWB. You could have a good time with him, but just remember that he may still provide escort services
  10. There’s a great HBO mini series called “The Night Of” in which that really happened. The main character is played by Riz Ahmed, who I find really hot. The “victim” was a woman, but there are some hot scenes, including a prison shower scene. 😉
  11. I’ve had good results taking “Pure for Men” pills in preparation for bottoming. This, in addition to a high fiber diet and keeping hydrated has worked for me. There are a couple of stores where I’ve bought them in San Francisco, but you can also buy them online https://www.pureformen.com/
  12. This has been an amazing story. Part of me is jealous, fantasizing about the 3-3 score and wishing it was me, while part of me is relieved I didn't have to go through the mind fuck. Even if this goes no further, you can look back on the experience and tell the story many times. If it does go further, please share. BTW, did you smoke weed in the hotel room? Just curious.
  13. Maybe I’m too late with an opinion here, but I say go for it. The worst thing that could happen is that it doesn’t go as smoothly as you hope and you still see him at the gym. But if he’s a car salesman and an escort on the side, he’s been told “no” many times and likely won’t make it awkward. Can’t wait to hear what happens.
  14. Usually lube. But that one time I got fucked on top of a mountain there was no lube available, so it was spit or nothing. I chose spit and it was awesome.
  15. I usually tip something above the requested rate, but after seeing a regular guy for a couple of years I gave him a book on a subject that was very special to him and he told me that it was a very meaningful gift and he really liked it. The cost of the book was not even close to his hourly rate but somehow it was more meaningful than an extra $20.
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